Why Men Love Bitches?
Doormat to Dream girl..

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She's knocked ya back hey? giggle
Hi aamir wave I think that dsysfunctional men, men who don't love themselves, immature men, love nasty women.
Why? it is the chase. Being put down, let down, it is exciting. Not knowing where you really stand, having a woman bossy, demanding.
I truly believe a Mature man looks for a loving, woman who is intelligent, who is faithful, loyal and respects him. Being bitchy [in my humble opinion] is an unhappy woman, it will get worse as time goes by. A man who does not want a deep and lasting relationship will like a bitchy woman because it fits in with his fear of commitment
Men love bitches in the same way women love bad boys.

Both see the other as a challenge. Something exciting, but ultimately to be fixed/changed.

It rarely happens.
Then they get hurt, and wonder why all women are bitches or men are bastards.
Ask yourself, unless you're not a man
aamir ~ I don't believe that mature women like a 'Badboy' perhaps in our 20s 30s same with men,
but if you are still looking for the 'b*tch' the 'Bad boy' after that age, there is something wrong, wink
I don't know, nor do I care. I like guys with self respect. To me if a guy likes that he has no self respect.
Amir,can you afford one?
I have always heard they
get whatever they want.
Because they also are
attractive it is high

Unless you mean the
Run of the mill,cheaper
Aamir staff have a thread up on the forums you sent me mail asking me why you can't see the replies on your thread I can only presume you're using a phone.

Anyway I'm not an expert so I left your message on the staff thread and hopefully they will have an answer for you.
I mean your blog not your thread.
I can only assume some men prefer a little wild in their women, as some women do in their men.

It usually works for a short liaison.....but rarely, long term.
I have read both her books....good tips however I think some men just like nasty women lol just like some women like bad boys....I am not attracted to bad boys at all.....they have some major growing up to do.....
SweetFunnyChic. thumbs up Agree 100% with you. Who needs it.::uhoh:
When you love her, does it matter what everybody think?

No male answer here. Interesting. laugh
... bitching about the b*tch. laugh
Interesting that a person who says in their profile "I believe in values, cultures and respect " then blogs about bitches and door mats

I think you should worry about why you love bitches because other men loving them doesn't effect you one bit......beer
Not me and I won't change to suit a man, but I have friends who treat their men like doormats and those men lap it up all the way. I get embarrassed when they fight and try to get me involved. I'm too old for drama and control freaks. laugh Did I mention, I love getting older. peace
Keepers ~ I think having fights in your company is very disrespectful of you, and trying to get you involved is abusive. Sorry ! but that's how I would see it, it is also embarrassing .

Nope give me a sexy, relatively attractive, funny, intelligent man [they all have baggage, I have baggage] but somebody who likes women, who is emotionally available and not a player, and is respectful and treats me well. I have no time for badboys. Emotionally stunted people do not do it for me.

Best of luckhug
Gloss, you know they say "familiarity breeds contempt" right? sleep Sometimes they don't see you when they are fighting. Best to just keep your mouth shut and split if you are able to. rolling on the floor laughing
boxing boxing boxing boxing
Oops I meant fighting with words, ... the emotie says it perfectly if they were in the ring.
......now that you mentioned, I´ve never asked doh

Just kidding wink .....no idea aamir, no idea. I don´t love b*astards, no even in the movies, that´s all I can tell wave
Aamir, I don't think it's the bitches they love ...
maybe its the challenge to break and tame them instead dunno

A doormat doesn't really feed one's ego only victory does...
JMO wine
Why not love them.
Should we not love all our brothers and sisters,

What say you Aamir. dunno
Hi Golden Gloss, Actually it is just a guidance from a woman to keep her happy in her own way. It is nothing related to mature or immature man.. In fact I do have a strong manly look because of my beard but I would want my woman to teach me.. in that case we both will be engaged in each other.

Lolz! but at the same time I won't like her to be my boss or my second mom.
Molly baby, do all women like bad boys or just bad women? :p lolz
samsadnov; I am a pure Gentleman :)
Please don't doubt on me
Hi Rachie; Do u think bitches don't give respect to her man ?
BerrySmoothie; Heyyyy awesome answer.. yeah sometimes we enjoy wildness.
"Molly baby, do all women like bad boys or just bad women? :p lolz"

That is like asking do all men love bitches.

And the answer is the same,
Onthcrestofawave; Hello Sir.. It is all about just blog
But you can not point out on my believes and values.
b*tch is not a real b*tch here.. this is a terminology to explain a scenario..
I could be a bad boy for the right woman, molly.
I could be a b*tch for the wrong man, Har.
Itchywitch; another good explanation.. yeah it could be a challenge.
We all appreciate the victory :)
Yeah Harbal correct.. it is right to be bad man for a right girl :)
I've just lost my nerve, molly, forget what I said.
Har, I hope you don't lose other vital functions as rapidly as you do your nerve.
Why thank you Sir cowboy
Do I need to brush up on my b*tch?
I am commenting after not reading comments. First off, she’s only a b*tch if she says so. If this hasn’t been established, you must get it in writing

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