I AM PROUD OF MY COUNTRY IRELAND. Why it is no Garbage Can

Peacefully in the spirit of Easter, I just want to say that my Country is a beautiful one.
Despite the weather, North , south, East and West , Ireland is a luscious green, country with a moderate Climate, breathtaking views and an ancient and interesting past.

I won't go in to the past history, but we were scholars and yes at one time Saints in the real meaning of the word. For the size of this tiny Island, we withstood famine with dignity, we withstood being taken over by a neighbouring country, a country who did nothing to help us when they could have.Ethnic cleansing ~ We suffered greatly under that regime, we were not allowed speak our language, practice our religion, or be educated.
We have by and large made up with that country, and have shaken hands, and even asked the Queen of England to a banquet at Dublin Castle . We have negotiatied tirelessly with our oppressors and tried and won a great deal of peace.
Our Culture is extremely
interesting, our Castles, Mythology, Poetry, writers,Artists, are many, considering the size of the tiny Island. Many of our writers /poets are studied all over the world.
Not being a wealthy country, we have still taken in many many immigrants/economic migrants from poorer countries. America is a better country for many of the Irish people who immigrated there during the Famine,and Many American presidents saw fit to visit this tiny island that is Ireland.JFK, etcc.,

So, when somebody calls my Country a 'Garbage Can' or a 'Sh-thole' as they did last night,[on the C.S. blogs ] what type of an Irish person would I be if I did not ask them to retract their statements?

Sadly most of this comes from ignorance of the history of Ireland and Current affairs.
Somebody even put up a list of 'Stats' to try and take from our country but unfortunately stats online are rarely correct and this was not . Either way, There is not an active I.R.A. in Ireland and I would like those who wrote and jumped on the bandwagon with blogs demeaning my country to read a little more about Ireland before insulting the many many Irish people who are on this C.S. Site. If the country is so awful how come the United States sends Google, Yahoo here, where it gets tremendous Tax breaks and where it is a nice place to live. The people of Ireland are by and large intelligent, hard working and talented. We are known for our Agriculture and our produce again, is exported all overover the world.Our hospitality is legend.
Many who wrote Blogs yesterday, showed a great deal of ignorance about my country, Have a Happy and peaceful Easter. Beannachtai na Casca.good luck easter egg

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If anyone cares to comment, I am leaving now and won't be back until late to answer any comments as I have to go quite a distance to a Hospital[ for a pre-op assessment] that I am having in two weeks.
GG, this is so heartfelt and conciliatory that I want to apologize if anything
I' ve said thinking it was funny did offend you ,or that was apathetic.

I saddens to add any burden to this day.
Sincerely wish you the best.

Happy Easter.
Ashlander ~ Thank you for your kind comment, in the face of what was said last night it is very kind of you. GG
Hello goldenglosswave I m not familiar with Ireland, but have met a number of people from Ireland, who ve moved to Canada. I admired their work ethic, positive outlook outlook on life, and enjoyed their company. So even though I m not familiar with your , it does have my admiration. thumbs up
Ashlander ~ I am still waiting for my Taxi which should be here in about 10 mins or so. I want to say that I have no hatred or anger toward anyone from the U.K. I have been to Scotland, UK, Wales, I was born
in Kensington in London, U.K.
However, I consider myself as Irish as I have an Irish Passport. I hold no hatred for anyone. I think perhaps before writing a blog title to at least do some research. I have no illusions about the Church and what they did to orphans and the inordinate amount of child abuse in my country, by both Church of Ireland and Roman Catholic orphanages and 'places of detention' and mother and baby homes, it was inhuman.
Thankfully, things are changing and fast. The Govt. is not ruled by the Catholic church and we are not ruled by men in silk robes. I believe in God, but I am not surprised many have fallen away as what was done to these children and their mothers, anyone who was born out of wedlock, was very Nazi like.
The State turned a blind eye and Convents grew rich on the backs of selling babies to mostly rich American couples who had no idea [in fairness] of what was going on behind closed doors.

