Forgiveness as a way of Healing.

Anger [although justified] when kept close to the heart, festers the entire person, making them miserable,
and physically ill.
So, as somebody whose own heart was smashed in two, and at times felt my legs were going from under me with Grief.
It does not really help to speak to many people about it. Most of my friends don't even know the extent
of how much this person hurt me. They just know i wasnot my bubbly self.

I found solace afterwards that I had not taken his character as really, there was none to take.
My Grandma always said 'Rise above them', and sadly I should have taken all her advise.
Another thing she taught me was 'Keep your Dignity' At times I have let her down as I am impulsive
I live from the heart and this get me in trouble.

Life is a learning curve, even at my age, I am learning from things, daily.

Forgiveness does not excuse 'their' behaviour

But, it prevents them from destroying your health and happiness.
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