It is a scam

If you come on to this site and present yourself as single but in reality you are married, you are committing a fraud. Period.

You can be on this site while in a relationship or even married, there's nothing wrong with that. What is wrong is to act and claim as single and deceive others while you are with someone.

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GG, I'm still in s meeting but get back with you later.

I have never received anyone now nor in the future.

These people are not worth our time. We know what happened is wrong.

But they fail to see the problem as I have presented.

Thanks GG for being here.

Someone got deceived and she needs support

The lady who is hurt should move on with all the strength she can gather. I wish her every best for that. These blogs, videos, counter blogs and some comments only add to the bitterness, pain, anger, weakness and all the negative emotions she is feeling.

She can not right the wrongs done to her, if she was wronged by these men. All she can do is learn from her own mistakes, or where she went wrong and come to peace with herself.

Boys will be boys. We can't change other people. Not worth trying.sigh
Usha ~ I do agree, and there is probably not a woman on here [myself included] who has not been devastated by a man whom she cared about deeply, not to mention being played.
The woman in question is sensitive, and we all have our own ways of dealing with pain, loss, anger, feeling used. I am emotional. I would have gone to the Mods. I would like the Mods to warn others but I am not going to judge her or berate her as other women did.
Each person has the right to respond in their own way. .. Alot of women were played by those two.
Most of the women on here showed little soriety or real empathy with her.

Those men did not think of who they hurt, or what the consequences could have been so why would I give a damn about them ? Live by the sword, suffer by the sword. They were going to found out one day.
I think the lady in question did something good, the two have dissapeared fast, off the site, she is still here, strong and getting over it in her own way.

I hope you are keeping well, you look really lovely. I hope all going well with you hug
LJ. Bravo is my PC same sex husband. Well, that's a lie as well, as since being fixed, is he still a male?. NO COLLUSION! Aa-V
Fortunately I missed the blog heard around the world

If it was something about exposing a member’s demographic information or “warning”, ive been on the a**-end of such an act. The blog is still around. The complainer/whistleblower is not.

One has to maintain a degree of dignity and trudge on.
Hello SR,

A lie is a lie. It speaks volumes of one's character.
Absolutely Johnny.wave
Keep up the good work lindsy. thumbs up
@Lindsy, when I was a newbie here, someone from the Middle East e mailed me. We did exchanged mails and he sent some of his pictures at work. He was straightforward to offer what he called contract marriage. A sort of marriage with expiry date and accdg to him like for 2 yrs only. I was newly separated then and I didn't entertain the idea of hitching with someone. That time I joined CS was the time that I was unemployed. When I found a job, I terminated mailing to him and to the other one from down under. Their mails kept coming that they hinder my adjustment to my new job. My job then and even now is quite physical. I just hope they've found better alternatives. I don't consider the man from the ME as a scammer since he was very honest about it. Quite a good looking man! That is, if he's the real one in the pictures.grin
Not sure who's the girl you're referring to, if she hadn't been intimate to anyone yet, then, as they say, just move on. It's learning that trust is earned not indiscriminately given.
Good day to you Ms Jones wave
what about a scam within a scam, how do you view that?
Miwagi, thank you for the encouragement.wave
Tatami, thank you for sharing your experience. This is not about muslim people being a scammer. Scammers do come from all different places and countries regardless of race, sex and or religion.

This is about being scammed by lying and hurting others.

Just be careful because it has been researched that there are more scammers than real people on the web.
Dear Ms. Witch.

I can't imagine a scam within a scam but if you can elaborate this situation maybe I can share my opinion on it.

Do you have a specific case that you might want to share?

Thank you Ms. Witch.
Ms Jones, in work at the moment so I shouldn't be in here a tall uh oh

But later on when home I'll give an example of what I'm meaning...
til then gotta go
Free, I'm sure the person who was hurt and responsible in exposing them culprits is still here.

While the alleged liars are no longer here.
Aa, nice to see you.wave
Dear beautiful Usha,

I am sorry for not acknowledging your valuable opinion on this imbroglio.

Yes I agree with you. She has to move on as we all do. But before she can move on, she has to express her pain being abused and used. It is cathartic to share it in the open. For her to unload her hurt. But more importantly, it is heroic for her to share the incident to WARN victims to be. I am very thankful to know that I wasn't the only one who was victimized (have my own share) when I was very new here. That was in 2011.

Anyways, our discussions and opinions do matter. By doing these, it will discourage these suckers and abusers from doing the same thing. At least that is how I fee.

Now most of us victims tend to clamp and so guilty of the feeling that it was our fault. We then choose to not share because we feel very ashamed about it. But for some, including this current victim, they have the guts and audacity to declare the wrong things that she experienced. This to me is heroism.

I applaud and admire and therefore encourage and support her.

Thank you.
Ok Ms. Witch, I am looking forward to hear from you.wave
Dear beautiful and very smart GG,

This world needs more people like you. Your voice of reason resonates to all the corners of the world. Specifically your courage and determination to do what is right is very heroic.