The Churches were spread around Ireland but in the Cities like Limerick, Dublin etc., there were churches with large congregations of appallingly poor families, no toilets, one for the whole building, usually owned by Aristocracy, and a whole family lived in one room. The local Parish priest and his crew, lived nearby in splendour in large houses, with a maid or two, the best of food and the very poor were asked to give to the church, and did !
However this is a terrible sore on the flesh of an otherwise lovely country that is becoming more secularised, and there are equal rights for Gays, transgenders and hopefully people are thinking for themselves. Oops have to go. Taxi at door.
Many thanks for your kind comment, there are good and bad I suppose but in the main,we are a fairly happy go lucky, friendly people. I am glad you have found us to be a decent people where you live , and I hope your health is being kind to you, and that you have a wonderful Easter over there!thumbs down
As anyone I have my own preferences regarding countries, yeap! some of us love chocolate, others mint, some both.
Our countries? I was born in one, grow up in another and lived in 4 more.

I think about a country in 3 ways, what I read in news, what I experienced living or visiting it and what people from that country show as ambassadors.

When it comes about countries I feel as a viewer, I´m so small and at this point of my life I think I´m the typical galician emigrant who has been influenced from several different cultures but essentially a product of that land of legends, woods, rain and magic yay

I believe it´s good to be proud of what we have and carry in our hearts but realistically ...any country is better than other, as I said: preferences; home is where our heart is and each of us is free to choose where to place ours.

You Irish, curse, laugh, dance and drink, you are warriors and so alive, there is hot blood and music running through your veins, enough to be loved for someone like me peace

Note: do not take this subject too serious GG lady, it goes no where wave
Enjoy your holidays smile
Hi Goldie.. wave

As Crunia just said.....Myself I don´t really have any attachments with any country although I was born in one, kids born and raised in another, have lived in 4 and have retired here in Spain.
I can´t even say that I am proud of any. They all have their good and bad points.

I don't even feel at home in my native country anymore, more like a foreigner.

Anyway, enjoy your holidays. dancing
What an elegant, articulate writer you are. I get what you are saying about moving and not having attachments. For me, there are times when I wish the weather was better, warmer. I have a yearning
for Greece, for somewhere peaceful and yet, where I could get to know people and have fun and enjoy a life in the sun.
However, like a lover who has become a friend, I still hold Ireland dear and close to my heart. It has it's faults and failings but in the main, it is a tiny , growing country.

I know if I was given a key to an apartment in London [where I was born ] I could settle, that is my nature. I would adapt. i have had to adapt to changing financial circumstances through no fault of my own and I did, and i am content now.

But some of us are wanderers and some of us are homebirds. Time will tell for me.
I guess nobody likes their own country debased and I would not be a loyal citizen if I did not get upset,
but I have said enough on that subject.

Have a lovely weekend. Again thanks for replying, and speaking of things we like in the way of food, mine is pretty mundane, I adore Pavlova with soft chewy meringue, and lots of cream with raspberries or any fruit.
I just adore good chocolates, mostly I have to say, Mint.coffee easter basket easter bonnet bunny
Daniela ~ Thanks for reply. It is interesting how nobody has really addressed the Elephant in the room.
I know many reply to blogs without actually addressing the topic at hand, and I am guilty of that too.laugh

To have ones Country debased, insulted by somebody whom you know has no real knowledge, experience or who has never visited and who knows you quite well and even corresponds is hurtful in the extreme.

Alas I have let it go now. I just felt I owe it to my country to be loyal, I love Ireland and I don't like it called names. As I've already said, some people are homebirds, others are movers and shakers and can happily live from country to country,away from kith and kin.

For me, the Sun is a huge attraction in moving abroad, but then there is a rich tapestry of culture here, in plays, and other hobbies, friends that i would miss.

However, that is not to say that I may not [if health improves take up my few items of clothing ] I have learnt the art of downsizing and the sheer joy of simplicity and only have a very small wardrobe now and it is heaven so one piece of hand luggage and off I would go.... it may happen yet Daniela.
However in the meantime, I do love Ireland.

