Who created this world? God or Devil?

First of all sorry for my weak English.

Who created this world? God or Devil?This question was disturbing me since childhood. People told me that God created this world, God is kind hearted, God is everywhere in this universe, God is powerful, nothing could be happen without permission of God, etc, etc.

But I found nothing what people says to me. Every living things are eating each other, human are killing & eating innocent animals, human killing human also, animal killing animal, in the sea every big fish eat smaller fish, human are suffering from anger, hatred, greed, dissatisfaction, lust, ego, fear, pain, diseases, hunger, etc, etc. Unbelievable & unacceptable things are happening in the world, murder, rape, starve, world war, exploitation, etc, etc.

When a creator create something, his nature appears in his creation. So I think creator of this world is a devil. Devil's character is appearing in this world. But goodness, kindness also appearing somewhere, it's little confusion, both character (good & bad) are appearing, very much badness & very less goodness.

I think devil created this dirty world & God is trying to improve it. Devil is more powerful than God, because person who accept devil's character he become successful & person who accept God's character he become unsuccessful he hardly survive if he try to be success he (cheated, exploited, killed) by someone.

It's very easy to accept devil's character & very difficult to accept God's character, it's because whole world is created by devil.

God & devil are fighting according to their nature. It's very hard to win the fight for God because God is kind nature.

I hope, one day God will win the fight from devil & he will change the world into his kindness nature.

**It's just my thought nothing else**


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I don't know where you got your information but it is entirely wrong! God created the heavens and earth in 7 days! The devil was created by God! The devil tried to be equal to God! Because of this, the devil was cast out of heaven with his bad angels!professor
Good thought.

Just a pity that the human race will take credit for the destruction of 'this world'
to Gentlejim

there are many holy-books in the world & they tell different stories. I am not going with any book. I just tell my inner thought.
to Lukeon

I think you are right somewhere. the human race is destructing in the name of development.
It is interesting that you refer to God using the singular though. I thought that followers of the Hindu faith wouldn't do that.
KJ21 Therefore rejoice, ye heavens, and ye that dwell in them! Woe to the inhabitants of the earth and of the sea! For the devil has come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time.”
to 1one1

I think religion (holy-book) doesn't make us slave of any thought. holy-book make our mind open for new good thoughts, make our mind fly in the sky.
As in Hindu holy-book "GEETA" lord Krishna said that destroy old tradition for the establishment of a new healthy society. Lord Krishna started the new tradition of love marriage.

It's just a example.
My conclusion is that religion make us free not a slave of any holy-book.
to stringman

It's very nice text of holy-book. What is your thought?
I myself do not know where you got your information from .
Jehovah God is the ruler of this world .
How could you put the devil in front God ?
The devil must be wagging his tail with his horn straight up in the air , spitting fire and dancing with this blog .
The fool hath said in his heart there is no God .
Every culture has their point of view of the creation tales. Yet, they all seem to follow a similar theme. An omnipotent creator. We read about a God who with his thoughts as the writers of the creation tales understand that the Heavens were created then the Earth. Which implies the order of events and priorities of the creator. As many was formed of the earth it is written " Let us make man in our image in our likeness." As if God was talking to someone else or a host of colleagues. There was no evil no talk of Satan or fallen angels until much later such as the book of Job.
No doubt some references from Isaiah who mentioned the watchers. Science on the other hand is always evaluating which came first and as we look to the stars and the heavens we look back into time and we see the order of evolution and change. Yet, we can wonder if we came from apes why do we not see them constantly evolving into man? The excuse is genetic coding. Now if we were to take the verse "Let us make man in our image in our likeness" literally it could be suggested we were given a genetic code different from the apes and animals. We were given the ability to rationalize everything. Animals don't quite have it like we do. Though they can rationalize when and where to find food or to determine danger in some cases.
Humans can look at the dysfunction of this world they can also be wonderful thinkers and creators themselves. Humans have freedom of choice to believe anything they want.
Many past cultures believed in many gods for just about every human problem and they assumed their gods were human looking based upon their frame of reference looking at themselves. The Pantheon of God's the Greeks and Romans had were all based upon the perception of themselves at the time. Asiatickets tribes also had their gods. Alot depends upon how people were raised and taught regarding religion.
Christianity boasts one God and the son. Judaism boasts of only God and the messianic hope. Islam preaches about one God and his prophet. Hinduism has many gods. Buddhism does not have a Pantheon just Buddha himself offering similar ideas that all the other religions have.
The basic idea is humans need to have something or someone to believe in and everyone has their own moral compass. We as humans are free to believe what is true to ourselves. When it becomes a contradiction is justifying killing and hurting to preserve our beliefs.
Hence, religion and cultural differences will always be the demise of the human condition and experience.

