You cannot open a Magazine /Newspaper or even watch some T.V. without being bombarded with articles on Staying young [it is a sin to age ], About Vitamins that you may be lacking in, chemicals in the water,
Mindfulness, ways to ease stress which is useful except that being bombarded with too much articles about being stressed and what it does to the body is in itself Stressful.

Go into a Book Store and the biggest section is the 'Self improvement' part, and many are thumbing the books, some old, but still best sellers, The Road less Travelled Scott peck. Women who love too much,
Eat Fat, Grow thin, How to lose Belly Fat, etc., etc.,

The obsession with our health, and the boom in the Health Food business [which is by and large unregulated] with most of the staff not really understanding how Herbs can contraindicate with occidental
medicines or that pharmaceutical companies use herbs [a large percent] in their medicines, it can be down right dangerous. People just seem neurotic about their health.

So it is the ME generation, write a book about losing weight, getting healtheir , thinner, more confident and you will make money, how to be happy, successful, What does that say about us a people ?

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GG. It is amazing to read that a lot of people eat rice three times a day, can you imagine that?
They survive on this dieet too

Yess you are so right about these articles, finding new wonders and creams to keep you young
I am making mistakes in spelling and much get to bed it is 2 o'clock for me. I Can't think to clear any longer
BC ~ yes that's the thing about C.S. when I am going to bed at night exhausted, the blogs get really good as people come on from other countries. I hope you sleep well.
Yes, many survive on a bowl of rice, nothing else, that is , if they're lucky. Also they die from easily treated
conditions because of poverty and lack of medical aid.
People have become wary of giving money to 3rdWorld aid because of the high salaries of the top people and wars where the food does not get to the people etc.,

so in the face of that, this obsession with what we eat, getting shots of B vitamins in the Health juice bar, seems all a bit obscene. Take care, thanks for reply.wave
Jenny wave

It’s very common in this part of the world to have rice three times a day. Rice is our daily staple.

As for me, I’d be ok with 2 days without eating rice but by the 3rd day, I’d be grouchy and grumpy! mumbling grin

Hello GG wave
I don’t really watch what I eat and it doesn’t help that Art doesn’t mind MiMi has love handles. “More of MiMi for me to love”, he claims blushing
Hi Mimiwave
I know you love your Cupcakes and you love food and there is nothing wrong with that as you know, and yes, it is more of you to love.heart beating

I love Rice, Brown Rice, White Basmati rice, but I was really speaking of those who live on little else.
So much on T.V. about eating properly, getting enough vitamins, and as you well know Mimi, a large propotion of the world have very little to eat and many starving, Just making the comparison.

I hope you and Art are happy and enjoying the joys of being in love. It makes everything shiny and the sun is always shining. hug
wave Jenny! wave Mimi!

I often...make that 'usually' rice 3×/day - with other things, of course.
It's a choice. My go to carbohydrate.

Yes, it is true that most of the world's population goes hungry. Many do not have clean water or a decent dwelling. Some have near rags for clothes and little or no means of education. Too many children suffer because of wars, political ideologies, famine, habitat destruction, lack of medical resources, and outdated social practices. With all this and more going on what is it that the churches get riled about and protest. what else, abortion and gay rights. In light of all this and all the good Christians, I do wonder " What would Jesus really do "?
Hi GG wave I was a Department Manager In the meat, and produce department on my job. it is hurt breaking to see how much food is wasted yet some we could donate but still a lot that we could not. It is a sad thing to have plenty when some have none.

If you look on shelves in stores you will often see New and Improved, what was it before Old and Sorry. MONEY MONEY MONEY.

great Blog hug
Its good that the information is out take it or leave it...

I feel no guilt when i bit into a juicy reality is not that of someone reality is unique to me and my family...

If i can help, in a small whatever community i am living in...then if course i will...

The internet has opened up the world....bad things are now being documented...people are swipping their phones out...and photo documenting...people are now useing their voices....
Hey Goldengloss wave ,

Generally speaking, all you have to do is look around & see not self absorption but, self obsession.

