It is a scam

If you come on to this site and present yourself as single but in reality you are married, you are committing a fraud. Period.

You can be on this site while in a relationship or even married, there's nothing wrong with that. What is wrong is to act and claim as single and deceive others while you are with someone.

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Not another anti-Muslim blog...doh

Get over it...roll eyes
Loulou this makes 5 blogs
And they say they don't like drama

You may call it anything you want, it is a scam and that is a fact.

This is an international site titled Connecting singles. Not married.
This isn't liking or not liking drama. This is to set the record straight.
If you are recruiting women to your harem then say it as it is.

Be upfront. If they fall for you, it is their fault.
What about separated?
What about those not married but living with a partner?

There are many sinners I'm afraid....and they are all on CS!
Good morning Lindsey,

I absolutely agree with this. It is a fraud in all cases the information is false and not true and this also includes the information included in the e-mails/messages exchanged between any 2 people for the person that provides untrue & false information.

This comment is just a response to the general statement made in this blog.
Daniela, anything that involves a lie is a scam.

Of course, there are so many of us that are sinners. This blog is about one particular fraud that involves recruiting unsuspecting victims. Intentionally hurting them by their lies only to be told later about the facts.

Not that I have ever been a victim, but I gather from one of us on here who has been a victim and of course was hurt so badly.

I would have done the same, if I were a victim. Exposing this kind of fraud is a good service to all.
Good morning Star. Exactly.

Anything that hides the truth, create a misleading information. Luring vulnerable lonely people. That is to me a very cruel and unkind act. No one deserves to be hurt.
Daniela, I am aware of so many scammers and it is one difficult problem on dating sites. What we need to do is read between the lines. Skype may be a good tool of knowing a person but even that can not establish surety of being truthful. Meeting is one good chance of finding out if a person is telling the truth or not. Maybe, we should not invest so much of our time and energy until we can absolutely be sure that they are who they are.
If you come onto this site and act as though you are single but living with someone and already involved and still looking, that too, is a fraud.
My questions to you Lindsy...

Do you know the full story ..or only what you want to read and hear?

Do you know those 2 men and THEIR story ?

Do you know the said "victim" and believe every word she says because that's what YOU want to believe?

As it happens ...I also have had personal contact with those 2 men and they never lied to me!
They were never disrespectful and were very decent people.

Only I'm not naive to think of any serious relationship with someone from a Muslim country..knowing their culture and tradition.

As for seeking revenge..this is a bit extreme!

If you're the loving and forgiving person you claim to be Lindsy...same as I am! ...there shouldn't be room in your heart for revenge ! scold
I never said anything about revenge Daniela. I am not into revenge mood.

I have read most of the blogs about this imbroglio and I believe the person that was hurt, this is not right.

She is still here, and where are the accused perpetrators?

My blog is pretty simple and direct. Either one is lying or all of them parties are lying.

On the side of the one that was hurt, I feel for her to have been deceived.

I have read the profile of the two and it was very obvious that they never said they were married if I remember right. They are not there anymore to prove this but that is what I remember.
It is our duty to expose anything that we know that is fraud. This is not revenge.
On your question of knowing them, I only know them on here. That being said, doesn't mean to say that what they are accused of is not right either.
That video is very real. Fraud is a very serious crime. If they are not true as she presented, she can have a very serious problem. Granting that her accusations are wrong, then it is the obligation of the accused parties to come forward and disprove her.
I reiterate the core of this blog. If you present yourself as single and flirting, messaging and go to the extent of building up a relationship while being married. You are not only lying to your current victim, you are lying to your family. Polygamy is not allowed in most countries that I know of. If you are doing as provided for by your religion then you do it to those in your religion. Even then, you should be upfront.
I know for a fact that if you're a fraudster the mods delete your profile.
I just finished copying/pasting this from the Rules of the Forums but some people do so anyhow.

