The moment lives forever


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Welcome to the blogs! Are you inclined to recline on pelts of sable?
what shall join me on pelts of sable? it is this what decides if i shall recline
You Adpire, by strange desires
Our place online is less than Devine
-*Aspire. Sorry
It would be nice but if you responded. You’re sort of attractive
Lets make our bed and make nature
On the pelts of sable
I could add to that poem daydream

But the mods would erase my words giggle

Aspire ~ hug Well helllo and I read this a few times. I really think it should be under poetry.
That is not my brief. It is sensual,beautiful, well done.rose
Goldengloss -- hug my lost friend, I believe we chatted before but your settings no longer allow me to message you, would be nice if you could get in touch with me by messaging would love to chat again
Aspire ~ Great to see you, and blogging too ! head banger
I can assure you, I did not do this deliberately. I am tired of trying to get settings changed. I will have a look. I would love to chat again with you again.rose
Aspire ~ I just sent you a message, so no probs, my side. I only have certain continents blocked.
Some people have had probs though. wine
I think such moments dribble away giggle
Ah, GG has diverted attention from me. Such is life
laugh b*tch! laugh

.... now I'm sure I'll never open his mail. laugh
Palmfrond ~ laugh Goldengloss has known this nice man for some years, when I joined C.S. and we are friendly. All is not as it sometimes seems.

Go girl...
He's mail to me was polite.
Mercedes ~ yes , I can vouch he is a very nice person. I have known him some years.
Sorry to use your blog but wanted to wish GG well in her surgeries...and i wish her well in
Her future.
Sorry to see you go GG you were one of the nice genuine sweet ones bouquet

Aspire..welcome bouquet
I too need to wish you well love hurry back bouquet

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