Chance Encounters

Sitting at a café recently, where the ex pats hang out - not something I do often, but it´s often revealing! - as I hear all the gossips from the British community.
As I speak to the waiter in Spanish, it is assumed that I do not speak English.

One story stood out....

Some guy whose wife had recently died was introduced to a woman in similar circumstances.
They "hit if off" immediately and dated for a while, during which time he paid for various renovations to her house and took her on a cruise.
After spending approximately 30.000 euros on her and, on his birthday, she informed him that she wanted to finish with him as she had found someone else.

Are people so naïve or are they blinded by the hope of love? cool

This is just one example of problems that occur in a face to face relationship.

How many more problems are possible in a "virtual" relationship where those involved live great distances apart - possibly in different countries, different cultures - and one or both have avatars representing them?

How would you rate the chances of success, for both parties? conversing

P.S Current news on TV in Almeria (one hour from here)...
A married man who had a relationship with a woman he had fallen in love with at first sight, his 8-year old son had been missing for 13 days and has now been found dead, allegedly killed by his girlfriend.
She´s now in jail waiting for trial. In Spain, it will probably take years!

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Honestly, I think any person who would pay 30k towards renovations of somebody else's house deserves to be taken for a ride.

Men often think they can 'buy' women, and then wonder why they are left high and dry.

Stop trying to buy love, it doesn't work.
This is also my way of thinking Molly.
It is obvious that the man was taken advantage of for his generosity.... hoping for some emotional love and commitment from her.... but she wasn´t selling! grin
You can't be taken advantage of for your generosity.

You, and you only, decide to take that money out of your bank account and give it to somebody.

People have to start taking responsibility for their own actions and stop trying to always blame somebody else.
Molly!!!!! "Taken advantage of for his generosity" was meant for his kindness!

Of course, people have to take responsibility for their own actions!

I suppose they both benefited in this situation. They both gained something in the form of payment for services rendered. (one being the work on the house etc..., the other being "love/sex/affection" whatever.
I understand what it means! laugh

But my reasoning still stands.

He chose to give her that money. She did not steal it from his bank account.
Of his own free will he gave somebody 30k.
His choice.
Hello Daniela,

A similar story happen to my friend. He told me that his girlfriend of the time wanted him to renovate her home and add an apartment on to the back for her girlfriend to live. So, wanting to be there for her and try and provide everything he could to her, he decided he would do it. He told me, after that project was was he. She found somebody else.
Hi Johnny hug

Are you sure your friend wasn´t the one here in Spain? wink

I suppose there are many similar stories...sigh Amongst the ex pats here, it often happens as they are very vulnerable - and gullible!
As I said, they get blinded - by the sun.... or by love ...... or both! cool
Molly...if you know what it means why do you have to question it??? dunno

I've agreed with everything else you said you need to twist everything around?doh
Dan..I’m not vulnerable or gullible...just the opposite in fact.

I love my freedom so much...a woman here would have to pay me €30000 to win my favours...haha rolling on the floor laughing

But it’s true, some guys are really useless! Guess it’s the same for women too...many who are easily tricked.
Does it depend on intelligence and being canny?

I think it plays an important part

Is this not rather expensive sex? I suppose she can now rightfully call herself a high-class hooker.laugh
Hi Robby...long time no see hug

How is the Spanish life treating you these days?

I'm not vulnerable either..nor gullible..
I don't know if it has anything to do with intelligence ?
Maybe it's a question of manipulation...I suppose cleverness?dunno
Hi Cattie...hug

High class hooker hey? laugh

Maybe she DID have feelings for him at first? the work progressed her love faded away ? dunno

Or....maybe he didn't have the strength to please her anymore ?

She has now admitted to the charges and has confessed how she had killed the boy by strangulation on the first day and waited 13 days before thinking of disposing of the body.

Apart from that...she's allegedly accused to have killed her young daughter a few years ago in another town.

She's been assessed as a psychopath and she will be trialed tomorrow.

Now...I'm just wondering how many psychopaths we find on the internet????

Many you have some stories to share? conversing
*maybe ..not many.doh
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