A Boy And His Dog - Beyond Chance

A Boy and his dog. No not the movie.

Comments (12)

Glad I took the time to watch this ... Nice one Will" thumbs up

Mysterious ways and all that wine
A very heartwarming story, spoilt only by the emotionally manipulative and mawkish presentation.
Harb, you're a hard man I'd say to keep happy doh
Itchy, aren't we all grown up enough to appreciate good outcome of the story without the syrup?
Wow! What an incredible, wonderful life story! smitten

Thank you for bringing this story forward Mr. Willy! thumbs up
Ah come on Harb, sure that's just the American way.
Okay, itchy, I'll let it go for your sake but I'm not happy.
barf I've a good mind to make you clean that up, string.
I'll tame you yet Harb roll eyes

laugh laugh laugh hug
Hello Willy wave A Very Heart Warming story, thumbs up Really enjoyed it, Thanks
Some kids will fake anything just to get a dog. laugh

Seriously, nice story. peace

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