Honesty n Openness

I think sometimes these two words are merged into the same meaning but I think they've 2 distinct meanings. My take is honesty is truthfulness n openness is full disclosure.

Here's an e.g. I've personally experienced of some confusion between the two. I've noticed in the relationship context that people often tick "long term relationship" in their preferences of the type of relationship they are seeking on dating sites. I can't help wondering do they think long and hard about what that involves because you can't get into a long term relationship without getting to know a person first and the only way you are going to get to know a person is if you put the time and effort into getting to know them.

Here's the crux- some people will openly say after a short time- things like "oh I'm busy this weekend so I can't see you "or "I'm gonna be too busy for the next few weeks to see you" n I honestly believe they don't give any thought to how disappointing that is to the other person.
Any relationship needs time and effort to be successful yet some people will not openly admit they don't want to make room for someone in their busy schedules. Yet they still want a "long term relationship" so their behaviour doesn't reflect their wishes!
To summarise I'll use the analogy of asking someone to move in with you yet not leaving any space in your wardrobe for their clothes::dunno: It just causes confusion and mixed messages.
If you want someone close to you yet you're not willing to sacrifice some of your time, be that hobbies, families, friends, whatever; are you really being honest n open with the other person or more importantly yourself!
Wouldn't it be much nicer if you could explain to the other person that you may only be able to offer a casual relationship because of other commitments in your life from the get-go. At least then the other person has a chance to decide if they wanna continue or walk away.
Honesty n openness are not just wonderful human qualities. They are traits that have consequences for everyone who chooses to possess them or chooses to dismiss them.

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