I was with my friend yesterday and she has some horses, 2 of whom are rescue. It was a joy to see how they've come on. Properly shod, groomed to perfection, and fattened up so you can't see the ribs, still a little apprehensive but I soon made friends with some food and I actually thought of you, I hope you continue to do your work with Rescued horses at I think it is what you were meant to do.Happy Easter.
easter bonnet easter egg Happy Easter Horse Whisperer.
Especially for Daniela and GG applause applause

I know how much you love your stud wink grin
I hear people from all over even on CS putting the USA down and on how bad it is here. I've never been out of my country except for almost making a wrong turn while still in my home state of Michigan and almost landed in Canada.giggle

There are some neighborhoods in the city just a few miles from me that I've seen in person and also on the highway heading back home that that particular city does resemble a garbage can.Buildings falling down and crimes such as shootings and such happening pretty much of the time.
The roads are in complete disrepair etc.

I've learned Goldengloss that there trolls on the internet who love to stir up trouble on message sites and I can't believe that most sites haven't figured out a way to keep trolls off the websites.
Mimi ~ thanks for the lovely pic. of Horse and I just happened to notice a man standing there, nearly missed him. wave easter bonnet easter basket easter egg chicken chicken chicken chicken I know you don't celebrate Easter but have some chocolate anyway and thanks f or coming on blog
Bearwoman ~ thanks for coming on Blogs. I understand how you feel about your situation and the plight of Native American indians. It is so sad, and one or two comments [still up] really upset me regarding attitudes toward these people.

I hope that justice will be done and that these wonderful people will be recognised for the people who they were,

There are unfortunately some places here that have become ravaged because of Drugs, generations of poverty. No country is perfect but it is upsetting to see fights and killings. We have some Drug Cartels here and feuding criminal gangs in Limerick and Dublin especially, the Cops are vigilant and we are trying to sort it out but it is a huge social problem with many other social issues entwined.

I hope you have a nice weekend Bear. Amazing as you say, here on the blogs.. what the mods see and don't see, and how somebody can dissapear one day and come back the next day under a completely different name with the same address on more than one occasion. Nothing to do with me though as long as they keep off my blogs. Have a great weekend.

easter basket easter basket easter egg chicken chicken chicken
I think it is only fair and fitting that I say here that the person whom I was hurt by last evening [our time] who has been a facebook friend and also who emails me, has apologised, and we both agree it was a very heated Blog. It takes a good heart to apologise and I am sorry too if I unintentionally hurt anyone.

Thanks for that.

I am glad I wrote this blog about Ireland for others who wrote Blogs last night about Ireland, some out of lack of knowledge about our political scene and perhaps some done just to cause division.

Either way , it is Easter time , a time of peace. So thanks for the email that made me so happy. I hate bad feelings and I wish everyone a happy Easter.easter egg chicken chicken chicken chicken chicken easter egg easter basket bunny easter bonnet drink pouring

The partition of Ireland (Irish: críochdheighilt na hÉireann) was the division of the island of Ireland into two distinct jurisdictions, Northern Ireland and Southern Ireland. It took place on 3 May 1921 under the Government of Ireland Act 1920. Today the former is still known as Northern Ireland and forms part of the United Kingdom, while the latter is now a sovereign state also named Ireland and sometimes called the Republic of Ireland.

You have not been united Ireland since 1920

You don't want Northern Ireland to be part of your Ireland, but it this is and always will be.
Lee ~ This is actually incorrect, the people of Ireland did want the whole country back, but Michael Collins did an agreement in UK, the best he could do was to leave the 6 counties.

This is a certainty.. There is still hope that some day it will be ours but that hope in reality is but a glimmer.
thanks a lot for your input and I will read the enclosed on your blog.

