The Human/Pie Genome Project

We have all probably eaten pies containing bits of human, now Scientists are combining human and pie DNA.

A Dr.Gregg has managed to not only combine human and pie DNA but has used his knowledge of genome and computer programming to upload human female DNA into a chicken and mushroom pasty, Her name is Annie and she had exhibited some PMS symptoms that Dr.Gregg has solved by being nice and pouring real gravy over her, she is calm and her skin is not flaking much now.

NASA’s Mars project will be manned by a Pieanaut who is a human/sausage roll hybrid named Carlos, he is currently undergoing extensive training and will soon be frozen and sent to Mars to form a new colony.

Here on Earth it won’t be long before we see pie/human babies growing up amongst us.
Naturally there has been some outrage:-

Sister Bidet-loo from the Holy something or other shouted with anger at the news before walking back into traffic and washing windscreens with her habit.

A Mr. Trump issued an executive order banning all pies from entering his Country. (although pies are welcome in California)

The EU issued a statement saying that Pies will now be given the same rights as cakes, Antelopes and Mobile phone companies.

The world is changing, are you ready?

Comments (35)

Map - I do like to get my fingers into a nice pie! Especially one called Annie rolling on the floor laughing grin
Molly, Illegal Enchiladas have caused dissent among the citizens, Trump is probably worried about Salsa taking all the fruit picking jobs.

Robby, I'm not surprised, Pies of all types are great as long as they are warm inside and not a congealed cold mess.

Have you ever listened to this, map...

Can you pick it up where you are?
Sounds like you'd be a big fan.
Hell...You'd be a pretty outstanding guest!...tinfoil hat


Mic, Im not really into conspiracy theories, I know Aliens are real, Ive met a few, nice people but dont give them Coke, aliens cannot burp and therefore explode.
Map, have you ever invited a psychotherapist inside your head?

They would win the Nobel prize with the results of their findings cool
Molly, There are a few of us living in my head, we all agree that a Psychiatric conference could held inside my brains (yes I have a few) One quack said I had "demented multiple personality disorder", we told him to feck off.
Phone call shared on C2C...


Possibly THE most hilarious clip on YouTube.
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

Pie- human hybrid might not be such a bad idea. Things like " Key Lime Eddy " or " Banana Cream Martha " would be a nice company on those long lonely winter nights. The other thing is if it didn't work out you could always make a pot of coffee and eat the problem.
Mic, Yes Siree, that sure was a funny onerolling on the floor laughing

Grouchy, You have the idea!, I'm quite partial to most pies including hairy pie ( I typed that outloud?)
But we must remember that in Europe these pies will have the same rights as humans, I wonder if Brexit negotiations will negate that?
Map, I tried but can’t get past the title. Ugh.
Non-burping aliens exploding after drinking Coke.
I HATE when that happens! mumbling

Palm, It's just science, made up in parts but simply science.grin

Mic, Its only in your land of the 36 oz coke, here we are restricted to tiny cans, so we dont get many exploding burpless aliens like you lucky Americans....God Bless Americacheers
Map, The European pies do have the same human rights as nonpie ones but the immigrants from the mid-east ( Muslim pies ) have to be in quarantine for up to three or four Ramadan before they can be granted the coveted status. I also have heard that in some eastern European countries the Mid Eastern ones have to present themselves in " a la mode " form. This is because in those hot desert places ice cream is very scarce and as such limits, the immigration to only a few wealthy individuals.
God Bless Murka!

Grouchy, Horrid thoughts, To me any pie is a free pie, they dont need restrictions placed on them due to ethnic or religious beliefs, The only pie I would not permit is one with a soggy bottom.

One day the humble pie will bring the world together in perfect harmony, happiness and joy and cream.
Map I wish you luck in your humanitarian efforts. I have heard that one species is on a self-destruct course of action. I am of course referring to the immortal " hair pie ". What with waxing and shaving for bikini trends, it will soon become extinct. I have heard it already has in California.
Grouchy, The rumours are that the Governor of California is a major shareholder in various anti hirsuteness companies, This will explain the extinction, On a happier front Wales has agreed to export hairy corned beef pies to help those still addicted in the sunshine state, Unless Mr.T wants to charge a lot more money for them and those in need will have home grown hairy pies from Montana.
Gosh! I'm so glad that we are making pies great again. I was a wondering, does this also apply to cheesecake?
Grouchy, I am a bit scared of cheesecake, I once met one that worked as a fortune teller and she and her crystal ball knew everything about me, even predicted that I would marry a fruitcake, and I did, she was from Iowa, I married her in the walmart Cedar Rapids, I digress, I have no idea if the USA will start making its own cheese cake, The unions stopped the manufacture of beefcake back in the late 90's so I'm doubtful.
Map, no, exposed as fake news.


pie in the sky.
Biffy!hug , Fake news?, That's awful, I was thinking of trying to grow tomatoes in the clouds above me, guess It's back to reality.
You have clouds above you in sunny Spain? Wow

Yeah, here too. Sigh.

(BTW, I stripped out all emojis from this message so you owe me a cloud-grown tomato. Grin)
Yes, Its full of clouds as usual, Thanks for removing the multitude of emojis, I will send you some barbed wire and a years supply of tinfoil as thanks.
Quit the shrooms mate. They ain't no good for you. They harm the willy too. You've been warned.
Yikes wow

No room at the house help

and, playing my final card - teddybear teddybear teddybear

don't you DARE laugh
I tried a smoked fish/wild rabbit/cat meat pie

Had an unusual smell
And tasted like chicken

Tenner, never needed shrooms or any other substance, Im naturally fecked in the headcheers

Biff, just for the teddy's I will send a palette of shite down to youtongue
Plav, Ever thought that it could actually have been a rancid chicken pie disguised as exotic meats?
The possum pie was tasty....

...and, no...not road-kill possum....uh oh
Berry, very exotic, Ive never seen a possum living or dead, are they easy to fillet?
Sorry busy all of sudden....conversing

Enjoy your day/evening.
You already did blues
Berry, dont worry, The matron is telling us its bedtime here, we have to line up for a special pill.

Biff, virtual, but you will still have to find room for
Conspiracies,or you combinations.
Wrong blog,sorry.rolling on the floor laughing
Karaokedude: "This should be fun!!"(meet us in the quizzes)

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