How important is sex

Three stages of sex in a man’s life: Tri Weekly, Try Weekly, and Try Weakly.


I'm sure woman see intimacy and sex in a different light to men so all jokes aside as we age at what stage does sex no longer matter

If you have a perfect husband in every way except under the covers will you remain loyal

If your wife is no longer interested in sex the same question for you

This is a serious topic so any sarcastic comments will be deleted

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First comment deleted dancing
You might as well delete this one too c*ck hole shit river
Yes, I'd remain loyal to him whilst in the marriage....

....but I would leave him.

I need to be able to express my love for a man physically, as well as emotionally.
NB: I'd remain loyal to him in that I wouldn't cheat on him.
To men, sex is very important, except for immediately after they've had it, when it seems go completely out of their mind. For women, it's the exact opposite. They don't seem to have the same initial interest, but, once they get into it, they tend to be far more reluctant to put it aside. This state of affairs does little to promote harmony between the sexes.
What about if he had risked his life to save you and your children and in the process been injured and ended up in a wheelchair
Hey, how’s it hanging. A sex act is not snot impotent to me.

Harbal perhaps it's because men mostly can't see the difference between sex and intimacy
It's like trying to start a reluctant lawnmower
No matter how much you curse and swear and yank the rope nothing is going to happen until the lawnmower wants to start
But then the sound is music to ones ears
Proof read please

Oh, a twister.

What a surprise.

I can only answer in relation to an able-bodied man.

If the scenario presented itself, as you stated, then only when I'm faced with that situation, would I be able to respond.
Even lawnmowers don't like being cursed at, sweared at, yanked.

They may just need a little fine tuning.
Exactly berry
laugh ....of course, if the lawnmower is salvageable.....grin
I'd like to understand the third stage.
Does that have an age range for men.
Tokyo Rogue has indicated otherwise.dunno
Are women to expect Viagra will aid all men and provide the action regardless of intimacy.(not implying anyone here using viagra,maka,T shots)
May include suggest female viagra
There is lots online for your approval and perhaps market testing
Depends what you call loyal.... conversing
good question.
would I sleep with any woman if someone would pay the pill?
would I sleep with any woman I once slept with if someone would pay the pill.

I guess the pill is not the magical answer
Staying in the relationship and not having sex no matter how steong your desire/need
Can only speak for myself but sex really is only a part of it. A perfect husband will be affectionate, teasing, loving, and therefore actually performing like a porn star is a very small part of the whole package. A very nice part but only a part. Losing it permanently would not change the relationship unless it changed all that over stuff.

And guys, if you are affectionate, teasing, and loving, your woman will still be interested in sex, because she will still be very much in love with you. We're suckers for that sort of stuff, feeling wanted and liked and needed and desired. Nuts for it.

As to Try Weakly, it's my experience that men have sex more often, not less, as they get older. May be the old tick tock time's a'passing thing, so never turning down an opportunity because who knows when the next will come, but the term randy old goat was earned honestly laugh

When I say 'my experience' I also ask a LOT of questions in the name of research. And that generally has been the feedback, from around a dozen women. Older guys are hot to trot and if there are occasional malfunctions, they are occasional. A good relationship takes them on board, no worries.

Any man who makes his woman feel sleek and sexy will have all the sex he can handle. He will also have a happy and loving partner who cares very much.

Any man who looks at his woman and sneers, tells her she is getting old, or dreary, or dull, then says 'ok lets go to bed, try not to just lie there ok?' will not have an enthusiastic partner laugh

I hope you don't feel the need to delete this comment. It was not intended sarcastically.
Ken I'm not asking if you need or would use a magic pill
Ashlander has put her unique/eunuch spin on it to confuse and castrate the blog
...always the best way to examine a situation and the conclusion and results can indeed be uplifting thumbs up

I agree with all you have said.

...aside from your opening paragraph.

I was in a situation as described by the OP(don't wish to give further details on that).....a man being permanently unable to perform can affect other aspects of the relationship and not in a positive way, I found.

