Captain Kirk isn't dead

Bill Shatner is a little annoyed to have had his death announced on a Facebook link. This social media thing is getting out of hand.

However his spirited response does mention he is 87 today, 22nd March. Spock already died.

Even Captain Picard is 77. Ok, enough Star Trek.

Hands up anyone older now than people who had seemed old to you when they died - Elvis was 42, Freddie Mercury was 45, Michael Jackson 51. uh oh

Hey, look on the bright side, if you're over 50, even over 40, you're a survivor!


now having survived today's tutoring I am putting on arctic clothing and venturing upstairs to paint out rooms, if exposure doesn't drive me back downstairs or freeze me to death. Will catch up with any comments from those over 40 while I defrost with coffee. Spring sprang yesterday, so where IS it?


Comments (31)

Biff ~ put your lovely profile pic back !! ::wine: Yes, I cried when Otis Redding died, I was very young but I loved his music. Bill Haley, Johnny Cash, Freddie Mercury, Elvis ,Michael Jackson, , Princess Diana, Phil Lynott, Gary Moore, so many younger people have gone before me. people in their prime, Brian Jones [Rolling Stones], Mama Cass,Maryvn Gaye etc., etc.,
I guess I am lucky to be still alive.
thumbs up
I thought I would die at 55 for some reason. It was maybe because a couple of my friends died in their 40ties and early 50ties. So far I am still waking up alive every morning so starting to get worried that I'll overstay my welcome.laugh
It's a shame the minority spoil it for the rest of us, it was after all Facebook that broke the story on the mass sex attacks in Germany, which the German government had tried to sweep under the carpet, of course the other alternative is these rumours are started by governments wishing to discredit FB as a source of news, they may be able to control the press but FB is another story.
GG, as avatars seem to be acceptable at the moment I am seizing the day laugh

I like my profile pic to make me laugh, and it does whether it is super-glam or super-ugly, I no doubt need a shrink uh oh
Eks I was completely convinced I would never see the year 2000. I was driving past a street party in the dying moments of 1999 up Louis Botha avenue and a guy stepped out the crowd and fired his gun at my car

First thought - so THAT's how I die!
Second thought - hang on, I'm still alive?

Been on borrowed time ever since laugh and trying now to make every day a good one - one foot in front of the other, and ducking convulsively when I am fired at out of the blue uh oh although it is always too late to duck.
Z, it's becoming the majority now, not the minority, every type of social media is crammed with those trying to manipulate others, can we even keep blaming the Russians? laugh

I do think social media became a real threat, with carefully-hidden stories breaking free in every direction, and the response is being to muddy the waters so much, with so many scandals and false alarms and spurts of fake news, that no-one will believe anything any more?
I have been told that age is a state of mind. At my age, I do not know what is worse, my state or my age!
Grouchy, I went to your profile to check your age after that comment, still laughing at your description of yourself laugh

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Eleg, I'm glad that you saw the humor in it. I don't take many things very serious especially myself. I think it is what keeps me young.
Grouchy, you're a man after my own heart and if you weren't so far away I'd invite you round for a drink. Just as soon as they invent a teleporter that works, maybe we could pencil that in. smitten

I promise to tidy my hair and scrub off all the splots of paint, so long as you shave and change your shirt? handshake
I blame the Russians.
They are always up to no good conversing
Rushin here and rushin there - I blame them too laugh

Or aliens. They live among us, you know, and hatch their young at a terrifying rate uh oh those little reptiles are all digitally enhanced, born with built-in computers, keyboards on their webbed feet, and they're tap-tapping away even as the shell breaks ...

How you doin', Non?
Eleg, Well you almost convinced me to go for that drink but then you added those conditions. You wanted me to shave and put on a clean shirt. I think under those circumstances I'll pass, I do have my pride you know!
Can you imagine life without FB or other social media outlets??
Art can coz he hasn’t got most of them! doh

And I’m gonna change all that...gonna corrupt him...devil
I've been surviving since I was 17.laugh Now it seems I'll have to become a farmer to survive the rest of my life since theres a good chance of being accepted as a refugee in Australia. Only the white farmers tho. rolling on the floor laughing Kidding... I'll survive the EFF.mumbling
Grouchy, I'm devastated, but on the bright side now I don't need to titivate either - always a silver lining grin

Mimi, you do realize there's a real possibility Art will corrupt you instead and / or keep you so busy you forget all about that online stuff? heart wings

Boet, and NZ are even more welcoming and they've got glaciers wow But hey I'd back you to outlast pretty much anything, iron man. thumbs up
So, god didn't beam him up ? laugh
Hello Ms Durbanite, now I must log off, just thought I'd swing by your blog. I was never a star wars fan, not even into movies in general either but it's a great fun blog to read. cool
If someone announces on FB that I am dead, please will that someone ensure my mortgage is paid off and that the proceeds from my life insurance are safely deposited in my account. I really could do with some cash for a holiday and buy a new car!
Jim, not just yet but watch this space, 87, yikes uh oh
Ta, Keepers wave
Sola, the only sensible comment on this blog, sir, and exceedingly sensible it is. Ditto!! handshake

And yes I could have mopped up those 3 comments in one but hey. I'm not in here that often these days and I do enjoy my own blogs laugh Go with the flow, eh? Over and out.
Have a great day, all the way from Durban. applause
Somehow I missed this blog along the way help

Yeah, lots of people have died at a young age that seemed old to me at the time.

But then I keep forgetting what age i am, and often see people younger than me as older uh oh laugh
Kirk to bridge...Scotty beam me up

Bill Shatner is alive...but Kirk did die for a while and then he came backyay
RIP Leonard Nimoy - spock was one of the very best characters in star trek...when nimoy played the role...but the new spock does not fill his boots well

The new kirk is not the best either and you can't replace the best
It's Star Trek... not Star Wars. rolling on the floor laughing sigh
You must be a good teacher because I love the way you express yourself Ele, in fact I learn from people like you. peace
Keepersrolling on the floor laughing comfort
I watched and loved both in my childhood, but like star trek better
The original Star Trek was first aired in 1966 and it was not made into a movie until 1979

below are some link to educate you on star trek

Thank you Mr Charming, very thoughtful of you. I will check them out now that I'm old enough to. professor
I've never been into science fiction, maybe now is the time to watch old movies to catch up with everyone. Would you say the movies are realistic as it plays out today where science really is the makers of curious inventions?
galrads: "What’s For Lunch"(meet us in the forums)

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