Men And Their Emotions - Weakness or Strength?

After my last blog about Men vs Women, I was asked the question by Johhny - and was even told by another male blogger that "men who cry are weak"!! Then Loulou suggested that I write a blog to explain this.
So, here we go.... This is not just my opinion, but it is mainly based on personal experiences.

Crying is something that everyone does; it’s a normal part of life. However, if you’re male, it´s a different story!
Quite often some people associate men crying with being weak, effeminate, or gay and make them less than whole if they display any emotions.
An alternative view is that it represents caring and compassion, along with a display of a lack of ego, strength, confidence, and self-awareness.

What does it mean for a man to be strong? Does it mean he cannot cry, he cannot be vulnerable, he has to be invincible and never show someone he trusts his weak or vulnerable side? Does that make him any less of a man? Or does it make him more human, genuine, and honest?

Anyone who is comfortable with themselves doesn’t worry about others’ perceptions about their self-expression.
Men usually let their Ego control their emotions. But it is certainly better to release emotions, rather than bottling them all up!

I´ve always been of the opinion that there is a sacredness in tears. They are not a mark of weakness, but of power. They can be the messengers of overwhelming grief, of unspeakable love.

I´ve heard many men saying that crying is a weakness because you're opening yourself up in front of people and making yourself vulnerable? But, vulnerability takes strength and bravery.
Weakness is the opposite of openness ... hiding away from the world what makes you special, to protect it or make you feel safe.

So... to all the Men out there...Say how you truly feel and stop protecting your heart. Unless you open up, no one else can ever really get in. scold

I´d love to hear women´s views on this to give some encouragement to our men. teddybear

Of course, men are also welcome! cool

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Men will usually open up and show their emotions once they trust and feel safe.

The worst thing a woman could ever do is to then use that against them in revenge in the future.
But unfortunately it does happen as women can be more vengeful.
last two month i cry more than my whole life, why? If you hard open it is like taifun, there is no way to not crying, no way to stop it. It is incredible powerful experience, completely overrun my personality. This has nothing to do with weakness. It is all about heart, many people don’t have open heart and they don’t have idea what i talking about. I wish they have this experience to understand.

Richelieu Donore
I agree Molly. Unfortunately...there are always some women who will use them against you say.sigh

Men need to believe that not all women are bad..dunno

Depends of course of their relationship with their mother and their own upbringing.
Hello Richelieu...welcome on my blog.wave

Thanks for sharing your experience .thumbs up

You probably needed to release all your pent up emotions ...which is brilliant.!

It's also nice to be able to share it with us on a public site. applause
I don't think there's anything wrong with crying, per se, but it does depend on what you're crying about. I agree that men often suppress emotion for fear of being perceived as soft, but there are genuine situations which seem to effect women far more than men. For instance, the sight of a baby might often make me smile but it can turn some women into mush. Likewise, weddings leave me completely unmoved and I'm far more likely to feign emotion at one, out of politeness, and concentrate my power of suppression on hiding my boredom. I do admit that I would strongly resist the urge to cry in front of most people but someone I'm very close to, I probably wouldn't be so restrained. crying
Daniela, I think some men are mad/crazy to date/marry some of the women they do.

They are recipes for disaster from the outset. But they fail to see it. And then spend the rest of their lives wondering what went wrong.
Har, I must be a man too uh oh

I don't see why one would cry at a wedding , and most soppy films have me changing the station laugh

And I agree with you, women can be more naturally emotional than men. It is not just about conditioning. It is one of the differences between men and women which has helped humankind survive.

However, too many men are unable to communicate their feelings at all, to the detriment of themselves and relationships.
For me I think the answer is it depends. If someone is constantly emotional it is draining on the other party. It can also be seen as what is considered a emotional vampire. Suck the life out of you type of situation.

I think if it's done on a basis that it is unusual then I would view it as a strength.Especially, if someone is truly struggling it would be something I respected. Balance is always a positive.

Just my 2 centsbouquet
Weakness or strenth....depends on when and where and how often. It would scare the hell out of me if I find my man crying because someone was rude to him or something silly like that. We all need to cry sometimes. Prefer keeping it for special occasions rather than open the flood gates at every available oppertunity. That is valid for both gender as no one wants to be burdened with a cry baby....or maybe it is just I who won't like that.
Molly, if you turn out to be a man I will be devastated. Now that really would make me cry. crying crying crying
Har, you can save those tears for a soppy film wink
Anniversaries are another emotional blind spot for me. I wouldn't have dared ignore my wedding anniversary, but the fact that the Earth has gone round the Sun a particular multiple of 365 times since something happened, doesn't have a significance that I would ever have recognised, left to my own devices. confused
Jeez Har, you sound like an ex of mine !
Not only anniversaries, but Christmas, birthdays, the lot!

It didn't overly bother me though. I dealt with it. Doing something on a particular date isn't of utmost importance to me.
I did used to remind him though laugh
daniela I copied/pasted my prior reply from the other day and I still stand by this. Many moons ago men were taught by their fathers to never show their emotions such as crying in public cause it was seen as a sign of weakness and not considered manly back in the day.

I'm so glad that my parents had raised my older brothers never to be afraid to show their human side.

I'm also thankful that my adult sons late father encouraged them to never be scared to show their emotions regardless of what others thought.
Ek, I doubt men like women crying at the drop of a hat either.