Yes to all that you have said. I am in agreement with you 100 percent on your comment about BEING ASHAMED FOR BEING A WOMAN TO BE ON HERE. I feel the same thing. What is up with these pathetic women who can't seem to grasp the power of abuse they are empowering to these liars and scammers.

But it is what it is and we just have to be strong. We have to stand up for what is right. The said abusers have no right to hurt any soul. We don't deserve to be lied to. Period.

I am, grateful to know there are few women like you on this site.
All is fair in love and war. Now if you believe that and your conscience will allow it you might do well for a time. If you are one that believes in presenting yourself as fair and as accurate as possible then you will probably do better in the long run. To decipher accurately is a task that requires a little patience and a whole lot of wisdom.
No can do Ms Jones, I've decided not to snooty

Talk about making me feel like ugly piggy squashed in the middle of two beauties sad

You ain't half hurt my feelings crying
Grouchy, your opinion is well noted.
Hi LJ, many folk are unscrupulous deceivers hoping to promote their way. Be it scamming money or just trying to prove that by getting away with it they are more intelligent than a normal trusting person. Always remember that on the www one has to know what signs to look for and as always protect yourself until you really KNOW who is scratching your back. Everyone is GUILTY until proven innocent. Not the other way round.laugh bouquet

It sounds harsh but in the end you will find what you seek.thumbs up
Ms. Witch, your decision is respected. You can always pm ne if you feel alright. You are one very strong and independent woman. I'm so proud to be in your realm.
You ALWAYS say it as is. hug
Thanks Luke. I like that, everyone is guilty until proven innocent. cheers
Lukeon Very well said. I will practice that from now on . you are always feet on the ground and centred.
Whereas I am impulsive and trust people too quickly.wink
Thanks GG for your wisdom.hug
Thanks LJ for your good Blogs. hug
You're welcome GG. May you stay positive as always.

The blog world needs a lot of people like you. Your unbiased and straightforward opinions provide a very healthy atmosphere around here.comfort
Many years ago I met a female from a dating site. I got along with her, we lived a good distance apart so thought nothing of her offer to meet me midway when we got together, and her job restricted her availability. I thought she was a bit kinky as she seemed to love doing things over the phone etc.

It was many weeks before she confessed that she was indeed married, at which point I realised that I had been used to satisfy her fantasies, and regardless of her marital status, simply viewing her as a human being, she was quite obviously someone who had no guilt about lying to me, her husband, family etc. I was out of there in seconds.
you can't put your definition on marriage on other people.
and some men prefer to find a married woman that wants something on the side.
and some woman post themselves as taken to get less beggars.

you can lie on sites. that is the best way so people know any talk and profile here can be a lie.
Bristol, I'm sorry you were used.

It's such a cruel act specially when you have already fantasized a possibility.sad flower
Leno, in that case many people are bound to be hurt.

Not good.
LJ, This is something happening on this site at the moment and personally I would prefer this to be a single only site and that way singles could connect and date...I think it is a rotten thing to do to lie about being married, being in a relationship or even s*xual preference...I have seen closet lesbians claiming to be hetrosexaul on this site and trying to make a move of straight womendoh I notice these closet lesbians like to put men down a lot and treat them like fools....

Why do people lie about such things LJ? Why do they infect these sites with lies and deceit? Maybe some are often a bit on the side? Maybe some just want the attention? Who cares the reason why? These people are morally corrupt and the spoil things for the genuine singles, who are looking and not in chains
If you've been treated like a fool by a closet lesbian, Lee, it's probably because there was no other option open to her.
Lee while it's intended as a single dating sites, I believe there's nothing wrong on being here as long as our intentions are honest and true.

The writings on blogs and forum as well as on the poetry are very good subjects that can be participated in by anyone, single married or in a relationship like me.

I am not looking and in the choice for status, in a relationship is one of them. This means there's nothing wrong with being on here for friendship or simply to share ideas and opinions.

Simply be honest and no one gets hurt.
Hairbald, you are a antagoniser and you provoke in most of your posts towards me...refrain from your hostility and jealously of me...your just projecting your insecurities by attacking me and a lot of others you don't agree with and it make's you look weakprofessor
LJ, I was talking about the same people you mentioned in your blog subject...the married, the one's in relationships and I added the one's who lie about s*xual preference, because are as morally dishonest as the other two catergories.

I never pointed the finger at your good self and never would...As long as people are honest it is ok...not ideal but ok with me...personally I would like this to be a singles only dating site, this is how I feel, because I think, that singles would connect far better, without attached interfering and ruining possible interactions, because two single people, who might just be right for each other?

We look at things differently, because you have someone, who has your heart, your sole and your body, but many others do not have what you have and are still looking for it
I'm sorry, Lee, I'm far too weak and insecure to stop it. You'll just have to put up with it until I recover my strength and self confidence.
Absolutely Lee.

Those married ones, those in relationship and still making themselves available lying to their partners, to their prospects and themselves.

Absolutely, bottom line no lying.
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