fake people

this world is so fill of fake a*ss people i am beginning to pinch myself to see if i bleed or if i am made of plasticsigh ..

now i know why so many fake nasty a*ss men and women are on this site ,,
not saying real good ones are not among the multitude. why cant they allow the real men and women who have balls and brain to step up on the podium ?..

just saying


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Hi georgie39 It's common for social media sites to have their share of fake people on them.
I promise I'll change moping
wave Bearwoman
i do know that but they are too plentiful now its frustrating..

i have given up trying to find a real gentleman on here anyway too many liars and wann bees..
wave Track .. my hunny bunny how are you?

u know you are good no need to change stay as sweet as you are lips
Hi again georgie39 I wouldn't bother to find a guy on any social media site I'd much rather find someone in he real life.
hug lips teddybear bouquet
@ bearwoman.. i agree with you but no everyone can say that.. as for me i dont go out a lot if any.

another thing is i am kinda looking for something different.. if you were living in my country maybe you would have the same thoughts .. men here are ok but they are mostly players cheaters in so much its not a case were you wonder if he did it its a case where you ask yourself when..
and i can probably name another 100 good reasons why i seek something different..
AWWW track tou know you are #1 on here.. no one have to question if you are real or not..
you are just a very awesome people person..cheers hug
bear woman.. these days what i see is men seeking a woman to finance them.. been there done that .. i dont mind helping my significant other if he is not working at that moment if i can but he better get his a** out there..

i did that before and now i have women calling my phone even threatening me years after he and i split..
All these fake people, are they the ones that make all the fake news I keep hearing about?
@grouchy i dont think so .. they keep making the news yes.. but dont ask me if the news are fake laugh

hey they killed a fake police here the other day so thats good news ..cheering
@ trackdancing
I call them tumble weeds.
If they have balls, no one could ever stop them.
rolling on the floor laughing Mercedes.. wish they would tumble to another planet lol
Finished with the wine for tonight lol, waiting to sober up a little to go to bed
wave bloodyawfull thats true .. its bug spray to get rid of them good thing they dont got any then coz there is no bug spray for them .. but honestly what has happened to the men of this world? more than half is in prison ...

only a tiny fraction of those remaining have balls.. pretty soon the population will be distinct unless they find a way to grow babies without mating lol

if men private areas was to shrink each time they show it online weather by vid or pic they would have to make an attachment to help these men outrolling on the floor laughing
good . bet you are feeling high now .. hope you dont have hangovers.. am finish having dinner myself am full and feeling great.banana
I am buzzed but not too bad, drank maybe a bottle between us. I got hungry and had to eat lol, and once I eat, drinking is done.

What did you have?

Blow hard enough and it can be done giggle
Personally, i prefer to hide my p*nis blushing
And them being fake affecting you !
Is that their problem or yours. Who holds the solution
laugh @ fakesters

I'm chatting to a guy from France who claims to be an American.

He's not btw.....too many red flags on this boy....laugh

Me: You don't "sound" American(due to his broken English)

Him: You don't sound Australian

Me: That's cos I'm not buddy.

I'm bored....what else can I say.....laugh
Mercedes the issue is they just keep blowing back my way.. they need to be blown in the ocean of wales and sharks rolling on the floor laughing

thats good keep it that way..a man should only use his tools when on the job.. not have it flaunting it for all to see how crooked and broken it is rolling on the floor laughing
non..yes it is when they keep blowing up in my face .. free world .. a person should be able to enjoy being on their profile without being harass by people that have no direction.
or nothing better to do..
sadly there is no solution unless one chose to not have a profile to begin with. and who are they to prevent others from socializing with decent people? ignoring them is barely an option when you open your inbox and see limp poles being displayed..

men never have an issue with such because most seems to get off on just about anything..
Berry its so sad sometimes a woman is really taken by these fake a** men who pretend to be interested in them for years.( and am speaking for the women now)
how cruel can one be pretending to be interested in someone leading them on playing with their feelings and emotions for months and then disappearing?
Berry you and i may never been fooled like that but so many others have .. when i talk with anyone ans i notice they comes on and not message me am gone without a second glance .. sorry thats just how it is .. i dont get sucked in so easily.. but what about the many others out there?

MEN its not funny at all..
and women who play with the emotions of men its not funny either ..

I find I suss them out pretty quick within one, maybe, 2 messages.....and then sometimes it may be just a glance at their profile.

Yeah....it's pretty sad that people can be duped so easily.

You really have to be aware on a site such as this.

Well I dont send or receive Photos so I cant offer you advice there. dunno

neither have i but some seems its the way to say hi.. SMH
@ Georgie wave

Same goes for real life as far as I'm concerned. But, as long as I'm grounded in reality, aware of what's fake and what's real and stay true to myself, that's all that matters to me.

Your question,

why cant they allow the real men and women who have balls and brain to step up on the podium ?..

My answer,

"Real men and women who have balls and brain", do not need or want permission " to step up on the pondium".

Whether "the fake ones" allow it or not is irrelevant and completely unimportant to them.

"Real men and women who have balls and brain step up on the podium", any time they want to and it is necessary peace
very true and well said Star..

maybe we spending time with the losers instead of seeing the good ones around..

these sites are like the maze runner though in order to find the real end we gotta go through all these BS with these fake a** dead ends ..which i dont have time or the patience for..

pretty soon i will be looking in the big 5 face by then i will be too old to even stand

rolling on the floor laughing
Georgie wave

maybe we spending time with the losers instead of seeing the good ones around..

Chuck them all out...and don't forget to lock the door so they won't return. They can keep knocking but, the door's locked, doesn't open no more.

You are still very young, not further far behind so the hair on my heard did stand up when you mentioned "soon you would be too old".

Let the real ones find you then, take it easy and slow. hug

Better late than never! thumbs up peace
yeah right again.. it just get tiring weeding out the bad grass and a new one sprang to life ..especially being single for the better part of my life anyway.. but am hanging in there.. if it happens it happens
Georgie wave

it just get tiring weeding out the bad grass and a new one sprang to life .

Yes, that's exactly how I felt and that's why I gave up. If he found me, I found him. If not, life goes on...

I don't even bother of going through any profiles. laugh
i have given up on this site too.. even messages i have stop replying to.. cant be bothered if i reply to a message it gotta be someone i have spoken to before and respect as a friend .

but how will you know if he has found you ? cant know whats in the box unless you open it..

I meant, gave up searching and "going through any profiles" or making the first step.

Of course, I do open the messages received and if the photo of whoever sent me the message doesn't creep the hell out of me(happened numerous times up to now) then, look at the profile.

If I'm still interested from the information I read there of course I respond.
thumbs up head banger
Georgie!! Long time no see, have you been hiding from me or what???conversing
got you star cheers

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