I was reading a little bit on this phrase and found this interesting.

Megalomania - a psychological state characterized by delusions of grandeur.

delusions of grandeur - a delusion ( common in paranoia ) that you are much greater and more powerful and influential than you are.

Or what I might call a control freak, but oh no not me grin or am I confused

Me being the control freak was a department manager and yes I got this thing, and I had a assistant manager that was thinking yell but I am over you and I got you. Oh the war is on, conversing don't invade my territory I got this, you step on my toe and I step back on yours and at the end of the day we both have sore toes You know us control freaks you can't give a inch or they will want a mile. frustrated

I said all of that to say this.....Do you ever get....DRUNK ON POWER. drinking

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Hello Wen wave I will say, when I was working, a lot of times, I got drunk on power, and boy did I get liquered,rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing Seeing I was one of the seniors at work, my decisions, were questioned, criticized and doubted,confused Everyone thought they had a better, quicker way of doing things, and they would forever argue about it,very mad One day I said to myself ,I m the one responsible for the final outcome, no one else, so it was going to be done My way, no ands ,ifs or buts, or arguing. I found that I wasn t as popular , but the job got done,yay I m just thankful ,that drunk on power attitude never stepped into my home life. Time for another coffee,
Practically anybody is capable of letting power get to their heads.
This is why the world is full of dysfunctional politicians and leaders.
Hi Wen, interesting topic. wave

I never get drunk at all - power or booze!

In fact, I don´t remember having had that much power in my life to get drunk on.. dunno
Hi 1, it is good to see you. on my job when I took over as being manager I got a good crew and we took that department from the lowest in the district to the top with out a assistant managers help and when they tried to get involved when I thought was to late I resented it, oh yes the war was on laugh

You know as good as me, you can be drunk on power and a control freak in everyday life also.

Thank you for your comment thumbs up
Hi Molly, there is a lot of truth in what you just said and I agree totally thumbs up
Hello Wen,

I think a lot of this power stuff comes down to one's ego....and its level of inflation.

For a job, like you and another described, it is important to be responsible for the job duty. When I was in college, they talked about being a leader. Being a leader is different than being a dictator.

Hi Daniela, that's a good place to be, just hold on to the reins. get it laugh
Wen,I am different to your way of thinking about CS and maybe this topic will explain how we differ and we can understand each other better then.

I want to share with you why I delete
my blogs.Which you've questioned
before.It is not for control.

You see if we chatted amongst ourselves( a random mix of CS
persons)over 5 Minutes and
had a secretary take notes of our meeting, then we witnessed it.
Say then she left,half the group left and
others came into that meeting-that
is what I avoid by deleting my blog .

I am interested in the time we spend
together with fusion and our topic
is written down.
If the remainder of the permanent meeting goes unmonitored then
the new people will have a different
dynamic, in both agenda and rapport.

So you could have ongoing participation,many views,over
several pages but it is difficult
for me to become involved with it later.(Just me I guess.)
Once I tried to reply to each additional comment,to be polite regardless that they weren't still there.Either they never saw it and/or didn't reply.dunno
Do you remember party line phones.
Would you talk,get off the call,listen in
and then surprise them by jumping into someone else's conversation.
Its like that to me,so I delete them .

Also when I receive comments they
are still fresh in my mind,but I can't
say days later I want that stale talk.

Fresh group dynamics suit me, not in a
comparative or controlling way but a creative way.

Just wanted to share that, so far I have not read any other explanations.Only
that it upsets people and they won't
comment on those blogs.sigh
Hi Johnny, it is good to see you. I like what you said ego and I might add pride. yes a leader is different than being a dictator. when you become a dictator you loose focus on what you are out to accomplish and the end results could be a disaster.

thank you for your comment. cheers
Hi Ash, you said....I want to share with you why I delete my blogs, which you've questioned before.it is not for control.

I don't ever recall questioning you on anything, I don't understand you.

Have you ever been drunk on power
Wenever ~ I have seen many politicians, who preached and told the masses what they wanted to hear, better welfare payments, childcare, fairer tax system,nHousing, health service, none delivered and whilst in power, put themselves and their cohorts on bigger salaries.

I have also seen it on a smaller scale with people who made money very quickly,[during Boom time] becoming obnoxious, overtly obsessed with materialism, ashamed of their humble beginnings and putting
on pretentious upper class accents. Money is power, and yes, people do get drunk on it.

Hi wenever As far as I know I don't think I've ever been drunk on power.But of course anything is possible.
Hi Wen, Did you mean like some of these guys serving under Mike?laugh


I do drink the power booster drink.........rolling on the floor laughing
Hi GG, always really nice to see you hug With politicians this is most always to be expected from them. And what you said on the smaller scale with people I have seen with my on eyes, as you said money. my how it will change a person. thumbs up

Hope your day is going well. cheers
Hi Bear, hope you never do get drunk on power, but be careful I have seen some that I never thought would. handshake
Hi Luke, the video was not in English but I got the message. yes I believe so, laugh
Hi Angel wave you know you got all the power, you don't need the drinks.

wenever I try to be careful and weed out the ones who are "power hungry" but sometimes they tend to slip through my radar.
Ash has made a very good point here regarding the dynamic of a group.
I work in groups, organise workshops and the same applies. When someone leaves, the energy is cut off and I cannot allow them, or anybody else to come in later and participate. It just doesn´t work.

Just my two cents.
Bear, yes I agree they do seem to slip in and at sometimes it might be best just to let them go and have at it as long as it doesn't bring misery into your life. handshake
Daniela, ok but what if someone is coming into your group with something that could add, are they just to be cut out.
Wen...I'm talking here about real life groups. Not CS.

