As somebody with Celtic roots in my veins my favourite time of the year is Easter.
It brings to mind how the Christian church, in order to convert non believers to it's way of thinking, had to relent to the many traditions which have their roots in Paganism.

Briefly, let's think about the christian Marriage Ceremony. The red Carpet. That was to stop any evil spirits from entering the va*ina of the bride to be.
Confetti / Grains of Rice ~ Another pagan ritual that was thrown at bride and groom to ensure fertility.
Fertility is very important in ancient religions, pagan and otherwise.

Marriage Ceremonies ~ Judaism still practices the breaking of the Glass which is wrapped in cloth and put on the ground and stomped on by the Husband. This is to inact the breaking of the Hymen and is still done to this day. I was at a Jewish Orthodox wedding recently where this practice still goes on.

Coming to EASTER ~ The Spring Equinox, we have yet another Pagan Festival that was hijacked by Christianity in order to try and convert the Pagans.
The actual time of Easter is governed by the Moon, hence each year it changes. So this is in itself a pagan practice. Eostre means Bunnies.
She was a Goddess with a great following and her symbol was the Rabbit..
Finally the Sacred Cakes that Pagans baked for centuries, despite the early churches determination to stamp out this 'dreadful' tradition. It could not, so it relented and had the cakes blessed,
Today we have the Hot Cross Buns and the great pagan cake 'Simmel cake' ~ delicious.

Again, Easter is my favourite time of year, it is the Spring, it is lambs being born, new spurts of growth means hope and the ground is fertile. Mother Earth.
I have no problems with the ancient symbols of Paganism and Christiantity which together form an ancient symbolism at Easter time.
Have a lovely Easter everyone. [Not cut and pasted, just off the top of my head as usual]daisy

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Fab post but apparently I love Easter for all the wrong reasons.hmmm

Have a wonderful Easter wave
Mercedes ~ I think non believers , believers, Christians, all religions that live in a climate where the days get longer, the flowers start blooming, mens thoughts turn to love [old traditional thought]heart beating and of course animals [think of all the kittens that are born around now !]. It is a time of rebirth, of change, of hope [for me anyway]. The weather is usually warmer and I love Chocolate but not Eggs, never liked the chocolate in them. Thanks for reply, have a Happy Easter
Good morning Ms. Goldengloss wave ,

A very interesting blog relevant to Easter & Easter holidays coming up shortly.

In this very interesting blog, your knowledge about the specific matters included in it(pagan traditions & how certain traditions have been integrated into Christianity in order to persuade/convince or as an effort to convert pagans into Christianity) is brought forward & shared with us, bringing the least awareness to a group of people like me whose knowledge of the specific matters amount to zero or is very minimal(almost zero).

Thank you for the interesting blog & lovely read.

You too, have a lovely Easter holidays!.

Take care. hug bouquet
Gosh why didn't I steal your blog topic ?

Because I thought it bad manners to do so !

rolling on the floor laughing banana rolling on the floor laughing
Hi Stargazer,
I have had this in my mind coming up to Easter as it is amazing how many Christians don't know the roots of Easter. It is not an attack on Christianity but makes sense that they had a pretty hard time trying to win over the pagans . Even lighting candles and praying is Pagan in origin so i guess a lot of paganism lives on in the various Religions and churches.

Have a Happy Easter ! It is to be very cold here with risk of snow frustrated laugh Not much bunny humping so !!
Thanks for your lovely words golden hug

Sorry I called your blog a post that word has been ingrained in me for years wave
Mercedes ~ no problem, it is not so much a Blog about Easter as about the Pagan rituals including Easter I guess. Take care no problem at all.hug
Thanks love take care hug
@ Goldengloss wave ,

Thank you for your response. Just wrap up well & all will be fine. hug

My mimimal knowledge or all I know of Paganism comes mainly from Irish & what I've heard from them.

It seems to be a favorite topic.

The last time I've heard of paganism was a few months back again from an Irish over here.

The specific person did study extensively about Paganism & in regards to Christian & Pagan traditions plus similarities shared between the two.

The wealth of knowledge was just immerse.

If the specific person did read your blog & was on this site, I'm sure their contribution would have been very valuable in regards to the sharing of knowledge on this blog.

