Do you believe about Karma ?

What do u think about Karma ? some people not believe about Karma, they can be bad person, till they win, same like Politics in my country, make me angry, good guy can go to jail. lol. confused: confused dunno
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Victims want there to be karma. I think, if a person consistently dose wrong, it’ll catch up to them. Unfortunately, sly, clever, and lucky keep wrong doers safe. Now, why would a wrong doer have luck? Seems like luck should go to the nice people
Hello xinchen wave

Yes, I strongly believe in action & reaction, that each action comes with a reaction. In addition to this, "what comes round, goes round". That's what karma means for me.

Take care. hug
Yes, I do.

......only when it happens to someone else. innocent
I do believe in karma....every action we do has an equal and opposite reaction....sometime the reaction is delayed for years.wave cswelcome
I think what you put out you get back....its not a punishment its
To believe in Karma you must believe in life after death, otherwise people like Hitler will get off his crimes.

I believe that I will see my late brother when I pass on hug , but some members of my family I'd prefer to not see again, but I might have to.
Karma comes in both the form of punishment and rewards in blessings. lips
@ xinchen wave

Correction: "what goes around comes back around".

Note to self: I should stop writing comments at 5 am half asleep.

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Very well said! thumbs up hug
I truly believe in karma, what goes around comes around
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Karma is the law of nature, it doesn't need believe. It works even we believe or not. Karma doesn't look your believe, it look only your act. What we give to others is what we get in return. good for good, bad for bad. Simple law of nature.dunno
I don't believe in it strictly. However, in general I do somewhat.

If If X kicks Y. Y is more likely to kick back. Even if Y doesn't, the more people X kicks, the more likely someone will kick X's butt. The more evil someone does, the more likely it's going to have negative consequences to the person committing the evil. Eventually, it USUALLY catches up to the evil person. However, if a person does one or 2 things bad and is never caught, it is less likely that there may be repercussions.
A bad person is more likely to attract other bad people who scheme together to commit worse evil
and thus also to have evil committed against themselves.

On the opposite side of the coin, the more good someone does, the more that person is going to attract other people. However, those people may be good, bad, or a combination of both. Everyone wants good for themselves, even if it is just to use that person for whatever they can get out of them. Since they attract more people, there is greater risk and more need to be selective of opportunities.
No such thing as Karma. The closest thing to Karma is judgement day where we will all be judged by God.

Those who rejected God will receive varying degrees of punishment in Hell devil according to the severity of their sins while on earth.

And those who accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior will receive varying degrees of rewards in Heaven according to what they did on earth.
In western thought they tend to overlay cause and effect, black-white, good-bad absolutes atop Eastern ideas. Just as they have sin (bad) and redemption (good) they think in terms of bad karma and good karma and one can proceed to heaven without redemption (good karma). Western thinkers do not appreciate shades of grey when it comes to morality and religion.

I don't know if that helps, xinchen, or just makes things muddier for you. But it is what I derived in trying to bridge the difference between Eastern and Western thought.
typo - ... one can NOT proceed to heaven without redemption ...
xinchen ~ I don't believe in Karma as being a Christian I believe Christ died on the cross for my sins. That doesn't give me a ticket to hurt and use others and avoid my taxes etc.,

So Karma ~ In Ireland we call it Murphy's law, if you do a bad deed it will come back to bite ya. wink beer
What about those who rejected God all their lives but lived good lives, full of good deeds. Will they go to hell as well?
Snowlynx ~ I have often thought about that. also Atheists and agnostics who can't believe, who are good people and have been decent and helpful and very often lived better lives than those who do believe.
I believe we have no idea of the infinite mercy of our creator. Nobody knows Gods mercy 100%
What about those who rejected God all their lives but lived good lives, full of good deeds. Will they go to hell as well?"

The Bible say's they still go to hell. According to Gods word (The Bible) doing good is called works and works aren't the pathway to salvation.

Romans 9-10
9 If you declare with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.
10 For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you profess your faith and are saved.
Sounds like a nice guy, that God of yours, Bigjob. uh oh
"HarbalEsquire•13 mins ago•Doncaster, South Yorkshire, England UK
Sounds like a nice guy, that God of yours, Bigjob."

Since God created everything God can set the rules. And in his rules he gives us the opportunity to be saved, but it's up to us to take him up on it. So come judgment day no one will have an excuse .
Its the goodness of the soul that carries one home angel

Nope, don't believe in Karma though some strange coincidences, may have some thinking otherwise roll eyes
I'm hanging on for a better offer, Bigjob. drinking
"I'm hanging on for a better offer, Bigjob."

