NY Prosecutors raid Trump's personal lawyer's office & hotel room

The warrants were approved by Trump's own Department of Justice, not Mueller.

However, if NY finds anything relevant to Muller's case against Trump, it will be turned over and used by Mueller as evidence.

Near the end of that NY Times article about Cohen, Trump's attorney;

A Long Island native, Mr. Cohen began his career as a personal injury lawyer and taxi fleet manager. He joined the Trump Organization in 2006. He attracted attention in the Russia investigation after emails showed that a business associate of Mr. Trump, Felix Sater, pitched Mr. Cohen on a lucrative real estate deal in Russia.
The deal was supposed to be a Trump Tower in Moscow, and Mr. Sater boasted to Mr. Cohen that the tower would get Mr. Trump elected president. “Our boy can become president of the USA and we can engineer it,” Mr. Sater wrote. “I will get all of Putin’s team to buy in on this, I will manage this process.”

Earlier in the article;

The searches open a new front for the Justice Department in its scrutiny of Mr. Trump and his associates: His longtime lawyer is being investigated in Manhattan; his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, is facing scrutiny by prosecutors in Brooklyn; his campaign chairman is under indictment; his former national security adviser has pleaded guilty to lying; and a pair of former campaign aides are cooperating with Mr. Mueller. Mr. Mueller, meanwhile, wants to interview Mr. Trump about possible obstruction of justice.

All in all, just some other bricks in the wall.....Trump's impending prison wall. banana

Here's the link to the NY Times article;

head banger

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Wow...there is a "Maria"...why does this not surprise me...

Epstein should release any tapes he has to expose Trump...

Epstein was also a defendant, who was charged.
Whata piece of shit you liberals are! If you don't like Trump, then move to some other country! You won't be missed!

Mind your manners...we all can express our point of view...


Your welcome in Canada anytime..laugh

Of course I don't like Trump. What idiot would ?
He's officially THE WORST US president in history.
Every 4 years a prestigious group of the most educated
170 presidential historians rank all the presidents.
Their results came out this last Presidents Day.
Not surprisingly, Trump was rated dead last, the WORST.
Quite an achievement, considering that he's only had
about a year to screw up the country.

Move out of the USA ?
I have a better idea, move Trump to Russia, where he belongs. wave
That's where a lot of the money he is illegally laundering comes from.
He's more loyal to Putin, than he is the American people.
Geez, he twice now has warned Putin that we are going to bomb Syria,
before we bomb Syria.
$ Millions of our tax dollars wasted on paper targets put out in the open
air strips, after the real planes are hidden.

All for show, to take the attention off of his guilt.
Thanks LL. I wouldn't mind living in Canada in the summer. thumbs up
But, the rest of the year, I have to be in a much warmer place. cool
Heck, NJ is too cold for me in the winter.
That's why I spend winters in Florida. dancing

Vancouver is mostly mild all year long in comparison with the eastern provinces...but Florida sounds like a great place to escape the cold...wine

Trump is a disaster and needs to go...the truth hurts sometimes...
The first 2 weeks in January this year, it was unusually chilly in Florida.
It never got down to freezing, but for those 2 weeks I wore long pants and a sweatshirt.
The rest of the 3 months (January, February & March), I was in shorts and a short sleeve shirt.
Most years I wore long pants only about 5 days out of the 3 months.
That's my kind of winter. laugh

thumbs up

gentle Jim, that was a pretty nasty thing to say to people you never even met. I've seen many blogs on here dominated by right wing members and can't remember a time when a Democrat came into the blog and called everybody a piece of shit. You must be one miserable person. Just because a person doesn't happen to like Trump doesn't mean they should leave the country. Like it or not America is a democracy and not every body has to think the same way. That would constitute a dictatorship kind of like what exists in North Korea. Is that the kind of country you want?
galrads: "The Red Baron"(meet us in the forums)

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