Take care. hug
Stargazer ~ so many pagan sites , stories, and I have studied same, it is very interesting and the festivals are terrific. I especially enjoy the Autumn where pagans give thanks, I have always been obsessed by their love of Mother earth and find it enchanting. I have some lovely books on same and on other old religious traditions of Ireland and the Celts.angel2
Thank God you folk gave up murdering people and tossing their mutilated bodies in bogs. Case in point: old croghan man. Lord lordy, you Celts certainly had a violent streak which lasted till we (Romans) introduced civilisation, manners, Christianity and above anything else, wine, up there. Plenty to thank my folk for aye? roll eyes
Hi Tennerwave I'm afraid it was the Catholic Nuns who threw the unwanted dead babies and their mothers in to unmarked bog like graves and sewage tanks but that it not for this blog. The Celts were very educated too, alot of their writings and teachings were sent worldwide.
I don't know about Catholicism bringing grace and sobriety etc as the Popes of that time had up to 7 women in a bed.
Anyway sure I have Celt in the blood as you do too. A bit of pagan ritual never did anyone any harm.cartwheel
Tenner PS ~ I thought you were from the UK. You are from Malta? so you come from Italian /Arabian ilk. Very interesting
My folk are Italian yeah. I am full-blooded Maltese. No Arabian nothing though. Where did that come from? No, I am not from the UK although I've had to live there for a while.

Mind you, the Celts are actually not a people. They are various peoples. There is German celts, the Franks are Celts too. The Irish are probably British Celts fleeing the Romans. There was a bunch of Celtic tribes in Iberia and what's nowadays the Netherlands too. No body really knows where the Celts came from BECAUSE THE CELTS DID NOT REALLY HAVE AN ALPHABET (besides simplistic ones such as Ogham) hence didn't write their history down but they were prolly Slavic tribes who settled west.

Mind you, the Celts do indeed owe us a lot in my opinion; however, we owe them just as much in return. If they didn't keep on raiding and harassing Rome (and the classic world) for centuries, Rome wouldn't have stepped forth and stamped its foot! The western world wouldn't exist as we know it wasn't it for them Celts.

I actually love this shite.... laugh
Tenner ~ Me too, I love this sort of stuff. Yes, the Celts are a mix of many races. It is hard to get a 100% Irish person as so many hail from Africa [years and years and years ago ] mix that with UK/Scotland, Germany, Norway and Sweden, The Norsemen and the invasion here, so many streets where I used to live here in Dublin called Norseman place, and other norman names.
~ A very educated friend of mine has an apartment she rents each summer and she was telling me all about the Maltese being originally of Arabic/Italian blood originally ~ I will have to look it up.

Either way, most of us were Barbarians but the Celts had some wonderful stories and traditions and I love Celtic jewellery. I would have loved to have done a Degree in this type of thing. smitten
Tenner ~ They did speak a Siculo - Arabic language before being invaded, havenot got the year. ?
GG. I love the season for the Portuguese (Azorean) sweet bread with eggs inside. Toasted and dripping with butter and comb honey. Yummy. Fattening. Other ethnic traditions have it as well (Greek, Middle Eastern). Aa-V.
Yeah, I know where you're coming from now. It's the language. The Maltese language has Arabic roots. The language originated in southern Italy when it was occupied by the Arabs. It is therefore a mix of Arabic and Italian but the roots are entirely Arab I would say. Luckily, the Arabs were religious and snob enough to consider the Italians as inferior barbarians and for that reason, they did not pollute our genetic heritage with theirs. (yeah, the phrasing right?)

In fact, studies on the Y chromosome of Maltese men shows that it is virtually entirely from southern Italy and Spain (the Spanish were less chaste than the Arabs apparently when they were down here even though they took vows of chastity! ha!) and to a significantly lesser degree, from Scandinavia (due to the Normans) and the region of the British Isle (due to the time the British spend down here and almost got us all killed during the last war (grumbles)). Anyway, Maltese is nowadays extinct in Italy but it survived down here are there's round about 400K native speakers - me included.