My grandparents , their generation were very involved so It was a part of history I don't forget.
Take care, thumbs up
P.s. was this what they taught you in school? that we did not want to have our whole country back?
There was great unhappiness because Michael Collins did the very best he could, in getting the Republic as it is called [was called] and not the 6 counties as referred to here.
The idea of nationhood is pretty stupid.
Arbitrary lines that you can't see from space, drawn to divide us.
We're all inhabitants of Earth. I can't wait til we're all a nice beige colour ( though the tribalism instinct would probably kick in and dictate that we find an even sillier idea to fight over.
Proximity to successful nations is the reason you're not a garbage can. The irish won't ask very many intelligent questions and they provide a junior and very obliging base for tax avoidance and a corporate theft which pays you all a handsome dole.
Obs, that is very true. Medtronics which is the leading producer of stent based and created from Minnesota, USA almost moved the corporate offices in Ireland for that purpose. Tax saving goal and in return a great pay for Ireland.

GG, I have only read this blog and it is very sad when we are attack by debasing our own country. America is the most well known hated country right now and you are right, it is pure ignorance and sometimes just plain envy why people do that.

My opinion is that, don't get too hurt and or warped up, for all we know these people are not only ignorant but deep inside they are bruised if not mentally imbalanced.

Every country has its own beauty and ugliness, has its own good quality and bad as well. In general for me, I attach myself to where my interest and values are well preserved and respected. I have lived in many countries, was born in one of the most corrupt and poorest country of the world but now I am by whole an American. That doesn't make me overlook my gratitude for all the other countries that have done a great deal in making me as I am today. I wish that we can all respect each other and be thankful that we do have a way of interconnecting with each other no matter where we are from.hug
Well everyone should be proud of where they live GG, otherwise they should work hard to live elsewhere. teddybear

My mum was Irish, dad a brit and grandparents from Scotland, how they found a way to get along lord only knows. laugh
Read the blog here, because the blogger charming
Blogger drawing me
Right you are, rO & lu cheers

gg's one of the good ones, awright!

And how 'bout those hypnotic green eyes?

Chestneychrist ~ I only saw your comment now as have been in and out of hospital and not so well.
I do agree of course about the Tax situation for countries like US and many people like me think it is appalling that companies like Apple who make millions in profits alone, are allowed get away scot free whilst I always had to pay my Taxes when I worked. For that tax I now get a miserable pension because I am 66 years of age.
Add to that the fact we are cap in hand to the Crouts. No, I have no illusions about my country, Ireland. But, it is beautiful even so, nowhere is devoid of corruption.
I do disagree about how we got on... and over British occupation. We are by nature, a gifted race, via writers , artists, playwrights, and we have many co ops and produce wonderful foods and cheeses and butter which is loved abroad.
Our grass fed beef has a special taste and is also an asset [although I don't agree with shipping live animals for slaughter in faraway countries].
But we are also known for being good IT people too, [not me, I am a techniphobe]. Google is here why? not just the tax but the Irish people it employs are terrific at what they do.
I think you are a great blogger and genuinely have not taken offence, thanks for the reply which I only saw now. wave
Keepers, I had forgotten about this blog, and then saw it was still up. Thanks for your nice words.
Yes it is amazing how patriotic we are when somebody calls our country a 'shit hole'. I have no illusions about Ireland.
There is much to love though. That is very very interesting about your background.... and how you ended up living in South Africa.... an interesting story behind all that !!?good luck good luck good luck good luck good luck Sending you some good luck as I languish here in Central heat with socks on, in the summer .

I noted you had lovely blue eyes. It must be lovely living in a warm climate.wine
Thanks Chinese lady and Chinese man [are you friends as you joined same time?]
Thanks for kind words.
miclee ~ Thanks for the lovely compliment, they don't always draw in the right people though.
Green eyes are supposed to mean you are jealous ~ funny thing is, I'm not.

CS have a way of resurrecting blogs I wish I could forget about. laugh hole
Did you know...
More people rate green eyes the best looking than any other color?

cowboy pointing Green Eyes...grin

They weren't always green!
They were hazel until a couple years or so ago.
Freaked me out!
Looked in a mirror under bright light & was all like...
wow WHAT THE?!
Had to change my eye color on my profile...
never saw that coming!

