Yorkshire here I come


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I always wondered if they would serve Devonshire tea in Yorkshire.
Yeah. Take some grave and peas with you. That 5h1te's good.
Third attempt in 18months hopefully come May nothing this time will or can stop me...
I'll check out the tea for you pat but for now, I'm going home cartwheel

By Christ sweet P, Sybil will kill Mr Fawlty if she catches him outside of the towers uh oh and I'm not a

Crap Onesy, and I'm not a pea's fun, mind you I don't batchelors wink
doh seems my laptop is drunk tonight laugh
Itchy u gonna meet up with anyone in particular when u get there ? mmmmmm confused Bring your Herbal shampoo
All happy and excited here ....
after forty six years the day is here where I finally get to go back yay

Too bad about the weather sigh
but nonetheless, the house that I was born into still stands and Nickie (a childhood friend) still lives on that same street... I plan to knock on his door and say hello" remember me... I plan also to knock on the door of my birth place and ask if the little apples tree's I planted in the back garden in 72 are still there, they were only a foot height when I left for Ireland, so I doubt they are .. actually I doubt I'll knock on neither door (wouldn't have the nerve) but I like to think I will... but who knows, I just might.

I've never dreamt big I'm more than a realistic than a dreamer, so I've never carried around with me these things people call bucket list, but if I had I'd of only ever carried one wish or should I say thing to do,within it...Today that wish/dream is finally happening for me very happy

Excitement aside, it's going to be a sentimental journey for me....
retracing those footprints, my first steps where and when I walked with rollers

Anyways, I've to go I've things for doing packing and sorting .....
just wanted to share here what a splendid feeling it is waking to a morning knowing for you, it holds a dream come true... happy place

Wishing one to you all wine

Mostly YOU Nam hug

Take the risk. Just do it. wine
Take a picture of the apple tree and share it. peace
Itchy, Glad you are making the trip, enjoy. Oh! You could drop in on Harbal. I too grew up in Yorkshire, many happy memories there. Have a good trip girl.
Yeah itchy girl...enjoy your trip down to memory lane and give a big hug to Harb for me will you ?
Enjoy your trip, Itchy! How wonderful to be able to fulfill a dream, and I hope it's a fantastic trip down memory lane for you. thumbs up
Itchy ~ Have a wonderful time, do knock on those doors. People never mind you calling on their houses if it is a memory lane thing. Have a great time.
Thanks all for the well wishes here.... teddybear

Hadn't landed/arrived in Huddersfield two hours when I had my first panic attack ....
was convinced I was going to die....nearly did crying

But as you can see I didn't... tongue

Anyways ... G'night sleep
"Was Going To Leave Comment"

"But Shes Already Gone".......................detective
She's back roll eyes

wave Nam
Welcome home, itchy. I can't believe you came to Yorkshire and didn't call by for a cup of tea and a biscuit. I went out and bought a packet of chocolate digestives, especially.
So, that flies in the face of 'you can never go home again'.
Have a fun trip. peace
huh! If I'd known you had choc digestives, Harbal, I would have visited!

Welcome back, Itchy xx


head banger
Thanks Harb hug
but what can I say, perhaps I couldn't trust myself when I was looking for more than just a nibble lol wink

You certainly got that right Jim wine

Thank you Tilla wave

Time now to forget about yesterdays news.

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