Time Travel

Time travel. Is it real or imaginary?
National Geographic offers their perspective on the subject.

How to time travel.

Time Travel, The Truth.

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It is nice those groups have a perspective. Now may we learn the OP's opinion?
My opinion is I really don't know but I can't dismiss it. I do believe that there might very well be intelligent life out there somewhere. I also believe if there is intelligent life out there we don't really know what they may or may not have accomplished. After all here on earth it was in the last 110 years or so that we have been able to aviate.
Time travel is real.

twice a year I adjust my watch by one hour and hey presto, it works.
I think that changing a time flow will demand too much energy.
it might be possible that people try but I fear it can't be changed.
if anyone tries to kill hitIer, I fear the move gets dissipated.
maybe the closer to the event the easier it gets. lets say change the last 5 minutes.

and I still wonder about the travelling of mass. a** mass needs to show up somewhere or disappear somewhere.
there should be a trade ?
We are all time travelling
We unfortunately can only move forward live in the moment we can no more change our future than our past.

Here is a paradox I'm time wise ahead of most people here so am i in your future or are you in my past ?doh
It can already be done energetically so I guess that's a start......beer
We already have seen on the quantum level both teleportation and time travel can happen. Statistically unreliable, but there it is every now and then. However we are not talking about whole atoms. Not yet anyway. But rest assured some folks are working hard on that and throwing a lot of money at it too.
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