Photo Caption Contest - Surprise kick

Here's a photo I saw recently,
that it might be fun to come up with captions for.

Why not have some fun. dunno

My first entry is;

Susie invents the new game - kickballs.

I may add some others later.

Feel free to add your own entries. wave

Here's the photo;

Have a super Sunday ! head banger

Comments (17)

No, you can't have your ball back, I've not finished with it yet.
Ralph demonstrates questionable technique in response to the chants, "block that kick".
It was at that moment, when Ralph questioned his decision to ground Susie for a month.
Ouch!! That must have really hurt! conversing
Suzie 1, neighborhood p*dophile 0.
So that's what he meant when he said, pass me the phucking ball.
Coach demonstrates difference between inflating the ball, and the ball fellating.
This was the last time he yelled, "Kick it like you mean it !" from close range.
No I don't want a sister!
Next time the ice cream guy drives by, I want a friggin' popsickle. very mad
Bend it like beckhamwow foul balllaugh ref red cardrolling on the floor laughing
Being poor, Ralph unsuccessfully explored a painfully effective option, cheaper than a vasectomy.

laugh That gets my vote laugh
How come I see ecstasy on the mans face and everyone else sees pain? No wonder my captions are out of step with all the others. What's wrong with you all, why can't you see what I see? This man is having a ball. Hang on a minute, there's another caption, right there.
I see a bunch of nuns giggling at the snow ball.
Lorraine Bobbit, the early years. wow

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