We Are Who We Are

I don't care if u're straight or gay, to me u are human,
I don't care if u're a mother or a father, to me u are a parent,
I don't care if u live in a cell or in a castle, to me u are surviving,
I don't care if u're black or white, to me u are a soul,
I don't care if u make me laugh or make me cry, to me I am who I am.

We are who we are, keep it simple....wave

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Acceptance is the key and that includes accepting yourself exactly as you are......bouquet
Hello, wave I too, am pretty open minded, and try and be respectful, and polite to all people. The old saying ,you earn respect,scold , I believe in giving away respect to everyone, and those who respect it, will return it. That's my outlook on things, simple, like you said, I am who I am.
Wow Poitin
Very great thinking. It has to be followed by everyone.
Poitin ~ you echo all my sentiments, I have always said, I treat the Binmen just as well as I would treat say, a so called VIP. To me all humans are worthy of respect.
That means, the man on Death Row, the beggar in the street , the priest running the penny dinners or the woman selling sex on the side of the street.

We have not walked in their shoes.

However, as a human, I am frail, I fail, I get up, I give myself a talking to, and keep on ....
Good blog. wave
M4 If everyone accepted and loved themselves just as they are, there would be far less Depression .
'Love they neighbour as thy self' Yet many talented and gifted people do not love themselves.
I have grappled with it. I think that iconic Book I'm OK you're OK referred to it as the Pig Parent who keeps
at you about your faults and failings. wave
It's easy to keep it simple in general. When my arse is in question, things slightly change.
.... because I'm straight, I have children, I have preferences and live to be happy.
Hi Poitin, We are who we are, keep it simple.... thumbs up

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