There's only two options, although many like you hope there's more than that. conversing
You don't really understand the principles of atheism, do you, Bigjob? smile

It isn't a mirror image of whatever beliefs you've got bumbling about in your head. It is an absence of them, not an alternative set.
Well put. thumbs up
"HarbalEsquire•1 hrs ago•Doncaster, South Yorkshire, England UK
You don't really understand the principles of atheism, do you, Bigjob?

It isn't a mirror image of whatever beliefs you've got bumbling about in your head. It is an absence of them, not an alternative set."

Most atheist don't even understand the principles of atheism. But that's irrelevant in the grand scheme of things.

And I can't compete with you as you are one of the masters at having nonsensical beliefs bumbling around in one's head. The other being jimnasty.
IT strikes me the Christian god is as mean and cantankerous as the Christians who birthed him.

IT also strikes me this crowd has steered away from the original topic - KARMA
Hey big mouth.
What gives you the right to come on someone's blog and start spouting your religion saying Karma is wrong.
Your opinions afend the very principles of free thinking.
I wish I could state this more strongly in words .
You disust me with your bloated egotism.
Karma is trendy in the west because it's a way for people born with a silver spoon to not say they've been very lucky. Or because gains were ill-gotten. You were born with a long list of achievements.
Flyme ~ Bloated egos are kind of common on this turf. laugh You're always giving out about C.S. Everyone has the right to their own opinion. To express it, and to be respected for their belief or unbelief. bouquet
Why are Christians (so-called) so very keen, to see Atheists go to Hell? There is a good dash of "believe or else" in their Nasty Doctrine.....
Chesney - you have reinforced my point about Western think. God's blessing and "good" Karma are lumped together in the same ditty bag as a means to explain things. Good and Bad, Cause and Effect - everything has to have a reason.
Karma is such a trendy word it is used in advertising campaigns, Aldi use it 'Good food Karma ' which is a meaningless slogan. Hindu believe in Karma.

I have huge problems with people who think black and white.
The Bible and older books are books to live by. I understand we don't get to heaven as Christians by works but by belief. This can be abused to mean you treat people like dirt live like a thug, believe in Jesus and get to eternal life. Rubbish what an insult to our creator.

The closer your relationship with God, and the writings of Mary Magdalene being an example, we get to know that there is so much we don't understand about our Creator.
I really don't believe in fire and brimstone. Hell, will be the absence of God, a life of emptiness...... not fire and a hell as depicted by raving Evangelists most who are on the make financially.
Nope, I believe those who never heard of Christianity, the kids, their parents will see the face of the Creator. Those who can't believe or who just think from a scientific point it's rubbish will meet the creator and know and understand.... I can't see the merciful one who created us, banishing people who never believed, could not believe for ever, in his infinite mercy.
Lovecanbereal ~ Not all Christians are indoctrinated by those who have taken the bible as a definitive word for word, instead of a book to live by, to get to know the infinite mercy of Jesus. Many Evangelists don't know the meaning of love,.. its fear,

Fear is the absence of love. Not all christians think like that. I am a mere human getting through life, who am I to say or presume who will get to eternal life ?
Respecting you don't believe too.
Consider the man who invented Thalidomide. Now this man was created by God (according to Christian belief). Next, this man invented this disastrous drug, (of his own) free will, genuinely believing that he could do some good in the world (relieving pregnant women's morning sickness). However, the results were disastrous (many hideously deformed babies). My question is this: How could God (so-called) preside over such a f*ck up? (There are countless other examples I could cite, about the "Nasty Side"
of God).
lovecanbereal - why worry about it - For atheists, God, Heaven and the whole shtick are man made creations meant to explain the unknown. Atheists don't plan to ascend to a place they don't believe in.

Think of it in these terms - Does the North pole and Santa's village exist? It does for little kids. Likewise does God exist? He does for Christians? Santa and God both serve a purpose, a need. What does what one gain in trying to deny them that need?

Nothing useful.
I would like a Good Christian to answer the question, which I posed above....
man did all the nasty things going on in the world not GOD. God created the world for man to take care of, but man became to greedy and self righteous and gradually drifted away from God. so He lets man carry on with making mistakes in running man's world. He will return one day to save man from extinction.
Yes, but why did he "create" hideously deformed babies (the most innocent of all humanity). Was he having an off day?
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