I am one that believes in life and a life of joy and full of love. I also know that life can bring so much hurt and sorrow.

Have you ever been so discouraged that you have said I give up ?

Have you ever been so hurt by someone or something has invaded your joy and happiness ?

Have you ever been in a situation that you had no control over such as a lost of a loved one and the hurt is to much to handle ?

Have you ever been in a time in your life that you feel all is lost and I am so tired of this and please Lord just take me from this ?

we all have experienced this I am sure in sometime of our life and if you might be feeling any of this today.

Please, just take one more step I truly believe tomorrow or the next day or sometime soon will heal all your hurt. Life is meant for you to be happy and have the joy you so much want and need. when taking that step also take someone by the hand you never know they might be hurting also.

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This is sweet
Hi Wen

Yes i think sadness has affected everyone in some way shape or form.

Ive learnt to think and hope that my very best days are ahead of me and that the world is my oyster

What i have planned i hope to see to fruition...but ill always try and live for today.

There are plenty who are still stuck in the rut of life habits and circumstances...if theres anyone reading this that is in the position please know...ive been through enough...and ive come out the other end happy and content...and most importantly have a plan for my future..if i can do it...so can you.

I heard a good quote lately on a film, We bought a Zoo. I think it could, and should be applied to life in general:

You know, sometimes all you need is twenty seconds of insane courage. Just literally twenty seconds of just embarrassing bravery. And I promise you, something great will come of it.
Palm, thank you I think we all need it. if not today I am sure we will in some time in our life. handshake
Hi Dee, than k you for your positive comment. glad you see my point in just taking one more step. hug
Molly, thank you for sharing. something great will come out of it thumbs up very very good. hug
Wen, it is just a case of putting it into action now.
wenever I pretty much fit inside those questions but will not have a pity party here.

I found out that it's not wise for someone to express their true feelings online some people may use it against that particular person.Which is sad but that is reality online.

All it takes is that one step as you say.
It can go as slow or fast after that....all at your own comfortable pass, asling as its a movement forward.

Hope you are well
Lovely blog and lovely for someone who needs it, to read it.

Your a good man hug
Molly, yes action talk never works with out action I believe what you said. we can all get through anything in time and someone to walk and encourage us .

my hand is out to you if you ever need me to take one more step.

Molly, I must say I got a tear in my eye when writing this blog. hug
Very nice. hug


True - or to offer their unwanted and unneeded "help and understanding". It's better to keep online communication light. smile
Krinka I''m slowly realizing that.wave
Hi Bear, I have been here for almost 5 years, I have been lifted up when sad and stoned by people who have no heart, it does not bother me. I am me and thay is all I can be. cheers
wenever I'm me too but you know how some people are.It's not in my nature to purposely do harm to anyone but assumptions are made anyhow so now I have chosen to zip my lips about certain private things anymore.

Sorry for the highjack.hijack
Dee, thank you. this blog is for those who need it at this time and hope it might help someone. I just seen someone yesterday that is going through something and I just felt the need to post this blog,

again thank you for your comment, hug
Hi Krinka, thank you for your comment very nice. hug
You're such a lovely man Wen, I'd give anything to have you for a neighbor ...
to know you personally would be a true honor bouquet
Hi itchy, thank you for the nice comment hug

One thing I can say, in one of my comments earlier I said I have been her for almost 5 years and I have been lifted up when sad and have had stones throne at me also. But I know one thing you have always been a good friend to me and me to you. Thank you bouquet
Thank you Wen hug
This place can be uplifting as for the stones... stick up the hand catch them rather than try to avoid and fling them back... wink
Hi Wen...very nice blog! hug

I could write a lengthy comment about this topic but...as Bearwoman says...I choose not to discuss anything about my private life on a public site for obvious reasons.

Anyway..it will help many just by reading it.thumbs up
itchy, good advice and I do think I have done pretty good with that. but it does not bother me that much about stones. It just shows me them, I already know me cheers
Hi Daniela, thank you for your comment. as I just said in my comment back to itchy,,they just show me who they are, I already know me. no problem. this blog is not my private life came from a conversation with someone that lead me to post. Hope it does help someone that was my purpose

thank you for your concern for me, you are a true friend hug
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