Mac Book Pro

I am considering wasting 2 grand on a mac book pro but I just cannot convince myself that the thing is actually worth its value. I just want to buy one to try it more than anything else and cause the designed of the exterior is somewhat pretty. I like plain-looking, non-confusing and colourless/colour-lacking (what I call "google-like") things. dunno

Is there anyone here on a mac machine? Why did buy it and was it worth its price?


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This my advices

wait .... why... becouse

intel will release 6 core 12 HT for laptop witch is perfect for video editing if you do any... about next month
Intel claim end of the year he release 8 core 16 HT on 10nm but i don trast them i thing 10nm will be 8 core will be next year same time.

You should wait for 6 core and 32GB ram better for gameing and video editing
I personly dond care about trade M. or company wh.. you like and works for you men.

Tenner ~ am not IT literate but I do know that these things are very pricey and then something identical comes along and is much cheaper. Save your dosh for the moment, do a bit of research in Computer mags.
It's a lot of money, think of the 'chicks' you could take out and the fun you could have for 2 grand.
Alot of money.drinking
Are you stupid? Only people with more money than brains buy Apple. You can't upgrade it and you can't fix it when it breaks. Their policy is...if you are not happy with your a new one at our super inflated price.....and while you at it replace all your other stuff as well as it will most probably not be compatible with your new improved Apple.
Well...that is what I have heard from someone who had to try and sort out other peoples problems who fell into the Apple trap.
I bought the past I had a Toshiba thought will be a good investment but resulted that model comes to Peru, where I'm from, with some fails...hahaha a so I decided to get a Macbook pro with the hope will last more.... didn't buy in Peru because we just don't have the latest models, so I bought it USA core i7 , i have been using this one since 2012, sometimes they suggested updates , you do then...fine......maybe some updates give you troubles but they always release the corrections....all fine till the last one, was an upgrade makes my lap get hot very quick ...and I used to spend hours without getting this hot.
I research the reviews of other people and they are having the same issue even in more modern models than mine....this has been a problem bc I work hours with beside this and before this , was great no complains and happy with my investment ....spite the first weeks I got it , I had to get used to the whole system but not that different from windows...and you have to be reading how to fix this and easy you can find the help in the apple store...before calling a technician,
Is a lot more quick and better than a Microsoft for least... I suggest you, to look on the internet the review of people that have had more than one MacBook Pro.
Refurbish ones are also the same quality as new ones, and Apple cares more about this in their refurbished ones than any other brand.
Have to add I got an iPad at that time too.... I love it,,,, i consider it even better than my lap do all with it....but I use the lap only for work.Hope this could help you a little. :)
Slightly off subject but Apple treat their staff terribly . There was a long article in paper about the dreadful working conditions, having to listen to radio propaganda constantly whilst at work and being timed going to the loo. Horrific pay, sleeping there whilst working, little or no time off and there were numerous suicides from the working conditions and stress ~
Angie, friend of mine had same probs with Apple when she wanted to update.
Mr 1one1, maybe the Mac Pro forums would be a better venue than here. Try this link all sorts of forums...

Have you thought about hanging out near an Apple store and asking a hot chick to try hers? It’s sort of a pickup line but your Mac curiosity may get satisfied...
I’ve owned several. The batteries always sucked. Not cheap to replace either. Came a time I don’t need them for portability since I now have iPad Airs. I do have a Mac mini at home for heavy rendering of photoshop work.
A lot cheaper and you can easily use some really nice third-party monitors with the Mac Mini’s.

I am not very computer savvy at I cannot directly comment to your question. But, regarding Apple as a company, I would somewhat surprised to hear recently that they deliberately slowed down their older version of iPhones so people would buy new ones.
My first Apple product was back in 2009, an iPhone.

The kids and I now own several other Apple products too. Why? Coz I didn’t have to come up with the money. My ex paid for them! giggle

Palmfrond ~ I love your idea, it's a great place to meet a 'hot chick'laugh
Tenner ~ I think Seaworthys advise is the best, go for it.

I'm not into trying ladies' gadgets usually. Not really my cuppa tea to be honest with you. Then again, considering the current situation, I reckon that the only pickup line that really works with the modern-day woman is a few 100 quid generally speaking. Shame.


