"get a life" blog cliche

" I have a better life comparing to yours. I'm always busy. I post the most interesting topics and I take part in a constructive debate.
You, ..... you pop up to say something silly, irrelevant and trolling. Your blogs are boring. You're the looser, for i know all about you from your posts."

One way or another, we all spend time online, was it babysitting own blog, taking part in other sections or any other site of www.com.

When i'm not logged on, I enjoy the most wonderful time of my life.........by the way.........


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You struck me as more of a dog lover, ba.
Those who can do..
Those who cant tear down the ones that can
The more hate you have inside the more need you have to turn it towards the ones you envy

sad flower
ToRo, I prefer cats. See? Things are not always as they seem on blogs.
Riba, mail me private. I'll teach you English. laugh
Yep BA, there certainly is a lovely world to enjoy out there...full of real stuff.

There is life outside cs........I think there’s a few here that don’t realise that or have forgotten it.. wine
Who on earth are you quoting??

I have a life - about to dash off and check how it is doing but popped in to update my blog laugh
što govno nešto reci.

Siguran sam da nisam ja.

uh oh

Hoping you get all my Croatian madness....laugh
Rob, I've got to much life running behind the screen. I'm happy to have some time to log on and distance...... a sheer distraction.
We all got the life the way we choose.
Legs, I'm quoting none in particular. "Get the life" is now and then to be seen on blogs. Last time it was posted from my favourite Irish blogger. laugh
I like to ridicule some silly common behaviour. Like to provoke people that way. Even when I'm ignored, I still have fun.laugh
Berry, you crack me up.
These are not quite the words. Don't use Google translator. It makes it all funny. rolling on the floor laughing
Faaark, I always just assumed my blogs were the bestest ever. Just goes to show all dishwashing liquids are not alike.
"You're the looser, for i know all about you from your posts"

Wow! What a psychic.. wow shock
April Fool's grin Kal?
bloodyawfull Contributions
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