One last note, Maltese is awesome to curse at people. I love it for that. I hate it in any other respect. Only god has enough brain power to learn to spell properly in that blessed language. Bleh!
All this talk about Malta reminds me of a woman I love. She used to call me: "Malta boy" .... mumbling
Vierk. That sounds absolutely yummy. I love anything with butter ! I also love Baklava the Eastern pastry with Cashews ~ Most things that are unhealthy and fattening. Thanks for
Tenner~ My friend Judy who spends winters in Malta speaks a little of the language, she speaks a few but finds it difficult. I love the yellowish tone of the buildings. It is So Catholic though, but beautiful churches.
She is Atheist but goes to Church for the 'vibe' and peace of it.
So mostly Italian blood, preferable to the other, and more robust and sensual.
The weather seemingly is glorious and I have a friend who wants me to go to Gozo {?] an island she said was made for me.

How lucky you are. The normans sure did a bit of pillaging and even I have some Scandinavian blood. So nobody is truly Irish or UK. We are a mix from all the invasions and what went on in the caves or between the sheets. Lucky you to live in such a beautiful place, and I heard the breads are just out of this world

No doubt you won't be eating Chocolate eggs this easter either. Just about to rain here grey grey grey,
Notice how everyone on C.S. is getting to the sun?
Tenner PS ~ speaking about your lover . We had a lovely window cleaner at work who saved all his money to travel the world. He maintained that the 'Maltesers' were the most beautiful in the world.
So Eostre means Bunnies. I guess that is where we get the Easter Bunnie from. So when did he become chocolate and start to lay colored eggs. . . . . . rolling on the floor laughing . . . . . . bunny

Did you notice that Easter is on Aprill Fools day, I wonder if they are trying to tell us something?
Grouchy ~ I was wondering when somebody would bring that up. It is the first time in my lifetime I can remember Easter being on an April fools day [I could be wrong]. Alas, the coloured eggs are from the Pagan Festival and ones before that, which had little to do with the Christian festival. The timing was made to co incide with the Pagan Goddess Festival in order to win over the Pagans.

Either way, have some chocolate, I'm going to have some Belgian chocs. just for the day, and chill.hug
Happy Easter and Happy 1st of April fools Day,
The weather outside today is certainly fooling me, It is grey and overcast and cool and not at all like Easter here in Dublin, Ireland.
Howdy Mr.Stringmanwave
And the lord rested on the 7th Day ~ Happy Easter Stringman.

This is an enigma ~ The Jews [of whom Jesus was one, as you well know] celebrated the Shabbath from sundown on Friday night when they have their family get together meal, and go to the Synagogue on Saturday. Islam which as you know, honours Jesus as a great healer and prophet but not divine, not God, celebrate the Sabbath day on Saturday, so do the 7th Day Adventists and so on and.....

I personally think it is Saturday. Why would it be changed except to differ from the Jews who refused to believe that Jesus was the son of God ?
I really believe that giving up earthly things and spending some time in prayer for one day a week is pleasing to the creator. I believe that can be any day, as long as it is a day of rest for working animals, a day that is for God.
I don't believe Canonical laws of the Roman church that believe they have the right to change things.
Either way , thanks so much for your video, and I wish you a happy and holy Easter.

The date of Easter is related to the phase of the moon, similar to the related Jewish Festival of Passover which occurs at the same time of the year.
The Bible teaches that Jesus's death & resurrection took place at the time of Passover.

A more basic question: WHY would ancient civilizations use a lunar calendar in the first place rather than a more accurate - and simple - 365 1/4 day solar calendar?
And if they insisted on using a lunar calendar, why not use a more accurate - and much simpler - 13 month year?
(13 months × 28 days per each month = a 364 day year; add just one more day that is not a part of any month, call it 'New Year's Day' and...VOILA! An accurate - and extremely simple calendar! batting )

Again - WHY did virtually ALL ancient people's persist in using an unwieldy TWELVE month calendar?

