Spiritual But Not Religious

I have noticed that many people on this site – and elsewhere – describe themselves in this manner or, is it just a convenient box to tick?

I find this description very vague and possibly misleading. So, how exactly do you define being spiritual? hmmm

A lot of people mistake Spirituality for Religion or some mysterious, supernatural occurrence. Some even think of it as a sect, but this is because of their lack of knowledge and their fear of being manipulated.

If we move past this and try to study and understand what spirituality actually is, we’ll come to a realization that it is nothing mysterious or supernatural, nor in any way connected to a sect of any kind.

Here below are a few examples of the things that I have heard makes a person spiritual (alone or in combination).

1. Does a “Spiritual” person believe in a “God/Creator” or a version thereof?
2. Do they believe in “Heaven & Hell”?
3. Do they believe in Karma and Reincarnation?
4. Have they heard a “spiritual” call and do they have a burning desire to walk a “Spiritual” Path?
5. Do they ponder over the Universe and Humanity´s place in it?
6. Do they revere the environment and all creatures on earth?
7. Do they do good deeds for society, donate to charities, do volunteer work etc (mostly anonymously) without being attached to the results?

Or many other virtuous things?

The list above should not be regarded as “red herrings” which “must” be pursued. They are only suggestions/prompts.
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You tell him Herb.applause
You bet. wave
Gerbil, Seems to be stuck to you like glue and I suspect a plot between the two of youdevil
I think he wants sheeran as much as you do, but he won’t admit it
rolling on the floor laughing tongue
No Lee...it's YOU he's after!

He's even written a song about/for you! banana
D, He is sending you love hearts and flowers...he sent me nothing...you two flirt a lot...either he is your pawn on your human chess board or he is your knight? I know the game of human chess and I think you have your pieces lined up and ready to play...to be continued....
There's no strategy, Lee. You're like one of those little plastic ducks you see at the fairground. Every time you pop up I can't resist taking a shot. Don't look for a conspiracy, if anyone else has an issue with you it's nothing to do with me.
Lee.. I cannot wait for the second part? head banger help
Nice topic Daniela777 teddybear
You described spirituality very well.

Our life is running with the help of both Science & Spiritualism. Both are required for our balanced life (physically + emotionally).
Hi Mr Amor...I'm glad you liked it. wave

Yes...I suppose you could say that...a mixture of science and spirituality.

Central to both science and spirituality is the seeking of truth and grasping the essential nature of reality.   The goal of science is a complete understanding of the fundamental principles underlying the physical universe in all its diverse forms.  Spirituality is the awakening of wisdom concerning how we affectively relate to each other and to the world.  Science seeks to enlighten our minds, while spirituality seeks to awaken our hearts.  Each is necessary for a full fruition of the other.  Although some may consider science to be antagonistic or contradictory to their religion and spirituality, the truth is that compulsive attachment to particular doctrines and dogmas are inimical to both science and to a deeper realization of spirituality.

Copy-Paste from this site:
Nice quote Mr Amor.thumbs up
I agree with all that.

Lovely pic too..
john17021984: "The One Legged Man"(meet us in the poems)

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