Whoever or whatever created the universe and our earth we should try to love and embrace it honor it and enjoy it. We should try to do the same for each other. We are only here for a short time so make it count. professor
The chappy editors on android phoneso messed up a few words in my post. I meant to say " asiatic tribes "
Because of crappy technology many thoughts here can be misconstrued when writing responses to blogs
Gentlejim•11 hrs ago•unknown, Wisconsin USA
"I don't know where you got your information but it is entirely wrong! God created the heavens and earth in 7 days! The devil was created by God! The devil tried to be equal to God! Because of this, the devil was cast out of heaven with his bad angels!"

What is a day?
A day is the length of time it takes the Earth to make1 revolution on its axis. Before the Earth and Sun formed there were no days.
The entire story of genesis was written by ignorant men who were not very far removed from Cavemen. That some people in the 21st century, when mankind has not merely walked on the moon but driven a car on the moon, still spout and believe these ridiculous stories never ceases to amaze me.

Mr Amor, This world was not created by any god or devil.
Another 'Origins' blog - always fun very happy

Options (There are basically four) -

1) The universe is self-existant.

It has always existed and always will.
This option had a really good & long run. From antiquity, it was the go-to option for those who opted for a no god/no creation worldview.
Sadly, with discovery of laws of thermodynamics & expnading universe has dealt it essentially fatal blows.
There are attempts to reconcile a constant state universe with the currently accepted laws & observation but for practical purposes it's DOA.
sad flower

2) The universe created itself - no god/no devil needed.

Another option found in many ancient worldviews.
According to the ancient Egyptian version, Atum was the god who created everything after first creating himself.
The absurdity obvious.
But now take the god persona away, and naturalistic atheism embraces essentially the same concept...
A sigularity came from utter nothingness with no cause; it then expanded into everything - time, space & matter (Big Bang).
Long story short - the universe is all effect & no cause.
Many who dismiss the self-creating god go on to embrace a self-creating universe.
Remarkably, they then go on to stake a claim to the rational high ground.
Curious. confused

3) The universe (time, space, matter) was brought into existence through the act/force/cause of something outside of time, space & matter.

The initiating cause may be described as god/God/first cause of all things...
This option satisfies the rational notion that effect requires a cause.
Remarkably, this worldview was rare, if not unique, in antiquity.
Specifically, it was unique to the Judaic Biblical account -
"In the beginning" (time) "God" (outside Cause) "created" (acted - with the Effect being...) "the heaven" (space) "and the earth." (matter).
That's it. Just ten words (in the English translation) explains the time/space/matter concept of the universe - a concept which has only gained ascendancy in modern science during the past century or so.
Say what you will - that ain't bad for ol' timers not far removed from cavemen!

4) The universe doesn't exist.

This option holds that the universe exists only as an illusion/delusion of some entity (you reading this).
Remarkably, this option is impossible to disprove - any evidence of an extant universe is explained as part of the illusion/delusion.
The option's weakness is that "Something" must be creating the illusion or having the delusion.
That raises the question, what is the Cause of that Something?
So we're right back to the Cause/Effect situation.

There y'all have it...
Four options. Only four.

Should one go with the rationally satisfying option #3, one can weigh the evidence for oneself whether the universe appears to be the work of...

Here's one for y'all to think 'bout -
Did creation require billions of years, or was it done in 7 days?

Perhaps it's...well...relative - depending upon one's perspective.
Is one looking outward from the singularity?
Or is one looking back towards the singularity?


Coming from an Eastern worldview, Mr. Amor, you might appreciate this brief(!) comparison of ancient Western and Eastern perspectives...