The type of workshop I do it doesn't work like that at all because it's all about energy and group dynamics.
Daniela, I never mentioned CS or any kind of group. I am not understanding what you and Ash are talking about with this group thing.

This blog is about drunk on power.
wave what's up?
It was all I got.hug
I think if I ever heard
that expressed about
a person in real life,
it was m'be Hitler.

My Christian values
are juxtaposed to it.
As well as my upbringing.

I am drunk in love
on occasion though.grin
There is a difference between a contol freak and a bully...lol...laugh

I imagine many people trying to multi-task but in the end they accept help...bullies are different...they love to belittle and want people to feel intimidated...

Meglomania and delusions...are conditions the of mentally ill...another kettle of fish so to speak...but equally hard to be around...

We have reason that teaches us humility...and that means looking at things from anothers perspective...

Good blog...

Hi LouLou you made a good point when you said there is a difference in a bully and a control freak. yes you are right there was points in my looking this up that talked about mental illness but I don't think it is the real problem (that is just my opinion ). as in the example I used in my work place, I did not accomplish anything with out a good crew, So therefore I didn't like the idea of someone coming in and trying to take over after what we done with the department. could be a pride thing or maybe control freak laugh

thank you for your comment and please come back more often. hug
"I agree with you on the blog's that are getting deleted for no reason that I see. I don't believe it is the Mod Squad that is doing it."- from the Committee blog.
No you were not asking me why directly. I felt there were enough people aware of my deletions-but may have also misjudged my motives why.
Just an example about the difference between intentionally controlling others verses an indirect side affect by making
a personal choice to use blog tools.

I do believe in empowerment.
Would entitlement be along
those lines too?

It's almost as though power has to grow in strength.I have found leaders that has charisma get used by the
silent power brokers.They make you and they can break you.Kill you.
Dictators are often killed by the
new regime.

Thanks I didn't mean to derail this.
I hope I am contributing to your theme.
Ash, everything is good. thumbs up
Hi Wen joy
Power is a flucking drug, it´s as addictive as any, increases the levels of testosterone and its by-product 3-androstanediol in both men and women.
You mentioned Paranoia, agree, plus an increment of alertness, confidence, energy, feelings of well-being and euphoria, but also anxiety and restlessness.

But ........

I have "issues" with authorities, controls, norms and laws in general so better leave my coment like this LOL!
Hope you´ll be ok Wen cheers
Nah, I don't get drunk on power. Modesty is my middle name, but that's how I see myself. Others will see me differently. I work hard on controlling that ego, I watch my ego and the ego doesn't enjoy being watched so it backs off, gratefully. Interesting blog and comments. handshake
Hi Cach, sorry for taking so long to reply been busy.

I agree power is addictive. So you have issues with authority. I would have never guessed that. laugh

Hope everything is good with you. hug
Hi Keepers, it is good to see you here. wave

Modesty is my middle name, I like that very good. thumbs up

I agree with you on the ego handshake
Jajajajaja (laughing in Spanish) ....I guess I´m so obvious wink

I´m good thanks ....busy and trying to "relax" a little in CS ...hope you are ok too, thanks for asking my gentleman friend wave
Interesting blog indeed yet, has any man considered the power of pu**y and how women can use it against men?
Wars and empires have been started built and destroyed over the power of pu**y.
To consider that both men and women can use sex as a tool of empowerment.
Usually that may be the only power they have. But, if it works for most women they are not going to give up their tools of power.
Being a control freak in industry is IMO a sign that those in power in mgmt positions are probably more weak than they let on.
Being a control freak outside the job in personal relationships can also have devastating effects.
The old saying he/she who has the gold makes the rule.
Human nature dictates if one has something another wants, the one who has will use it to their advantage in one form or another. A simple example is let's suppose you were looking for a room to roommate with someone offering a room. However, the owner of the room happens to be male and let's say you are the female who is borderline homeless. Ah! but the guy who is hard up for a girlfriend uses his spare room with one goal in mind to have a girlfriend willing to f*ck him just to keep the rain off her head. She weighs the idea that she can't afford her own place so does she concede or continues her search for a more suitable place knowing time is running out? Another form of how people use their power over another is let's suppose you have a parent who is elderly and sick and he/she is so damn annoying with their ways in controlling their caretakers they make your life so miserable that you want them out of the picture in your life but, you know you can't just remove them or rid of them because the same nutcase has you by the balls because you have no money to buy your way out into a more healthier environment.
Consider the power women have here on this site. They can write any idea of the kind of bum they want in their life but, they can simply block you out just as easy if you don't meet their criteria.
Even if this blog is about being so obsessed with power that one can get some kind of high from having such control over another, do consider they only have as much power over you that you give them.
When I first got on CS a beautiful woman wrote about getting our power back that we freely give away to others to use and abuse us.
It matters not if it's in industry or at home or social media.
Real power has no ego to protect. Real power has no need of controlling others. Real power can bring light and healing to the blind and sick.
Real power needs nothing outside of itself nor takes from others to make them weak.
Real power gives to others to change their ways and builds bridges of hope and understanding.
The old saying give a little power to someone and it goes to their head.
Usually all that power comes with heavy responsibility. Heavy is the head who wears the crown.
Many have so much power and beauty that it's almost frightening to think if most used their power for good in this world we could put an end to war and social injustice.
Only the helpless raise their helplessness against an idea that they are helpless.
Do we want to see ourselves powerful and unafraid? Fear, doubt, and littleness will keep us all in chains.
So, when the next time someone writes to us and inquires of our friendship or company try to look beyond your walls of doubt and fear and always know everyone has the power to choose to love or hate. Or to love and bring healing.
There is no greater power than love. And it's not selective it merely is. The ego on the other hand is selective to that which feeds it.
On that note I leave you all to ponder, to criticize and to objectivity etc. professor
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