I haven't reached any final conclusions about the questions & matters raised in this blog yet.

Take care, hope you are enjoying your day hug bouquet
McClee ~ I find brown Rice is delicious and I cook enough for three days and keep in an airtight container in the fridge. Either way I feel lucky to be able to buy food, to not worry if I will have something to eat for my next meal or not.
I love simple food, well cooked.
GrouchyoldFart ~ excellent comment. I wish we could lighten up on the s*xual orientation thing as people were always Gay/Bisexual and always will be. It is part of life.
Hunger and famine should not be, nor should being self absorbed and living in fear because the Advertising companies are bankrolling magazines and T.V programmes to scare the heck out of us in to buying unneccessary Vitamins and really 3 meals, or even two, will do the trick for most people.
We have become [in my opinion ] self absorbed.

Factory farming ~ animal cruelty because of same is for another Blog another time.
Wenever ~ Great reply to my Blog. There is such wastage of good food. Bakeries throw out bread that is perfectly edible and supermarkets as well because of the darned best before date which is not always dangerous in any way to eat after.
Many shelters and penny Dinners for the Homeless go around collecting the out of date food and bread from restaurants and make lovely meals from same.

Many people on Facebook post photos of the Restaurant they were at, and then de rigeur, the wine they drank and then the pouting photos and everyone tells them they're beautiful and the food looks divine... this is what I am talking about excess and obsession in the face of world hunger.
Jazz ~ you are a grounded person, you don't become obsessed by adverts or scare mongering about food and needing certain vitamins. It's perfectly ok to enjoy your juicy steak and good for you, and your children.
Even if you did not eat it, it would do no good for the more difficult and complex issues as to why so m any in the world are starving and havenot fresh clean water whilst others are obese, constantly on diets, and have eating disorders.

Many people have become obsessed with nirvana and forever being beautiful and young, to the exclusion of all other things, and that is what I was really talking about. Think Hollywood, the worst aspects, War, plundering, That is why there is hunger, there is enough to go around.
Enjoy your steak. I am having one tonight Jazz.wave
Stargazer Hi there , i am just back from being out with a friend. Am going to cook something
I can't remember a time when so many people were obese [Ireland is the 2nd most obese country in the E.U.] and that is because we are quite Americanised, we eat a lot of foot on the hoof, and also in front of Televisions, whilst many French and other EU Countries would not.

So much of our T.V. comes from America sitcoms etc., that we now use words like 'cool' and 'awesome' that were not heard of before. Along with that comes Advertising , and the Beauty industry, pharmaceutical industry with their fear mongering and subliminal message 'stay young and you will be happier' .

Those who embrace age and who don't worry about their health or appearance to excess are usually well balanced, grounded and don't worry too much about ageing, it is going to happen anyway.

So many Dieting Companies/Clubs in the face of such a lot of hunger is what I find obscene.

Thanks everyone for your comments, wave
You mention Nirvana....but its really not the older generation....

The young are in the internet the most...they are pressured to look a certain way...and by daughter is stunning in a way i could only have dreamed about at 19...
Also ....when i see pics from the children of friends...none of us looked like that, back in the day...

rolling on the floor laughing
Right you are, gg cheers

Thank you for that clarification flower
BROWN rice is absolutely preferable; much more tasty.

White rice (being a non-whole grain) has the good stuff milled out - empty calories.
It's also *ahem* binding....

Jazz ~ yes young people now are absolutely stunning Evolution ? I don't know, Back in the day as you say, I was a size 8 but not skinny looking, but todays young people , many like your daughter, who are stunning looking [and she is as I've seen her photo] don't even realise they are, such is the dreadful trolling on blogs and Advertising trying to get them to get rid of their curves. Back in the day, it was sexy to have curves.

1one 1 Malta Boy ~ The woman is good looking but can't stand her voice. I thought you'd prefer somebody
a bit younger ?