I searched it.
Eyes change color in about 10% of Caucasian folks.
Who knew? Go figure dunno

The eye color change actually worked out quite well.

As long changed, at least I got an upgrade, popularity-wise.

miclee ~ Stand by for some really scientic news regarding the colour of eyes.

firstly Green eyes are the rarest colour in the world. They can be found in arabian people, but rarely.
Eye colour usually gets lighter as we age,
Eye colour can change due to the type of foods we eat. Certain vegetables [see on Google] can make your eyes darker, lighter,
I do know that If I wear Green, my eyes look very very green. Yes we will soon be extinct.

[the eye colour that is ] as the predominant colour [Dark brown] is the most common [also beautiful].
I am going to have a cup of tea with a wee drop of whiskey in it for sleep. and I have boiled a potatoe with butter on it. How romantic.wine How sophisticated is that !!
,miclee~ you tube have some dubious but interesting ways to change the colour of ones eyes.flirty good luck
daydream Whisky & a potato for supper. Yep. She's Irish awright. Nooo doubt 'bout that, you betcha. good luck

Granddaughter pulled off an interesting genetic coup.

Mom (my daughter) is Autumn Ginger/hazel eyes.
Dad is Celt Ginger/blue eyes.

Granddaughter is light Autumn Ginger with GRAY eyes.
That's a helluva knockout combo, I'm tellin' ya...love

'Course, I might be just a smidgen biased...wink

GG - Ireland is on my bucket list to visit! I can't believe someone would refer to it as a garbage can or worse, but, to each their own, I suppose. My mortgage broker is Irish, and we've been friends for 25 years, with him regaling me of tales of his homeland. I've never, ever considered it to be a country that I'd disparage.

How can one not love a country that can dance like you do? Holy cow. I went to see Riverdance a couple of years ago, and would watch that again and again and again, amazed and impressed at their fleet feet. And yes, your country is not called the Emerald Isle for nothing.

Wow. Well, ignorance knows no bounds. Most people have more couth and manners than to be so rude. Consider the source.
Well it certain seems that there was some drama in this place while I slept. peace
miclee ~ What a lovely mix of Celtic colouring there. They say here, with immigration and inter marrying, that Red hair, all shades, from Titian to ginger, will be extinct or at least extremely rare in about 10 years.
Even now , it is rare to see a red haired child.

I think greeny/brown eyes are lovely. Yours lightened with age, but according to a utube I read, you can reverse the darker colour with lots of spinach and other veggies. Why be bothered?

Yes, I love a steamed potato with lots of butter going to bed. full of serotonin and helps me sleep. A tiny drop of whiskey in Tea is lovely. Not stylish anymore since we have adopted more european ways and most of our Restaurants are Italian and French.

I love Irish food .heart beating
Ladyimp ~ Sorry for my late reply, was at hospital all day. Back now and saw your lovely message.
I am happy that Ireland is no your bucket list.
This is a very old blog but on CS they bring up old blogs from time to time.
Yes, we Irish give out about our country, the weather, the Government but let anyone call it a name like a 'sh-thole' and I for one, go on the defensive.

I really hope you do manage to come. It would be lovely to meet you if you come to Dublin.
The Summer or Autumn is a beautiful time to come. I would advise going to the West, to Achill, Galway, Mayo, West Cork is magnificent. Wicklow.... won't bore you.

Irish dance was always very controlled and I remember learning it at school with hands down beside our bodies and it was really about the movement of the feet, legs, but Michael Flately but the sex appeal in to Irish Dance, by his movements which were quite different but brought Irish dancing to the world stage,

I do hope you come here, I think you'd enjoy the craic and music. We are not as serious as we might seem on the blogs... I don't drink a lot, a few glasses of wine [used to be Guinness but that is fattening ]. I get high on music and fun and people enjoying each others company.

thanks for lovely compliment. hug good luck good luck
I used to love living in Holyhead, I could throw my rubbish straight into Dublin
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