Even old people

Even old people get their hearts broken.
The hurt seems to remain as severe as when I was in my twenties
So, I make the assumption that love is no different.

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A few times i wished i could have just ripped it off and throw it to the dogs.
I agree
Goes way deeper for me it shatters my soul my spirit.
I agree

You girls got your heart broken more than once? I thought it could only happen once!
You don't have to be in love to feel shattered I've never been in love but something was stirring within me felt yum and I thought WoW if I feel like this now imagine if things pan out I know I will for once know what being in love feels like.
User, that’s weak. I’m giving you a do over
Love is like the measles, it's harder to get over in later life.
Well if it's as bad as you describe I don't want it.
indeed Palmfrond Love is Life Remember your first ever Love there will never be another Feeling Like that . your first feel of Emotion Dreams the Songs of the Time and Bubble Gum and Spring Time True Heart Break and Crush Indeed How Beautiful It Was . you will never forget them . Yes I am 80 yrs and Remember it well Too this Very Day = I Flu ever so High in the Winds of Life that Day teddybear cool
A person is liable to catch something round here, what with Biff's measles and you flu, kyacheo.
As long as we have a heart and "use" it ....it can be hurt.
I tend to believe age increases whatever our hearts were in youth dunno
Palm ~ My last love, and break-up literally 'took the guts out of me'. I find as you get older, the love seems more intense, and it is not as easy to bounce back and date again and go out and have fun as the Agony Aunts in Womens Mags tell us to do.
Who in their right minds would feel like going out on a date when they are doubled over with grief, sadness, loss, I think a broken heart is like a physical illness. I wanted to die at one stage ~ dramatic? yes, but thats the way I f-ing felt.
I don't know if I could do it again.

On the up-side, we haven't got long before alzheimers takes the memory away.
I find it much easier to move on now I'm old, or maybe I find it more difficult to stay in a crappy situation.
Too true Palm.
Hi Palm, I think a older person can love and be hurt just the same as a younger person, a older person might handle it more in a mature way if when there is hurt.
Wenever ~wave Agree, we just hide the pain better, we do our crying or grieving with dignity on our own, and slowly get over it in time... sometimes it takes a long time.
Hi GG wave thumbs up

seems for some their decrease as age increase...rolling on the floor laughing
its even harder when you older because by then you fully understand the real meaning of love ..and is looking forward to being finally happily grounded..

seems for some their heart decrease as age increase.. correctiondrinking
I haven't let my heart get involved in anything for the last decade, so no heartbreak. Lots of disappointments threw up the red flags soon enough for me to back out.

I'm so sorry though, I don't think age has anything to do with how much it hurts.
Beautiful GEORGIE!!! Hey it's good to see you here...hug Hope it's going great for you.bouquet
" if u have viewed my profile and feel the need to say hi please do so waiting to hear from you thanks for reading."

Jump back in Georgie!
we are all still here,same ole,same ole.
thank you Ash: teddybear:

yes life is not as we would love it to be but am giving thanks always ..

hope all is going well for you too..
i have just been browsing lately on here blog land has somehow lost most of the wonderful people only leaving a few like yourself and i cant understand half of what is been said .. either my educational level has degraded over the short time so i only sif through and wish you all the best,, but am planning to make a new entrance soon

cheering if i can find my pom pomsrolling on the floor laughing
Even old dogs too!rolling on the floor laughing
After much thought I've come to the conclusion that people jump the gun instead of giving that person the respect they deserve in regard to the meaning of their words we presume the worse it comes across as baggage when not intended too.

Ive learned a lot about myself as a woman it's not all about me when you do that your selfish every gender deserves respect go with the flow enjoy today don't make it more complicated than it should be especially when you yourself don't enjoy a complicated life don't complicate their lives.

Nobody will no what I'm rambling about just typed my thoughts here.
I See Mended . ..

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