Seaworthy ~ I found it hard to watch that blog. It seems a bit one sided thanks for uploading it though.
MiClee, I just prefer Brown rice is has a nutty flavour. Daniela did say something about Rice being full of Arsenic because of where it grows [If my memory serves me right] but sure, everything is bad for you.

In still find it hard to understand how wealthy companies can pay 3rd world workers a pittance to subsist on , the greed is hard to fathom. They could still be wealthy and give these people good food, a decent wage, and healthy working conditions. Same goes for every country that exploits the poor.
As for the obsession with Youth, Slimming, Food addiction, I think it is a very convoluted problem that would take a very very long blog.Thanks all for sharing.
A lot of us are spoiled can buy what we want...........
The prize of groceries have gone sky high.
Many pensioners who had a hard time making it are really suffering now.
Some needing medication buy it instead of food as it is a choice they need to make thumbs down
Yes...i agree....
BC/Jazz ~ yes, and they are saying here and in UK that people are going to have to start saving up for their own pensions. When you think of the amount of Tax many of us have paid over the years, a contributory pension was always getting your few bob back..... eventually.
Old age should be a time that you don't have to worry about money, certainly not Food, medicine, health care, heat, but there is a lot of hidden poverty amongst the elderly in the so called 1st World, you can see it here, people not putting on heat until 7 in the evening and going to bed early. Even with Medical Card, if an elderly person needs to see a specialist , it can be a 3 year wait, or, they have to pay 200euro , sometimes more, it is disgusting. sad.sigh
Goldengloss, The gay rights thing is a hot topic but my biggest gripe is with the inability to do anything for the poor starving and ravaged children of the world. I have met religious people who protest the abortion issue and have asked them why they do it. The most common answer is that they " love " children. I always wondered why they are not protesting the millions of starving and mistreated children but that is never heard.

I wonder how these people can call themselves Christians and claim to " love " children yet ignore the real suffering and injustice the children of the world are forced to endure. I really do wonder if Jesus was such a big part of the group what would he really do?
Hello Goldie...wave

I was just thinking of rice when I was reading the comments...and...voilà..I saw your above comment. contains arsenic and I avoid it whenever I can.

Anyway..interesting blog and I agree all this health food can get very stressful at times.

However...I've given up so many things since a long time ago that I've got used to it and ..the good thing is...I don't have any cravings anymore !!peace
Regarding pensions...people have been protesting in the streets all over Spain for many days demanding an increase in pensions.

Most people can't live on a minimum pension of about 600 euros a month. ain't gonna happen! frustrated

True, so cherish the farmer/baker that feeds the massas. Don't murder them and let the lands go to waste.scold
Arsenic in rice.

It depends on where it's grown.
If grown where arsenic naturally occurs, it will be in the rice.
I've heard it's most prevalent in rice grown in certain parts of the U.S. - Texas & Arkansas.
I'm unsure of it's presence in rice grown elsewhere, such as parts of Asia.

GrouchyoldFart ~ I totally agree with you, anything to do with sex and there is bedlam. The Clergy are up
in arms but what about the already born children, living on dirty water, no contraception, selling their organs to feed their kids. I view Starvation in the world as being a mainly political issue as well as the pure greed of food manufacturers and cheap clothing companies who pay these people a pittance.

