Profiles and innocence

I joined a writing website to post my work. Unlike here, one must comment on other people’s work before posting. I’m new to the site and don’t know anyone.

Well, my compliment got me a compliment on my work. I thanked the person and a short interaction occurred.

A few minutes later I got a message asking how long I’ve known John. I said I don’t know a John. The person good naturedly told me she appreciated my discretion. I repeated several times that I don’t know a John. This person informed me that John’s girlfriend is a very jealous type and warned me. Sigh. So I stressed that I honestly don’t know this John person so there is nothing to be concerned about.

Jeez, I don’t even feel like commenting if jealous people think I’m after their man. Like, hell no!

That’s life with a bunch of faceless profiles.

Comments (67)

rolling on the floor laughing that's great
I don’t know Jack either.
Don't ask me to explain what I mean because I won't be able to, but it just seems to me that you tend to attract a particular kind of trouble, Palmfrond.
I think the writer was John's (wannabe) girlfriend.
Warning you off before you started roll eyes

People forget it's the Internet. Nothing is real until it's real.
MimI! reunion

Yourself and Art are very real cheering

Say hi to him for me, and let the poor man rest before attacking him laugh
Molly, I believe that to be the case. I’d hate to live in her head. It’s tough enough living in mine.
Stick with your own head, Palm

And walk away from the computer the moment things start becoming real.
Hard ball, I’m innocent!
Molly, nothing is real, really
It's Harbal, Palm Olive. mumbling
You are one off MollyBaby hug

You can tell her,we ALL know John.
We call him,"Big Bad John".

Faceless profiles,on a writing blog.
So you are faceless now.
How's that feel?
John is a common name. I don’t even know a John in real life.
Ha, a likely story.
Gerbil, i like you. Do you have a jealous girlfriend?
I know plenty of Johns.

But that looks bad when written down laugh
Molly, careful on You could ruin a bunch of Johns’ lives.
rolling on the floor laughing thank God there's only one Harbal.

@ MollyBaby you'd me looking for Mimi's comment.
I thought I missed it.rolling on the floor laughing
applause what name are you using
this time?
Palm, I've just blocked that site, it case a John's crazy girlfriend tries to attack me.

Sorry Ash. I couldn't post on her blog laugh
Ash, I’m The Croupier. Not sexy at all.
The profile in question goes by the name Crow so I wrote a little teaser for the Love birds

As the crow flies

A little bird warned me
Watch my step on slender branches
My wings, clipped, falling, a possibility
But no falling in Love
A little squirrel talked me down
I’m back on bare earth
Palm, One of hairyballs nicknames is little John and not sure why they call him itgrin

In America they say I am going to the Johnlaugh This means Toilet in the UKgrin
Palm Oil, no I don't have a jealous girlfriend but I suspect that, if I did, your interest in me would increase manyfold.
Still, I quite like you, even though all my instincts scream at me, don't be a moth to this dangerous flame.
Wear wool. It’s a natural flame retardant
Hello, Lee. Let's have a little wager, shall we? Who do you think will be the first one to tell you to phuck of on this blog?
Lee, be nice! There’s good naughty and bad naughty
Palm is a femme fatale?

I'd love to be one of those moping
Easy there, HB. I need Good influences
On second thought, phucking is good
Molly, practice on me.
Lol I’m no femme fatale.
I think I know the kind of naughty you like palm talking about and it offends the prudes on this site, when we start talking about itrolling on the floor laughing
Nice poem,Croupier.grin
Hi Mimi! uh oh
H, You could have said to me Feck offsigh
Nice... croupier was an aspiring writer.
Wonder why she assumed you were a female.wink what is a male
femme fatale- Lee? grin
Har, I'd make a crap one. No amount of practice would help
It might not help you, molly, but it would help me.
Ha, I shall study the art of seduction so, and then practice on you.
no, a MALE fatale doh

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