It's part 1 of the vid suggested in my comment above roll eyes

To miclee

Wow Sir,
Thank you very much to giving me very nice information. I appreciate your deep research.
people create the world we live in ,everything we do is our own choice, to blame something external is to take the blame off yourself. Animals live by instinct people live by choice.
This world and all the rest of the universe was created by that strange phenomenon known as gravity. Mass attracts mass slowly at first and over time the larger collections collect more of the smaller ones ( larger mass attracts stronger than smaller ones ). Eventually, over millions or billions of years these large collections condense into land masses and become stars, planets and other celestial objects.

I know that this requires you to think a bit, but if it is easier to believe simplistic stories and improbable logic, then do so. You also can argue all manner of fine detail but the real answer is available if you indeed want it. Boy! Don't you just hate it when someone injects the facts into you mystic theories?
Yes. Gravity is a strange phenomenon.

to marlindap

I agree with you. but I think people also live by instinct. but people has mind to control instinct.
to Grouchyoldfart

Your & all person's deep information helping me to increase my knowledge. I appreciate all of them.

I don't believe in Theist or Atheist. I am an open-minded. I believe in myself, I believe in my mind. I listen to both theist & atheist. My mind will do research beyond this.
priests (theist) & scientist (atheist) always fight (by their thought).
Scientists took the world closer to atomic-war & priests (theist) took the world closer to religious-war. Where is science & where is God?
I will not say all priest (theist) & scientist are wrong, I think there is something misunderstanding, we have to found it. We have to think beyond them.

I think science & spiritualism both are required for us. Science for to make our physical life easy & comfort. Spiritualism for to make our psychological life easy & happy.

confused i think i am on right way
My fart created the world as we know it. yay
to galrads

very funny
rolling on the floor laughing
Neither of them exist. It's a war of man.
to volo74

I think it's a war of thoughts. human make thoughts, thoughts make human.

i think human is a slave of his own thoughts. if he change the thought, he will be changed.

I think it's very late in the day for man to change his thoughts/behaviour/actions...

It's all gone too far in the Western world... And they say we're 'civilised'?

The best we can do is respect nature, animals, plants and each other... And try and live in peace...wine
To volo74

I am agree with you.
But don't lose hope. Nothing is permanent. Changing is a law of nature. One day human will wakeup.
Respect Mr_Amor. We live in hope!
Neither, since neither exist. peace
The world, like all planets formed from astrophysical forces which condensed and accumulated matter as it cooled.
Science is a non-living thing. How it can create a living things? I'm not going to tease my brain on science frustrated

I am just finding logic among God - world - devil. Even I know God & devil is illogical. Even I believe in science.
"Who Created The World"

"Neither God Nor The Devil Did"

"It Was One Was One Of Our Bloggers"

"Who Finally...When The World ....Had Had Enough"

"Gave Him The Ole Hook"

"The One.... And Only"

"Heart Beats Fast".... Created The World"....................detective
I'm not religious but is it the very as the taxman giveth and the taxman taketh/As in the lord createth and the lord taketh away kind of religious stuff that gets rammed down out throats by preachers? giggle
If there is no God or creator then why do so many people in the world believe there is?
Since the human came into the world. He is searching his creator. Somebody told Nature is creator, Somebody told God is creator, Somebody told Devil is creator, Somebody told the world is always there, there is no creator, somebody told it's automation, they all have their own theories.

Who is correct???? frustrated

confused I think all theories are incomplete.
The world=biological darwinism+irreversable decay of the universe.
The physical world is such a miserable entity.
And this is the authentic answer of the universe, believe it or not. The earth is just a huge graveyard for all animals.
you should develop this theory. that would be a great book or story or movie.
if GOD did not create the world who did. and why is everything running in order? why is the sun kept at the correct distance from earth so we do not burn up?
There is one big question: ???????????
Is creator living, senseful? Or non-living, senseless.

If i assume that creator is non-living it will be a jock that non-living thing is creating the living thing.

If i assume that creator is a living or super-living-thing then still have question, he is good (God) or bad (devil)? if he is God then why so much cruelty? frustrated

These questions are bothering me frustrated
Man invented god and devil as a sidekick.

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