Bank debts, corrupt governments who don't pass on the aid that countries give.
You have hit the nail on the head. Large institutions like the Vatican have so much money, how much lecturing on contraception and other issues when the issue of the right of the child to nourishment and a decent life are what is really paramount..
Was sit St. Paul who said 'Feed the person first and then tell them about God'
Daniela thanks for comments , I knew that it was you who warned me in an email or somewhere about the dangers of Rice. I had more or less taken up Rice as my main carb. as I am not supposed to eat Gluten because of an underactive Thyroid. Thanks for your input.hug
Daniela ~ I find it hard enough to live on my old age pension which is a contributory one. So i paid taxes for years, and the price of food will go up even more with Brexit. Thankfully I don't smoke or buy sugary foods or ready meals or that type of expensive stufff. My diet is very simple.
As for fancy holidays and going to the type of Rock concert or even to a movie now is a strain on the pocket once the other bills are paid. It should not be like this when we have worked all our lives.sigh
Lukeon ~ Thanks for your comment. So much wasted land, even over here. Many farmers, growers of crops, have found it does not pay, especially with E.U . regulations and have opted for animal farming.
It is sad. I try to buy local. As in farmers markets to try and keep the local small farmers and bakers going. It is a bit more expensive but no additives and less sugar.
MiClee ~ I have a very small kitchen, so I was buying Uncle Bens brown rice, in other words , the stuff withthe Arsenic in it. I must google and find out if the rice grown in eastern countries has less Arsenic, you seem to be looking well on it though !
Also interesting that Japanese women are so slim and they eat a diet high in rice and low in meat. thumbs up
MiClee /Daniela ~ just googled quickly, ~ it seems that Canada and U.S. Rice has high levels of Arsenic because it is contained in the pesticides they use. So it would seem from the quick perusal that Asian rice is safer. wink
I live on meat, vegetables and bread. Simple but good food. Don't have a problem with weight and never get ill. When I had more money to spend on food, that I can't afford anymore, I was constantly overweight. Here are very few fat people as most of the people eat simple food.
GG, Luke said a lot. Here in the states I remember years now back in the news where Farmers could not make a living any more an was loosing there farms, homes, and life style to the banks and Government. when I was department manager over produce if I am not mistaken 80% of our produce came from other countries.

as you said I would rather buy local but it is more expensive and you can't blame people for shopping for less, people don't have money any more to shop as they would like.

I might be getting a little off topic, but to look younger is for the rich and famous, as for most of us we just want to live. hug
Ekself ~ Meat, Vegetables and Bread. That to me is a healthy diet. I found that by cutting out Sugar and sugary products, breakfast cerials and junk food from fast food outlets, It was far cheaper to live. Now it is protein, Vegetables, some fruit, and Bread. I don't eat Potatoes, and sometimes Rice. That's it.
I know Fish is good for you but I really don't like it. I am supposed to take it so I just take a supplement, That is interesting about the weight. thumbs up
Goldengloss, We probably will only meet on the blogs and not in real life, but I do like the way you think. . . . ::thumbsup: . . . . angel . . . . ::kiss:
Wenever ~ Your last post reminds me of a Movie a number of years back called 'Country'.It was a terrible time for American farmers, houses repossessed, Farms taken back.
Yes, you're right, you can go in to a supermarket and buy chicken very cheaply and other produce but I would rather have less of a good quality product. So much chicken is packed in the country that it is being sold in so the flag is on the packaging to confuse... on closer inspection, the chicken comes from Thailand and places like that. For ethical r easons, health reasons, animal welfare reasons I don't buy it.
I don't have the money to go and source grass fed beef all the time but when I can, I buy it.

I eat red meat once a week. It is a hard time for farmers and anyone trying to make a living from producing good wholesome food. However there seems to be a turnaround here in Ireland, slow but sure, also in U.K. where people are going back to grass fed pigs, Beef and properly raised animals rather than factory farmed animals for health and ethical reasons.
Ditto vegetables and fruit. I know it is a bit more expensive but as I said I would prefer to have a decent piece of meat once a week and eat beans and other proteins than eat the type of antibiotic ridden poultry and animal foodstuff that is on the shelves now.

I agree though Wenever, it is a very hard time for the smaller manufacturer who us up against giants from abroad.

Grouchy ~ I like the way you think too and you are not that grouchy after all.hug
Gawd, I hope MiClee has not died from all that Rice he is ingesting from the U.S. sigh I am throwing out the Uncle Bens Rice in my cupboards now, even the so called organic brown rice. blues
Oh la la..Grouchy...why not? love
Daniela ~ I am doing some reseach on the Rice as I really do like Rice it is cheap and filling. good luck

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