Hair Loss..

It seems that more and more men get bald. Not sure whether this is on purpose or it is something unavoidable. When I was much younger I seldom saw bald men. Even if I saw one, he was old.. like older than 60 yo. But now I saw bald men quite often and some are young man, like in his 30's
You see, there is no bald man in my big family, except one of my brothers. And he is in his 60’s. I asked him what made him lose his hair.. I suspected it had something with shampoo. I knew he was kidding when he said: “every time a genius man, like I am, think about science, I have one hair loss. So can you see, I am bald because I am a thinker!”

So I asked him: “and why Einstein had thick hair? Maybe your hair loss is due to climate changes!"

He laughed and said “get loss!” laugh

Seriously guys (especially bald men)..
What do you think the main cause of your hair loss?
When did you realize its first start?
And what did you do about it?
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It's an inverse law

As men age they loose hair
As women age they grow facial hair
Esp those of middle eastern heritage

So do you wax or shave dunno
I will still love my Arty if he becomes bald smitten giggle
Hi Kal
I'm not sure if baldness is more common now than when I was a child, but that is neither here nor there.

When I was in the army, they said wearing berets or hats causes baldness but that is bull. I know a lot of people wearing hats and the have lots of hair. I'm more inclined to believe that baldness is a genetic trait.

Of course they say if you're bald in front it is because you think a lot and when you're bald on top it is because you know a lot and from that we can deduct that those who are bald all over think they know a lot. My personal theory is that God only made a small number of perfect scalps and the rest he covered with hair.laugh
There are many reasons why someone (male or female) turns bald. The most common among men is called androgenic alopecia (known also as male pattern baldness or MPB) and that is caused by a byproduct of testosterone called DHT. DHT is roughly speaking 3 times as potent as testosterone but it can attack the hair follicles. In men who are genetically predisposed, that will cause atrophy of the follicle and eventually hairloss. Basically, MPB is what's known as a secondary s3xual characteristic just like growing pubic hair or a beard.

MPB is a very primate thing curiously enough and it probably had some evolutionary function which is as yet unknown. It also seems to be more prevailant amongst caucasians than blacks and chinks.

As someone above mentioned, as they age, the oestrogen levels in women drops which is typically accompanied by an increase in testosterone. That sometimes causes genetically predisposed women to lose their hair and grow a few whiskers too. You see it in older ladies. :D

Conclusion: I'm bald because: 1. I'm not a eunuch (yet) and 2. I'm genetically predisposed to baldness. I kinda find it rather cool these days. roll eyes
Fk! uh oh

Evolution slowly taking place
Hi Kal, when I was younger I took after my fathers side of the family, I was slim and had a head full of hair. Now I am taking after my mothers side of the family, going bald and getting a beer gut, and I don't even drink beer. laugh
I am getting much older but I don't have facial hair, so nothing to shave nor to wax. Aahh! You mean waxing my legs? Nope, I don't. My legs are smooth already. yay

You know the Beatles song "when I get older losing my hair many years from now"? I suddenly imagining Arty singing that song for you. grin


So I guess I now have a clue what happened to the scalps of those with half bald. laugh

I guess since it's in your genes, you will remain bald forever, no treatment could help. I am not saying that you want to grow any.

So at the end of the day when evolution has been completed, every single men would be bald, eh? grin
Welcome to my blog. handshake

That's very funny rolling on the floor laughing I like that.. made me laugh really out loud.. thumbs up
Minoxidil actually works. Tried it myself but you have to apply it every day and I am simply too lazy for that kinda thing. So, indeed, this is how I'm gonnae be for the rest of me days.
Wen rolling on the floor laughing thumbs up

Kal, my Arty will turn 70 this Dec. That Beatles song cannot apply to him!! rolling on the floor laughing
@ Mimi wave what is so sad is what I said is true rolling on the floor laughing
Its deliberate, as men get older we prefer not to spend good money on haircuts, for the price of a haircut we can get a few viagra pills and enjoy ourselves, makes us happy and we dont need to use a cane to walk, flat caps hide the baldness too.
Map, Haha, the good news is, the more viagra we use, the more hair we lose, so it becomes even more affordable! rolling on the floor laughing

Kal, don’t you know the scientific fact that bald men are sexier? My hair is half gone and can’t wait for the other half to go...then maybe I can give up viagra! Haha

Being bald here in Spain is great. Us Brits can have a lovely brown head and look like a big chocolate grin
Someone Told Me
" If a person eat plenty of Fruits, Vegetables, Herbs and take Flax seed Oil daily .Their hair will remain on their head. And it will also grow it back.".......pointing
Chrome used to say no grass grows on a busy road.

Back in South Africa bald guys were known as solar-powered sex machines.

The other thing I noticed a huge change in, people wearing specs. When I was younger you seldom saw people under 60 wearing them, and they were often quite vain about it. In the UK by the time I left it seemed every 3rd child I saw was in specs. confused Certainly pretty much everyone I worked with had specs or contact lenses.

Not in Spain, though. Hardly ever see anyone in specs, come to think of it. I wonder if there is a link to diet, sunshine, or all the industrial pollution dumped in UK waters? Or computers ... here kids go outside to play.
They say it's hereditary on the mothers side.
These days, guys are more likely to shave their heads if they only have a little hair. Nobody uses the combover as much these days, apart from vacuum cleaner salesmen.

There are two types of baldness, where the forehead gets bigger and the hair recedes back, and the back of the head bare patch.
Receding from the front is cased by driving a convertible with the roof down too much, and the bald patch at the back is caused by doing U-turns under the bedsheets.

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