Should i feel guilty!...

By the end of April...if all goes to plan...i'm off to my piece of paradise...
Its been a dream for a looong time now...and just want my adventure to begin!...

My kids have to up their game...stand on their own two feet...start smelling the roses...rolling on the floor laughing ...

My dog is coming..which is gonna make me public enemy number 1...uh oh ....

My guilt lies with the fact that i am leaving my Mum...
She is enough to cook and care for herself...but needs me to shop, and whatever else is needed....
The children will now have to muck in...take over this duty...

I just feel....i've done what i could for many years...and i want to 'do this'...smitten ..

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Do you by any chance have a pool boy? above 60 year-old pool boy would be
With ‘em white shorty shorts of course! love
Mimi...all the services..(and they cover everything)... Are i won't be cleaning any more windows...rolling on the floor laughing
Was 169.000 them down to 135.000....
And the Lira is down at the moment.. should be even less come end April...wink
South would be 4 times that....laugh
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing ....i won't keep the photo up for long.....getting alot of interest in my inbox.....wonder why...grin
Jazz ~ I visited Turkey twice it was a good few years ago. I loved it. Loved the UK and Irish people I met there. Everything was cheap then.. I had a good job , could have got a mortgage, there was an apartment [2 bed] for 6,000euro, absolutely gorgeous, at the time the place was nice Bodrum.
It has changed I believe but I still think it looks nice in the Catalogues,
Your home sounds like a dream, and great for Dogs, in no time you will have somebody nice on your arm. Of that I have no doubt. Up to date now I believe too, Dentistry is terrific and other treatments.wink
Gg... the services are great...and i'm loooking for a future that will cost less and give me more...
My daughter has just left to take her driving test......
Jazz I could afford something small. I know that. I would be happy with that, and a Cat and some socialising and sunning and walking and living a life out of grey skies and rain.
But, Health issues are the pain in the butt. I am not so sure about the Health system but might look it up. I would not mind somewhere not too hot as long as it is not a real resort type place. I know I was younger but the men were divine, both Ex pats and some of the Turks who were very educated and romantic, probably a bit like Shirley Valentine, until the next plane comes in .heart beating
Gg...ryanair have just started flights Dublin-Dalaman.....very cheap...

And health care in fethiye is cheap and good...

Yes...July and August is hot..maybe an issue for you...
Jazz ~ Thanks, you've obviously being doing your homework. 25c is my limit, after that I take to the shade but I tan easily enough. thanks alot for info.
Of course you will feel guilty , that is your mother , if your children are capable of dealing with the situation of taking care of your mother , then go right ahead .
Make a list of all the things that are important to her and give it to them.
If you are her only child then that is a different situation .
That would be a very hard decision to make .
Follow your heart and all the best , be safe .
Oh my God , that photo the beauty of peace is so inviting .
It makes me feel like packing up and moving to Turkey , lol
Annelee....i've been to many places....i can make a good judgement...
If you appreciate mountains, forests, beaches...and value for your money this is the place oh...and the people, and love for heartwarming...
Ms jazz, not here to encourage or discourage, call me neutral aka Switzerland.

Here is a list of the safest countries in the world: Swiss= #6 Turkey= #115 USA= #55

Relations between the USA and Turkey have not been very good, and I wouldn't be surprised if the USA goes in to save the Turks from weapons of mass destruction.

Turkey is not a part of NATO, so they're on their own as far as defense is concerned. Albeit, either is Swiss, but the Swiss do work hand n hand with NATO.

Keep in mind, you get what you pay for, and if it's cheap you can bet there's a real good reason for such economics..

Sea.....good comment....

I am not political.....politics comes and goes...leaders come and go...doesn't interest me...whats my day to day living...

Life is short and has to be enjoyed...not regretted!!!....
My daughter passed....applause cheering rolling on the floor laughing cheers
Now mommy got to get her a new car!! grin
rolling on the floor laughing never
Yeah, you should be consumed with guilt. And thats without even reading the story.
To the point of when you enter a room, you feel like everyone is looking at you and knows your dirty little secret, or you didnt tuck your skirt in properly and are dragging 15 feet of toilet paper behind you.
Pat, Ten and Harbal are all on the same page laugh
rolling on the floor laughing ain't my page.....
I was only trying to help.
Take permission to your mom and make all necessary arrangements.
Nothing bad or sin to go for few days..
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