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A friend can be anybody who is not an enemy, therefore even an unknown person in another country, whom you have never heard of can be deemed a friend, simply because he belongs to a certain nation or a group of people. This is only for lack of a better word because the word ‘friend’ has another deeper meaning. professor

The word is often confused with ‘acquaintances’ who are not friends at all. Acquaintances include all the people you know who are not friends or family. They are normally brought to you by circumstances which are quite unlike friends who you carefully choose from those you are acquainted with.hmmm

Something else we like to call friends are pen pals. These are people who correspond with each other via snail mail, email, social sites, and so forth. Meeting once or twice does not make them friends; they are merely correspondents who happen to be acquainted with each other. If you want to call them your friends, try asking them to help when you are in a spot of bother.grin

And then there are your ‘work friends’. When you have a special relationship with one or more of your colleagues at work, you cannot call him or her as a friend if just because you ‘cover’ for each other, have lunch together, or have a few pints together after work. If you don’t spend time together outside of the work setup, you are just acquaintances, forced together by circumstances. Will you still keep up the ritual if one of you changes job? I think not. This is more of an alliance or a clique.mumbling

You also have casual friends, buddies; people you like and who you spend time with voluntary because you like them. Some of them are only your friends because there is something to gain by it. You too probably have a few ‘friends’ purely for what there is to gain, be that a promotion at work, influence, prestige or any other favors. buddies

There are many other special relationships formed by circumstances, too many to mention here but the bottom line is that they are not your friends. While it is not impossible for a deeper friendship to develop from it, friends are not forced together by circumstances but rather drawn together by a mutual affection.uh oh

Then what are friends? A friend is a person who shares a mutual bond of affection with you, other than love or family ties. Somebody who earned your respect and who you have selected from those you are acquainted with. Somebody you would entrust with your house keys when you go on vacation.conversing

The real test for a friend is when you are in need' not simply because he can help you but because he wants to; somebody who would do himself short to help his friend. A friend in need is a friend indeed.idea
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Maybe it sounds better to you but it does not change the definitions in the English dictionary.
Hi Squaw Crunia,
Indeed, what can I add to that. I pity those who wish to call every Tom, Dìck and Harry their friends. Perhaps they don't know about real friends.
Hi Annlee,
Wow!, you mean you have no special friend! You will probably make a perfect dedicated wife.laugh
Everyone who walked into my life , is there for a reason .
I may not remember all of them
and very few are my friends , yet I consider all , you never know where you might up so therefore I will always have the smile that's says
Speak to me I am not a beast

Having a dear friend is a comfort to my heart , not for material things , just knowing you .
This can be true! Real friendship also take time to grow. I think people can also have a true friendship without helping them financially. In other ways as well! Not every true friend have the extra money to help a friend. But that true friend can help a friend in other ways! A place to live/stay temporary, Get information for a friend, Even just to listen to a friend talk about whats on their mind! As well as Giving true advise!

*Some people are in your life temporary! And some people is in your life forever.

* Not all family members are your true friend! But yet they are still your family. And a true friend is part of your family......hug
Anyone who’s planning a wedding should mail a copy of this blog to the uninvited “friends”
I consider most people on and offline that I'm not actually friends with as being only acquaintances’.The ones who I feel close to and who I really got/get to know in real life I consider friends.

Great blog! I like Molly's circle. Good to use to evaluate relationships!

As far as friendships, a really tough call! I have a few real friends! Maybe not as many as I would like in real life!

But hey, every day is a new day!thumbs up
Hi Catwave
Good to see you.

I have a select few friends and like it that way...we r there for each other and meet regularly.

Im slow to call anyone friends outside of that....they r mere aquaintances or work colleagues....

Good friends r as hard to find as a partner.

I like to treat my friendships like relationships without the obvious love or affection
Hi Annlee,
True, a smile can get you a long way. Friendliness cost nothing.
friendship is not about financial help but it is nice to know that you have a friend out there somewhere who cares.
Hi Palm
This is something I have only seen in the movies. I have never seen uninvited guests at a wedding though I know a few fellas who have a circuit of 'house-crawling' during weekends to see where there is a party going.laugh
Hi Bear,
That's right. Friends are special. Those, not in my inner circle, who I associate with I only call friends for lack of a better word. They are people I respect and could easily have been close friends. The rest are certainly not called friends, even tough I may seek the company of some at times.
hi Jim,
We don't need a lot of friends, it is the quality and not the quantity that counts.

I agree with everything said. wine
Hi Dee,
True friends are indeed hard to find. As i said earlier, I was lucky that I got mine as a child. Somehow we just grew closer and stronger.
One of my favourite cartoons (I don't know a quick way to post pics in the new CS layout) shows an empty church with many seats and the widow saying to the vicar "I thought there would be more people, he had over 1000 Facebook friends"
Hi Biff
That is the sad truth.mumbling
Hi Krinka
Sorry, I missed your comment earlier. The 'new ' interface' is prone to that. it takes you too the last comment which is your own and then you miss a comment like yours posted while typing. I will have to be more careful. But still good to see you around.
Hiya Cattie..hug

Sorry I'm a bit late commenting.

Reading some of the comments I also agree.

I've had 2 good close friends since I've been living woman and one man.
Both have been very good friends and have helped when I needed it.

Others have been acquaintances.

As for virtual friends...I have a few of them but haven't met in real life...yet!
Hi Daniela
It's never too late to comment. There had been some differences but I think me all agreed that good friends are pure gold.
Hi, Catfoot:

Like this topic, beer

My friends all come from our kids age, in other words we are neighbors as well as schoolmates. Know each others family well. Can this called “ acquantances"? but only few of us come closer become good friends. it's a pity we are all females ,cos at that time, we were not used to talk to schoolboys ... blues Otherwise might be have any male friends after grown up I guess... grin
Hi July,
My six closest friends are from primary school days. We struck a friendship early on on it just grew.
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