I rarely go on FB but sometimes i have a look in. There might be a video about something up. And I'd see women posting things like,' I have tears rolling down my face'crying

I'd be like WTF!
The video wouldn't be even particularly sad. Or even real in many cases laugh
I'm not quite as bad as that, molly, and I can honestly say I never forgot a Christmas in my life. Although such things didn't mean a lot to me, I did play along with it, probably more convincingly as I got older and I do recognise what they mean to other people.
Hello Herb..wave

I see your point her..
regarding weddings or other social events where women might get more emotional.

Like you also depends on the situation and who you're with.

Thanks for expression your point of view. thumbs up
Molly...they're probably attracting the same women over and over again ..repeating the same patterns without realising it.? dunno
I remember being shown a photo on Facebook of one of my wife's relatives holding up his new born baby with tears running down his face. It just seemed silly to be so upset, I mean all babies look like that just after they're born.
Hi Rachie..dunno

I agree with what you're saying.thumbs up

If men cry once in a while to show their feelings and release some pent up emotion you can take it as being genuine and a sincere emotion.

However if they cry out of victimhood and for sympathy then it is certainly draining.
Har, I don't know if he ever totally forgot it was Christmas Day, but he never celebrated it.

But I wouldn't put it past him, and then to be complaining vigorously all day due to the fact that none of the shops were open for him to get something to eat laugh
Hi Ek..wave

Your comment made me laugh! laugh

I agree If they're just cry babies it would also drive me nuts! doh
I think its fine to show emotions whether its a man or a woman. Personally I don't mind a guy who cries as long as its not for anything and everything.

I never celebrated mine either!
Molly...same with me...I don't see any point in celebrating all those events..
Waste of money as far as I am concerned.

Every day is a special day for me..cheering
Hi Bw..wave

Yes...I remember reading your comment and I think it was the right way too.
Same as I raised my 3 boys
I do draw the line at spilt milk.
Hello Funny chic..wave

Also agree! Thanks for your opinion.applause
What is with spilt milk Herb? You mean you cry about it?uh oh
On the contrary, daniela, it's no use crying over spilt milk. hug

I'm sorry, daniela, I forget you're not British. It's a saying we have here.
Or you mean it's not worth crying over it? wink
I know it's a British saying...hence my added comment.

I was only teasing you...You know I like teasing don't you?wink

I should point out that I've also acquired my sense of humour from the Brits.
Btw...I could see Wigan's pier from my window today..the horizon was very clear..smitten
I believe any man should cry, i don't see why not or how im less of a man when i cry, unfortunately we live in mmm let me say weird world as the man have the same emotions as the woman and if i show it unfortunately again i will be accused from both gender as there is something wrong with me.
D, The way I read it you want men to break down into tears, like wimps and cry a river and I can’t understand why you would want a man to go against his masculinity and nature? Without strong minded men the world would have been destroyed a long time ago…emotional people are very dangerous, can be very spiteful, vengeful, irrational, out of control etc.
Imagine an emotional man with a gun, a knife, a sword, an iron rod etc and something triggering his emotions and him using those weapons on innocent people….

Think about the serial killers, the mass murders, the gun crimes committed, the abuse committed and you tell me these things have nothing to do with emotions and weak mindedness.

You women play with fire, when you tell men to be emotionally weak, because you have no idea how dangerous this can be and emotionally irrational men go to wars, murder, rape, kill, abuse, commit suicide, have car accidents, break the law, do drugs etc

A man sound of mind and in control of his emotions is the safest man to be around.
Why do you think domestic violence happens to women, because emotionally weak men are unable to control themselves and lash out in an argument…

A strong minded man, will laugh it off, when his partner is cry, winging, creating drama, putting him down, hitting him etc, but an emotionally weak man will hit her back and maybe worse.
Don’t play with fire ladies, because the chances are you will get burned…don’t try to turn men into women, because we men have to be strong to protect women and control ourselves from behaving like women, because we know we have to take everything on our shoulders, because if we don’t, then society will collapse and emotionally driven weakness would destroy human kind

Besides you can’t have two cry babies in a relationship and one have to be a rock…the man is proven to be the rock, so let him continue to be the rock and hold everything together…don’t meddle with a man’s evolution, just because you want to be men and compete with emotionally weak men in the work place…it’s wrong and the west will suffer if you keep on pushing your LGBTQ aganda
Hi Hadad.. Nice to hear your view on this topic.

Thank you for taking part in this survey.wave seem to be repeating yourself on my blogs dear?

I'm sorry but this time I disagree with you 100%

Btw...did you read that link I posted? I don't suppose you have!

Anyway...thanks for expressing your opinion and any tough guy here.
As most serial killers, mass murderers and criminals with guns tend to be men, I think you are undermining your own argument somewhat when you say men should avoid being like women.

I think you must have a problem asserting yourself with women, Lee, and try to get round the problem by trying to persuade them with skewed logic that they should be more compliant to you. That's not how it works, Lee. If women won't take you seriously, has it never occurred to you that it may just possibly be your fault, rather than theirs?
D, May post is not a repeat of my previous post and this post highlights the dangers of turning men into emotionally weak...

D., I did take a look at the link you posted and you want hetrosexaul men to get in touch with their feminine side? Well gay men do that already and if you want to see emotional men, then I suggest you and any other feminists to make friends with gay men, instead of trying to destroy male masculinity in hetrosexaul men...don't meddle it is very dangerous and you are playing with fireprofessor
Don't be a drama queen, Lee. shimmy angel2

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