How important is sex

Three stages of sex in a man’s life: Tri Weekly, Try Weekly, and Try Weakly.


I'm sure woman see intimacy and sex in a different light to men so all jokes aside as we age at what stage does sex no longer matter

If you have a perfect husband in every way except under the covers will you remain loyal

If your wife is no longer interested in sex the same question for you

This is a serious topic so any sarcastic comments will be deleted

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All I can say is if someone I find is truly worthy of my body and like everything else I put into life 110% plus is not good enough so be it I'm yet to come across perfection in mind body and soul from anyone including me.

I like to fix things in the home or any relationship but if it's not good enough I would be a silly duffer to hang on to something that isn't there so it would be he who would stray not I

Like I said in my earlier post I would prefer he to have enough respect for me to finish things first rather than cheat I would feel more whole if he did that it's when they cheat then you find out by someone else that you feel blah.

But in saying all the above I'm single those thoughts are about if I was in any kind of relationship married or not as you don't have to be married.

Call me weird maybe I am but that's just me.
If my longterm partner was funny, loyal, a great friend, we got on well, plenty of laughing, all the things that make a good relationship, and of course tender, kind, I would really really miss the Sex but I can't honestly say I would cheat or leave him. I would suggest we go to a Doc and [besides the blue pill] see if anything could be done to enable erection perfection. Still very important in a relationship.

I would've given my right arm for a man like that.....nothing compares to feeling like a natural woman.

I feel a song coming on somewhere there....conversing

Tbh....not sure I have the tolerance level for any man in my life anymore.

I'm pretty content with singledom.....wave

No stress, no fuss. Bliss....smitten
I think you hens kind of miss the point of the blog. Is not the quality more important than quantity of intimacy?
Sure women want to be loved and adored by the men they choose to be with and men no matter if they lost their mojo still want to prove their prowess and vigor but, what is so sad about this generation is a failure because by the looks of everyone here they are all divorced for one reason or another and why is that?
Boredom? poor communication? the lack of intimacy and lack of love for anyone?
I would think when the relationship between two people doesn't matter anymore the sex will not matter either.
Regarding remaining loyal to one another in spite of losing the mojo it takes more courage to hold on and find the goodness of why people got together in the first place.
Yet, this generation is like once you f*ck up just once there are no second chances.
Yet, everyone wants a second chance in a new relationship but the same old problem is still there only we exchange them to another person hoping that will fix it.
All of you want a good healthy fulfilling relationship including sex with someone try looking in the mirror first and fix that person you see and the doors of love and all the quality of it will open to you.
That is what should matter the most.
This seems like one of the saddest blogs I’ve read on CS. Seems by this sample that the only thing men are good for these days are their junk and not just junk erections but a ‘’perfect” erection. Yep, maintain a good life support system for your p*nis. After all, happy wife, happy life.

No doubt a lot of men today are just as shallow when supposedly the love of their life can’t perform vaginally, for any number of reasons.

I had a short term temporary job as a janitor during college. Turned out that most of the employer’s broom handles ended up real short because they broke easily. My employer would not replace or fix them, so one day I placed a strap-on dildo on the broken end of one of the broom’s handle and walked away, never to return. Where there’s a will there’s a way......


It seems with women...after about 7 years of a relationship, sex no longer becomes important with her partner...but with others.....hmmm
Shall we go there.rolling on the floor laughing
Ok johny over to you.

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