Waking to floppy is disturbing

Ever wake in the morning only to find a certain part of you is harder to rise and shine???
so you lift it up as if to fix what ever back into place, flexible and active as it ought be... you take your supporting hand away with the hope .... but nope, down it flops again like a lifeless useless tool sigh

when you first experience waking to floppy in the morning you put it down to maybe it's the way you could of slept on in, but when it happens a little too often ... worry sets in moping

Woke to floppy again this morning but this time it took sleepy head that bit longer to wake up ....
now maybe there's no arm in it but I can't shake that sinking feeling my left hand is dying crying


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laugh laugh Jim, keep me a him and I might wink
Hello Itchy,wave I find my body, with aches and pains, arthiritus, cartlidge damage......doh never wants to get out of bed,rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing A part of my brain says its time to a wake and have breakfast, and the other part of my brain says move the fridge closer to the bed so I don t have to get up for breakfast. Oh the joys of getting older. And I d better quit thinking about getting up in the morning before I find myself going back to bed.sleep
Aw shucks 1to1 comfort

But pls leave the fridge just where it is laugh
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