This vid proposes one (rather jaw-dropping) hypothesis.
It also contains quite a bit of other information; the part pertaining to the development of our calendar begins @ 18:30...

jaw drop pointing I TOLD y'all it was jaw-dropping laugh

Stringman ~ watching/Studying your video, the famous Beatles Song '8 Days a week' came to mind.
MiClee ~ I am dizzy with confusion but always knew the Gregorian Calendar was not correct and not in synch. with the real lunar . I shall now endeavour to go deeper in to the recesses of the Moon and it's answers to the day of the Sabbath and the Resurrection ~confused
@ groucho -

A bit of trivia.
Easter fell on April 1, 1945.
It was also the day the U.S. initiated the Battle of Okinawa - the last major island to be invaded prior to the planned invasion of the Japanese home islands.
sad flower

MiClee ~ I have watched the video twice, and stopped and replaced certain places.... I am now confused. dunno Interesting about the Flood.
The Calendar you speak about makes more sense.
MiClee 1945 ~ I think this is interesting information, as my knowledge of American invasions going back is not as good as it should be. I am familiar with the dreadful Atomic Bomb 'Trinity' because it was to be greater than God [seemingly that's what the Inventor of same, said ]. The atrocities after this terrible bomb. I do need to read up on Japanese history. Thanks for the information.
Also -

The ancient 360 day year hypothesized in the vid in my comment above roll eyes also explains why we use 360 degrees of arc to describe a circle.

Each degree of arc corresponds to one day's movement of the sun over what we now refer to as one degree of longitude on the surface of our globe.
Over the course of one year - 360 days/degrees equals one year.

Then simply transfer the yearly daily movement of the sun to any circle...
VOILA! We have our circle made up of 360 degrees of arc!
Simple, is it not? batting

MiClee ~ Very simple ! I was in a relationship with a geologist. He did not want to discuss things [as in his work] and is now a lecturer. However I was always enthralled. I notice in the video , there seems to be [in the remarks below the video you sent me ] a sort of hierarchy between the engineers and the Geologists. It gets very very interesting, and I was always so scared of science, Maths, but the world is all mathematical whether I like it or not., doh Thanks , much appreciated.handshake
BTW - The division of the globe into degrees, minutes and seconds of arc is the basis of the 'nautical mile' or 'nm'.

The degrees of Longitude & Latitude are divided into 60 minutes of arc.
A nautical mile (about 6,077 feet/1.852 km) equals one minute of Longitude at the Equator or any minute of Latitude.

When referring to rate of speed in 'knots', the number of knots is simply the number of nautical miles (aka minutes of a degree) per hour.
This may seem confusing to land lubbers but it makes a lot(!) of sense when one is navigating one's way over long distances of the Earth's surface.

MiClee FFS You have my brain swimming, laugh I am grateful but although I have a good intelligence [I have been tested] I have a numerical dyslexia that haunts me and makes Bank transactions difficult and embarrassing [well not anymore as I've learnt to delegate]. Seriously there is a name for it but I can't spell it. It is like Dyslexia but with figures.

Ironically, I do understand in a peculiar sort of way... Gawd, this is public humiliation.blushing
Those Roman Catholics f--ked me up badly with their Gregorian calendar, I was never the same. I have a great affinity with the Moon, and always trusted it for high tides, etc., and it never let me down. Should have gone with my instincts.
Re the comment in the vid referring to engineers vs. geologists.

The guy who made the Hydroplate series of vids is an engineer.
I've read that comment to which you refer.
The commentator's point is that the series is well thought out & clearly presented; hence the commentator Is glad that bridges and other structures are built by engineers rather than geologists.

BTW - I recommend the entire Hydroplate series.
It raises - and answers - a helluva lot of questions about what we've been taught as 'fact'.
That said, the Hydroplate series itself is not above scrutiny and some folks have pointed out difficulties with it also.

Bottom line - What we really DON'T a lot!!
And it's my observation that the LESS one knows of a subject, the MORE absolutely certain one is of it.
Go figure. dunno

MiClee ~ Agree, so much we know nothing about and so so much we know something about. I can understand why engineers would be preferable in building huge bridges to take weights etc., than Geologists, I would see the two as quite different in many ways.
I think once one would get cosy with the plates and how things work, it is fascinating, tornadoes, earthquakes the polar magnetic shifts. Terrific stuff.
Hi goldengloss here is a link of a article from the Indian Country News.

Hi GG wave I have been reading your blog and looking at comments, and really don't know what to say or how but would like to say this.

I am not really interested in Man made traditions, and really don't care about all the confusing about what day and time is Easter. I am a Christian and believe that Christ died and rose three days like the Bible says and that is the only fact I need to know.

As for me and my house we will serve the Lord.

You know me I said this in a loving Spirit. bouquet

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