You may not use the forum to accuse, ‘expose’ or gossip about other members. You may not include copies of mail you receive from or about others, or about the site.
Period? Bleeding? Always makes me giggle when some yank says that. I parrot it too it's that hilarious.
Hello Lindsey Jones, A married person pretending to be single is not rare on dating sites sadly and many cheat on their partner via internet dating sites...Fraud would be tricking another to hand of money, so I don't think that is the right word to be using, but deceit would be and cheater....If we are talking about muslim men, then we have to consider, that they can have more than one wife, so they know nothing of commitment, fairness, equality, being faithful to a woman, treating a woman with some respect and to them women are second classed citizens....the quran is one evil book and teachers evil to the exteme, but also teaches oppression of women in the most barbaric and unforgiving ways..
Hello Lindsey Jones, A married person pretending to be single is not rare on dating sites sadly and many cheat on their partner via internet dating sites...Fraud would be tricking another to hand of money, so I don't think that is the right word to be using, but deceit would be and cheater....

...If we are talking about muslim men, then we have to consider, that they can have more than one wife, so they know nothing of commitment, fairness, equality, being faithful to a woman, treating a woman with some respect and to them women are second classed citizens....the quran is one evil book and teaches evil to the exteme, but also teaches oppression of women in the most barbaric and unforgiving ways..
...Married people who are dishonest about their married status, will get no sympathy from me and I am surprised they get any from anyone to be honest....
Few mistakes in previous post
Bear this is true. I believe my post is more of an opinion or statement about how an act is done in order to deceive others.

I intentionally want to make an example of a previous post on here about some members who are posing as single in order to mislead other members for their gain.
FRAUD: ( from the dictionary and google) a person or thing intended to deceive others, typically by unjustifiably claiming or being credited with accomplishments or qualities.

Lee I wouldn't disqualify such an act to be a fraud. Anything that is a lie or deceitful to me constitute an act of fraud.

Thanks for your highly valued opinion.
Lee I already mentioned in the previous posts, that yes, one of the prime drawback of being on an internet dating site is that it is inundated with numerous scammers. Liars and fraudsters are part of this scam.

Now on the part of polygamy or being able to have multiple wives per religion provisions, it should be noted that this is an international site and while it doesn't sanction such provisions, it must be noted from those who intend to come on here for that purpose or limit their preys to an exclusive site that allows that practice.

If I were the victim and the perpetrator intentionally omitted the information of his goals, knowing so that I would be deceived, that is a very callous and cruel act.
I have a meeting to attend to, so I won't be able to respond to all your opinions and or comment but I will get back later. Thank you all for your agreement and or disagreements in advance.
Lindsyjones the word you used in your reply to me was "intentionally".

That is why I wouldn't even attempt to get "relationship cozy" online with any man on here or on any other website for that matter because someone can and do create themselves as being anyone they choose.

Yes I'm well aware that men either gender in "Real Time" can create themselves to be single even though they are actually married and not single etc.
Lindsay, I admire your search for truth and Decency and your fearlessness in the face of so many who simply discarded the person who was terribly hurt, and without even a thinly veiled attempt at being nice or having any Soriety for the woman, were in defence of the two men concerned.

Many attacked her, told her she could be taken to court by the men, or words to that affect. But Soriety and
any real compassion were lacking from women in the main.

The things is, I had left this site as I am in a relationship. I received a couple of phone calls, and I genuinely felt I HAD to come back and offer some semblance of help to the woman. I don't need DRAMA in my life just now as I am in the throws of a Malignant Melanoma at my right eye being treated...

When you consider a lot of the comments from women who took the cheaters role, you have to remember, that there were women, are women on here, who have had long term relationships with foreign men LTRs and basically don't care about breaking up a marriage, infact one or two have written how it is none of their business. So you see the calibre.

Ironically, most of those who stood up for these liars were women whom the men had chased, and I mean chased, with incessant phone calls. Those who may have found them 'mannerly' and nice, are over the 65 mark and, over 70, So not Meat for the lads to laugh over.