I thought I could live without sex, affection and physical comfort......easy, right? I loved him.

I couldn't.

I did try....though I ended it.

I don't consider myself to be a selfish just drove me up the wall literally, despite it being no fault of his own.

It was a very difficult decision to make...though have not regretted it.
Berry, that's crappy hug but if I understand you, the whole relationship changed along with the loss of sex.

And yes sometimes sex is the glue, the way of making up after a quarrel, or easing tension. One of my best friends is married to a guy of 63 with a heart condition - not only makes sex a bit risky, but the meds he's on, he no longer even wants it. They've been married since their early 20s and it was always a major part of their relationship and she does get very tetchy sometimes without that glue. The rest of the relationship is solid and they've sorted solutions that work for them. So long as the basic relationship is rock - but yup, usually it changes, and never for the better

Yeah, it did change....despite loving each other very much, all physicality disappeared from the relationship, due to his fear of arousing me sexually.....and, like your friend....his ED was due to physiological reasons.

If the physical affection had remained, we may still be together, but that's a moot point now. It ended years ago.

I take my hat off to those who can make it work.

Thanks for being understanding.

I felt like such a b*tch at the time for calling it quits.

well wave ...
he says " was it as good for you as it was for me" though crap i'd be disloyal ... lie and say it was heaven on earth for me as well.

As for being disloyal in the physical way ... I'm not saying hole
Berry don't know what to make of your situation... and I'm not asking either hug
but feeling loved is useless/nothing unless feeling and being desired as well...
Itchy hug

It was complex......he desired me psychologically, but was unable to physically, for medical reasons.

Despite separating, it took us 12 months to let go emotionally.

Of course we all want to be desired.

Kinda stuck between a rock and a hard place(excuse the irony of that term).....I don't want just an overnighter.....I want an intimate/loving partnership where we can each express ourselves openly....but finding that is proving more and more difficult as I get older.

I'm about ready to throw in the towel.

In fact, I already have several times, and regathered towels, on occasion....laugh
Sorry, didn't want to make this all about me.

I'm ready to handover anytime about
Can someone explain to me why sex is the major thing for a guy or woman to be loyal.

I'm very loyal to my friends & family I don't have sex with them but I'm very loyal which they keep harping at me about.
Berry, sounds like a sad heat breaking situation you were in....
but by leaving him I think you done the right thing for you... if anyone's in a relationship and their looking for more (no matter what the more is) such relationship shall never be satisfying.

Ps, if YOU can't find anyone, then there goes hope for the rest of us doh

doh heat heart .....

Sorry, seems I've heat on the mind hole
It would be a perfect world if say your partner came to you and said you just don't do it for me any more physical wise your exceptional in everything else you provide me but I need to move on because I don't have it in me to cheat on you but I need to move on.

Better than cheating on someone just be upfront from the start.
Berry I hadn't read your post till after the fact so please don't take my post as reference to yours it was just how I feel about the topic.
Nothing special about me Itchy.....I'm just like any other on here.

Attention to a little heat and our hearts would be a fine thing....laugh

Merc.....don't be damage done.....and I get your point made..... other aspects of loyalty are just as important with friends and family.....thumbs up

Gotta go.

Enjoy your day....wave
In a perfect world
I agree but the one left behind could not help in my opinion feeling inadequate
And the one leaving feeling heartless and shallow

bouquet thanks Biff!
You answered the age part of the Try Weakly question.
And Len understood about being self empowered.And whether you would share that intimate information with every partner.From the single person
perspective, not as a husband/wife.

wave thanks.
I would not discuss my previous marital
sex with anyone.(it is part of my devotion and loyalty.A doctor's opinion is probably the only exception.) purple heart
At the end of the day Berry if a man can't make you feel like a woman ...
then out the window with him, what use is he otherwise.... conversing

Night now time for my bed sleep


... more important than money, thinking about it when I have it, even more when I don't.
Interesting comment bloodyawfull

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