Waking to floppy is disturbing

Ever wake in the morning only to find a certain part of you is harder to rise and shine???
so you lift it up as if to fix what ever back into place, flexible and active as it ought be... you take your supporting hand away with the hope .... but nope, down it flops again like a lifeless useless tool sigh

when you first experience waking to floppy in the morning you put it down to maybe it's the way you could of slept on in, but when it happens a little too often ... worry sets in moping

Woke to floppy again this morning but this time it took sleepy head that bit longer to wake up ....
now maybe there's no arm in it but I can't shake that sinking feeling my left hand is dying crying


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Hi, itchy. I think a lot of men have the opposite problem and wake up not as floppy as they should be.
Harb, for men... maybe its the way they slept on it wink

I think there's usually a bit more than that to it, itchy, but you could be right.
Dirty dreams then Harb smitten dunno
Perhaps, if they're lucky. hmmm
I would say luckier is the person that can say its because of who they're waking up beside happy place
it's mother nature. it's not nice to fool mother nature.laugh
And luckier still for those who have the best of both worlds but some of us have to make do with only one. moping
Hi itchy. I have mornings when why would I even think about getting out of bed

Could be a age thing. grin
Eh hello Mr String but what are you talking bout there roll eyes laugh
Is your hand feeling better? confused
I think Harb some of us put ourselves in that situation more so then HAVING to be in it hug
Hand? confused Oh, sorry, you're talking to itchy. blushing
Sometimes being in that position is the lesser of two evils, itchy.
I have been woken up by a calf muscle in a knot. man does that hurt.
wave Wen, you blame your lazy a** on age all you want ... lol wink
but I blame mine on the weather... so much easier to get up when greeted by sunshine.
itchy, the weather I will have to remember that one. I like it better than being lazy. That is what retirement can do to you. rolling on the floor laughing
It's your own fault for sleeping in the cow shed, string, those baby cows might be small but the've still got a hell of a kick when they get cramp.
I guess you would know.laugh
Thank you Keepers handshake
finally someone remembered what the blog is about, I guess some had their minds on other things roll eyes

If it continues I may get it looked at because I've woken twice during the week with pains in that left arm, sharp digging twangs in my bones, not my joints so It can't be arthritis .. going shopping for a new mattress this week hoping new springs for these old bones will solve my problem conversing
might I add ... hello wave
Sometimes Harb ... but not always conversing

String, when I used to be pregnant I used to wake with them alway....
Ouch" ouch" ouch" what a painful way to wake up comfort
I don't think I was pregnant.itchylaugh something lacking in your diet I think.
Hi Itchy girl...before reading the comments just the title attracted me...

Women might wake up to a floppy but men usually wake up to a stiffy.

Is that any good? dunno
Wen, I hope you don't have a TV or your laptop in your bedroom?
otherwise I'd be in fear of you never getting up again hug

I sleep with my curtains open so dirty wet weather is my first sighting of a new day... gets the morning and getting up off to a damping start... just as well my kettle and coffee are downstairs.. coffee
Who knows, string, you may have been chosen for the next immaculate conception.
String..what was a calf doing in your bed? confused

Oh..sorry..I didn't see the muscle.doh
in which case it was only a part of the calf..dunno
nah I just hope I get my wings.
Well I should hope not Mr String, sure would be a tricky one to explain laugh

If i were lacking something in my diet surely my right arm would suffer as well...
I fall asleep on my right and when i don't wake upside down in my bed I mostly always waken on my left .. my springs have seen better days so hopefully a new one or a thick padded topper will do the trick.

Ps, you should get into the habit and massage your leg/calf before going to bed comfort
No Dani, your comments not helpful a tall doh

But tah though for making me laugh giggle

Ps, not all are morning men conversing
if they're your type... then avoid farmers or they're sure to disappoint you.
hey, Itchy have you ever had a message from a professional I hear they are pretty good for the body. I feel good when I go to bed but it happens when I am in sound sleep. it does not happen every night just out of the blue it happens.
Never String but I'd love one, just for the experience to see if they're everything everyone says they are.. I'm not very good at pampering myself.. get the right massage for the right reasons and you're right, they're very healthy .. Chemo patients should be made more aware of just how healthy they are.

Soooo, are you going for one any day soon?
Itchy girl...glad I was able to make you laugh...applause

But it has nothing to do whether some men are morning people or not but with the blood circulation flowing down there during the sleep.

It happens to about 95% of men I would say?
I'm not saying from my own personal experience..but as a medical fact.
The other 5% who don't is usually due to emotional/mental problems.

Now...regarding your floppy hand... it could also be something to do with a lack of circulation?
Btw...massages are lovely..if done properly smitten

I like receiving..and also giving..

Accupuncture might help as well in order to move the energies?

no, this old body is ok .had one many moons ago. no plans too.
String, I'm sure your bones are mighty fine wine
hopefully those painful wakens will stay well clear of you.

Dani, I know one or two that have nothing but everything good to say about Acupuncture thumbs up
But I'm very shy so laying there with just a towel on me, with a stranger sliding his hands where ever... heavens woman, I'd be mortified blushing
Seaweed baths... plan pampering myself with some of them soon.

As for my arm/hand... hopefully its not circulation as for the morning man, never knew that before.. I know now what to do to ensure waking to morning desire.... smitten

Hi Itchy wave

I think it has a lot to do with your sleeping position.

I always sleep on either side of my body with one arm under the pillow. I do frequently wake up with my arm completely 'dead' in the morning.

If that is not the case with you, perhaps you should have it checked out, your body is trying to tell you something. Listen to your body talk and respect what it is telling you.

No one knows your body better than yourself...
True Diova thumbs up teddybear
Hey Daniela... thank you hug
Instead of "waking to floppy", but Viagra in his coffee next morning. laugh
Hi Lady Di wave
well its comforting to know others wake up with the same problems as well.
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