Is your partner lazy?

My wife is so lazy, every time I go to have a pee in the sink, it´s full of dirty dishes. What should I do with her?dunno

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Take her to the markets in her best dress, and try to swap fer for a few chickens.
Don't knowdunno
Buy her a Dishwasher, and maybe buy yourself a portable potty. problem solved. Maybe more lovey talky she will be more tidy .heart beating
Are you Lee or Galradscheers
Why would you owe in the sink ? Your wife have a right to be lazy , lol
.... suggest her to store it up in the toilet.
Pee in her Winter Boots.
rolling on the floor laughing
Why are you near the sink ya poofter,
Stay on the sofa and Piss in your empty beer cans.
it is easier to piss in the fridge. it has an automatic light
Don't do anything to her Naughty.

Hold on till I come and potty train you. laugh
Pissing in the shoes, beer cans, and fridge are all a bit gross. But pissing in the fish tank is perfectly acceptable these days.
BNaughty ~ Many years ago, I was engaged to a man who was fond of his 6packs .
Staying the night with me, he got up out of bed, [wakening me as he passed wind] heart beating
When you love somebody.... He then, in a sleep walking mode, went over to my Wardrobe [Closet for all you Americans] opened it up and pissed in on top of my clothes and shoes.
How long after that did the engagement last, GG?

How are you today? hug
Non, if you were any good, you could aim for the sink from the sofa
Harbal ~ I knew you had to be creeping around like a nun as I haven't seen you.
His love of 6packs unfortunately [in the days before police routinely stopped drivers with Breathalysers] my beloved was over the limit drinking Major ! and crashed through a wall.

After a few days in hospital they let me home, Being in passenger seat I got the worst. War at home to
finish with this alcoholic ~ end of romance.
crying ~Gave ring back, cried non-stop for a week '
Bnaughty wave

In the case you visit, I know exactly the perfect place for you, that is in the stable with the animals laugh rolling on the floor laughing most suitable guestroom rolling on the floor laughing thumbs up

Yes, I do feel guilty but, I know what I read laugh rolling on the floor laughing
@Goldengloss wave

No wonder he is an ex! laugh rolling on the floor laughing seriously, never heard of such a thing before...hope won't find one of those laugh
Stargazer, in case I visit...keep one side of the bed warm for me baby! Oh, have you got any whips?wink
You've also got a baby now?. roll eyes doh Yup, I've got a very special kind of whip especially for you in the stable with the animals (sorry, I meant the guestroom laugh rolling on the floor laughing)
Whip me good and hard Mistress Star!!dancingsanta

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