Finally, one of the most vociferous who called me a 'Judgemental Yokel' which would be a very ignorant type of woman, without dignity, finesse, education, barbaric etc., [I was not upset as this is what you get on C.S. when you disagree with the liberal agenda crowd who try and insult anyone with morals, who believes in God, or the sanctity of marriage, was involved with one, as in very interested. In fairness they broke another heart. What a horrible mysogynstic pair of cheaters, and yet, it was MOSTLY women, who stuck up for them, Said it was not fair. Ironcially this included those who would consider themselves to be 'gorgeous' healing types, That was the eye opener for me.
Dating sites should be safe for women, and indeed men, and cheaters should be thrown off. I do agree it is better to go to the Mods, but people are human and have feelings and when very hurt, this woman told many and saved many, those who dont care if a man is married or not attacked her and I for one am embarrassed to be a woman on this site.
LJ, with respect, although you mention quite often that you are in a long term relationship, your status shows 'divorced' (which is, by implication, single) rather than the available option 'in a relationship'.

Now. She ain't gonnae miss something like that, is she? Lord.
P.S. While you speak about liars and cheats ~ one of your men replying there without a face laugh pathethic, sad, is not who they say they are and have set up a new face and a new profile name so not only have we got Men who pretend to be single and who prey on beautiful young women like Marie and women who they think might be 'up for Sexting and online porn type behaviour' but we don't always know who we are talking to as multiple Profiles are not unheard of, and people leaving, changing their profiles is very very common, another form of a lie ? yes, and they are the most mouthy too. wave sigh
LJ if you want to get your teeth into a fraudster you should start with your duplicitous taint of a president and his crew, or maybe just stick to writing cringe worthy verse that you call poetry.
Ah THE VOICE OF REASON speaks..... applause

Delighted to see you back GG yay

Hi ITCHY and thanks, but am not really back, I like Lindsy as she speaks/writes from the heart.
Anyone who does that here, and is not a smart a** one liner tends to get attacked, and right now, I don't see many real women around, except for those who keep in touch with me via phone, email, facebook, from years back [many married now]. See you soon hopefully x
Sooner than you think hug

Staying or just passing through, its good reading you again wine
I will respond to all of you later. It is a very long meeting and I might not even be able to get out early this evening.

Just a quick response to Elle. I am divorced by status Elle. I am in a relationship but not married nor do I intend to. It is very clear on my profile I am not looking and would have blocked the whole world as I used to but the new system doesn't allow you to block the country of your origin.

Now I am not leading anyone in any way shape or form that I am looking nor interested in corresponding with anyone other than friendship.

Thank you.
Plavitrol, I'm here for the writing and friends. I'm not looking, there's no violations nor hypocrisy on my part.

In a relationship is a fair presentation.
Velvet you're just being silly.

As far as I am concerned, I'm very upfront in my profile. I'm here for friends and never intend playinganybody.
Lindsy ~ I have known you a long time, as do other long term members on here. We have not always agreed but we have always remained friends. I think this is a mark of who you are.
Regardless of what you say here, there are those who will throw in Red Herrings to push your buttons and hurt your feelings and try and diffuse the real issue at hand ~ fakers, those who hide behind faceless, many profiles, you have made a good point here about Truth, and all of us that know you and respect you know you have a lovely man in your life, we have seen the photos. and you're here for the blogs, like many of us. Take care.hug
Responding solely to the topic, I agree.

I do not want to go and read everything that is claimed here, about what happened to one of the members. As someone mentioned, you first and foremost have to know both stories. But that aside, if you give yourself as a single, divorced etc ... and are actually in a relationship or married, then you are indeed fraudulent. If you are still in a relationship, but this relationship runs to a end, it would more then appreciated, if you tell the truth about it, these things happen just like that, and even more so, I think this is usually the step at most to separate through cheating. I understand that this is difficult, but it is the facts and the most common reason for divorce. Actually, we must admit that most people actually cheat in a relationship "through cheating with another, given that in most cases one of the partners is unaware of the deception." When it is about to to end....So we are all guilty of fraud in this case. dunno

The fact that you come from a different culture and or religion that allows you to have multiple partners, is totally separate from the fact that you are single or not, also in those cultures and whether religions you can be single or separated, which here explicitly means, I do not have an emotional and physical commitment.


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