Danke for the advice you've given me. I'll prolly wait a wee while as suggested then if I manage to find a valid justification for the price of the thing, I'll buy it I suppose. Otherwise, I'm not. Up until now, it seems like just an overpriced PC lacking MS windows to me. dunno
I have never owned an apple product,
But speaking from a Windows perspective, and someone who is constantly upgrading and building PC's from the ground up I can say that What you get with apple is top of the line components.
To get the same from a good pc would probably cost the same. Good fast ram ill set you back a bunch alone when building. And to be honest I have never gone into a currys/dixons type shop that sold any half decent PC's at a reasonable price.

My advice,
Get a machine suitable for the task it performs.
ie Don't buy an Amari workstation if you want to play space invaders.

on another note I have never bought a bit of tech without suffering buyers remorse either.
I doubt the brand name would make a difference to that factor thumbs up

Happy spending what every you decide on.
I’d recommend a Mac Book Pro, still using the one I bought in 2010 at around £1000, couldn’t get on with Windows… too much messing around with settings, Mac’s just work, seem to be more secure and if you do get into any problems are fine after a shutdown and reboot.
So that’s about £125 a year for a high quality product that still looks like the current model.
Mine’s on it’s third hard drive, cheap to replace and fitted myself (but only 1 actually seized andI can still access some things on it) 1 has a different O.S. on it.
It’ a 3 minute job swapping a hard drive. I upgraded memory myself. So yes repairs are possible.
I’ve also twice changed the O.S to more up to date versions, but haven’t ventured as far as the very latest version, they all seem very similar!
Galrads is probably right about the batteries, mine died after a few years and I just use it on mains now, but this probably applies to any laptop batteries?
The battery is extremely easy to remove.

So…. I bought it because I wasn’t getting on well with Windows P.C’s and yes it has been, and indeed still is, worth the price.

See. Interesting. Did you ever have trouble finding an application you needed for OSx? My impression is that there's a lot more software targeting windows than OSx. I started with Linux and I love it. The only reason why I moved to windows (and I haven't done that fully yet) is because of that. By the way, does OSx run bash? Windows certainly don't and DOS (or whatever it is they have now) is utterly rubbish. Cannae write a clean bat to do nothing.

Aye. I reckon that's the case. It's the impression I go from the info I can find on the net.

Danke all. x
Mr 1one1, you buy Apple products for their compatibility to other Apple products ie: IPhone, Itunes etc..... and the virus situation/malware is basically nonexistent...
Hi worthy, pal.

I see your point. I'm not certain that getting hooked on apple hardware is a great idea for me giving their pricing although I reckon that from a QC standpoint, MAC machines probably do fair pretty good. They are also safer (i.e. there's less malicious software targeting OSx) as you say; however, it seems to me that the reason for that is merely the fact that OSx is far less used than windows. Safety is the upside. The downside is lack of applications (compared to windows-based machine) and more bugs usually. The more people use a given OS, the quicker are both its bugs and its vulnerabilities spotted by conventional wisdom.

Having said that, I must reiterate that I've never used OSx in me entire life i.e. take what I say on the matter with a wee grain - unless you do that for all I say all the ready. (¬_¬)
Ask Snookums too.thumbs up lips
I was the last to know Paul.
I wasn't snubbing you babe.hug
Thank goodness your awesome pic is on this,finally.thumbs up
I just replaced my old MacBook Pro with a new-to-me one. I'd had the old one for years, and would still be using it but for a problem that started with United States Postal Service.

Anyway, I have my new one and I love it! I have always owned Macs and wouldn't trade them for anything. I have a huge desktop model and two laptops, all of which I love. I know many people have changed from PC to Mac and are really pleased with the change, but it's a personal decision.

My current one is brand new, albeit a couple of years old. My previous one was a former teacher's laptop (schools trade them in at the end of a school year), and it worked great up until the problem with USPS. So maybe look for a trade-in if the money is an issue. I'd highly recommend a Mac, but then, any PC I've had to use has driven me batty with all the windows one has to climb through.
Hey Cranky,snap out of it!!!teddybear

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