Simple question .....

Yes or Not? Be honest.
I can´t even look at the image.

grin did I ruin anyone´s sunday too? ...................... super

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What an awful sink tap.
No, even if it was a video. I like graphics.
wow...that's festive....cheering
Does it mean yes or not people?
What´s awful Harbal? the skull? nahhhhh

Bloody, have you seen your pic in Tokyo´s blog? (no, no that one of the sexshop....I guessed I was going the first to ask LOL!)

Be my guest M4 handshake ....take as much as you want and do not invite me for dinner
Ok, I'm ready...lets go!!

Do I have a choice of Euros or Dollars??
SW....did you forget my Mrs. Crunia? LOL! I do not receive that much since we do not discuss religion, just kidding wink
Don´t be smart scold you have to enter in your pajamas or housecoat, do not think jury has any problem if you prefer naked but .....
My enemy #1....filthy cockroaches.....nasty wee
that pic. bugs me.laugh
Show me the money. I’d do it without batting an eye as long as I was provided milk and bread with condiments to make c*ck roach sandwiches yay. Crunchy yummy. And, a new M16 with unlimited ammo.
No, I believe I will pass laugh
Hi Berry ....mine too, "Katsaridaphobia" (fear of cockroaches) ...I can write a book about it with all my experiences, I used to fear butterflies and birds, I´m cured of that but no with those disgusting and repulsive animals....although if they attack my girl I think I could eat them ....but no for money LOL!

Stay beautiful Berry wave
Hi Stringman....I bet hell is full of them devil
scold do not be so brave Gal ....pajamas, housecoat or naked, we are all equal in this farm ;) ....but you can bring your music and play "The Pied Piper of Hamelin" 70´s style grin
Wen .......don´t tell me that, remember I´m a damsel in disgrace, need your help LOL .... hug
If this were real, I was now 75 Million dollars richer. grin
Cach, never worry about me being there. Everything I have seen I have never seen where you have never needed anyone's help. You seem to always have things under control thumbs up

Light must have just been turned on. They'll all be gone/hidden soon.
Well if there is someone here I can picture there without giving a sh*it is you Geronimo laugh ....I should have posted a note: this joke doesn´t apply to Indiana Jones wave
My dear Wen, you are right in certain way, that´s the "thing" with me, nobody will say I can´t do anything by myself but ...this is my automatic pilot my dear, your damsel is quite fragile at some level, unattainable, barely imperceptible...good you´ll be there because I really fear those insects laugh hug
Do not recreate the scene Mr. Miwagi please....I´m doing an effort writing about this (theraphy? lol!) wave
Hell if you sign a contract for the $ 75 millions with a lawyer and it is notarized.... Hell Yeah I would stay there for 24 hours no doubt.peace
Crun, what bloody picture?
.....and I've got deleted together with the sex shop picture. WTF have i done now? I'm feeling like the protagonist in Kafka's Trial. laugh
Soulofu, have you thought about it, right? lol! As you and insects are waiting for you applause
doh No idea Bloody and not sure I have space in my RAM for that ...each on their own grin

There is a pic on Tokyo´s blog (a lady with a book) which made me think about you, that´s it. A resemblance.


That skull gives me the willies uh oh
I bet thats Zim $75 million, worth about US $5.laugh
i would do it for less,, as long as its satisfying figure still..banana
Yes i would stay there 24 hours for 75million.

It would be hard but do-able

Ya big wuss
cool grin
I couldn't do it. Once in my entire life I did see a home where someone lived like that. I couldn't handle it, never ever went back.
Hey ya croozey Cruna.....hug

Yep.....not a fan of those particular creepy crawlies......a bit of a fear actually.

That and heights.

The height thing I'll do anyway, regardless, but I refuse to share a room with a blardy roach....laugh
Good to see you back wave
No! I will die of a heart failure in the first minute.

Crunia, my breakfast is gone for a six now. I don't know why out of all the blogs I opened this one.laugh

Never mind! hug

If anyone wants virtual breakfast please feel free and enjoy.

....looks healthy.......and so light.......
...does it make you fart laugh
Bloody, it makes me go without any problems or farting. I hate sitting down on my throne for long.grin
Ha! petrified? I´m sure skull thinks the same about you Nonsmoker..... innocent
Come on Luk....don´t tell me Macgyver will say no to this mission even for Zim $75? easy-peasy grin
Those things would lay eggs in my hair.
Hi Georgi,
I bet you have big size of these "things" in your country...could you tell us more? this blog is a bye-bye to cockroaches for me in certain wa, now or never! .... wave
Crunia and me, now and forever lady. I NEEEEEEED you in my life grin thanks for stopping by ....

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