RIP little Alfie

I did a blog a while back on the Government intervention into our healthcare systems....nothing good could ever come of it. So, here we are again with Alfie Evans. Looking for treatment in Italy now has the Supreme Court debating on pulling the plug and denying him his right to live..

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And antipope Francis says:
Seaworthy, now I am wondering what are our rights and who owns us.confused
Ms usha, this is the direct result of a nation who has lost their moral compass. You can see it here about the way they accept abortion as a remedy to a cause. Now, the lack of respect for an infant, and then the aged, and then anyone else who is not deemed worthy of life ie: the disabled the deformed and the deplorable. It's not even about monies as in the Charlie Gard case, they received over 2 million in donations. It's all about control and power.
Nobody should be making a decision about this boy's life except the parents. I hope the Pope intervenes and I hope this boy recovers it would be a miracle.
It's official, parents appeal for their sons life, declined.

Inexcusable Intolerable and just plain Insensitive to God's given life.....
This is beyond absurd. They have taken Alfie off life support and they are withholding food and water. Treated worse than a hospice patient. His dad is giving him mouth to mouth to keep him alive. Tomorrow 2:00 pm appeals courtroom, new legal team, new judge. Let's prayer for the right to life. So, many ppl are doing their part from all over the world. Italy has just made Alfie a citizen in the hope of moving him to an Italian hospital. What has happened to the UK? What are they thinking by interfering with the will of God?

"European Court of Strasbourg has rejected the appeal against the interruption of the treatments presented by the parents, but in Liverpool, where Alfie is hospitalized, the tension is high: protesters protest outside the Alder Hey Hospital and a part of them tried to break into the hospital. The judges in Strasbourg ruled that the British authorities are not violating the child's right to freedom of movement by not allowing his transfer to another hospital. The child, suffering from a serious neurodegenerative disease, lives thanks to machinery. "

And, to add insult to injury: if you speak your mind you will be arrested. The parents have been threatened as well....

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We've issued a statement this evening to make people aware that social media posts which are being posted in relation to Alder Hey and the Alfie Evans situation are being monitored and may be acted upon. Read the full statement here:
I'd be taking my child regardless of what anyone said.
Alfie has passed on, I know his soul is at peace.

There was never a doubt that Alfie was not long for this world. Through a degenerative brain disease his brain was more than half filled with fluid.

The horrific part of this tragedy is the fact that Alfies parent lost all control over their childs remaining time on earth. There is a new bill scurrying about that will take this power and control away from the institutions and place it with the caregivers, where it rightfully belongs. I hope it gets passed.

The second horrific element of this debacle is the monitoring of ppl's freedom of speech on social media. Threatened with fine/imprisonment ppl were refrained from voicing their opinions about their thoughts and feelings in reference to Alfie. Don't think any law will pass anytime soon as this seems to be the up and coming standard.

Little Alfie did manage a wave and a smile the other day and I'm sure he will get to see the beatific

Yes, R.I.P little Alfie, your body has been through enough. crying I suspect that Alfie has a perfect little body now. hug
I could have mailed this but it is a simple inquiry as to your forthcoming Fatima blogs ,and any further input about women in the Bible,specifically
Phoebe.She was referenced today.
( A Deaconess).Thanks.
And continued prayers for change.wave
Ms ashlander, upcoming Fatima blogsdunno I have found good reference to the 3rd secret of Fatima, but I am keeping it to myself, for the present.

Phoebe was known as a servant(the Greek word translated means deaconess) and a helper. she apparently was a person of wealth who helped support Pauls ministry. Phoebe was highly regarded in the church, and she may have delivered Pauls letter to Rome from Corinth. Many women played very important roles in the early church.

Ruth, from the Book of Ruth was a Moabitess, (enemy of Israel), but that did not stop her from worshiping the true God. Even though the Jews were God's chosen ppl, he used Ruth to show the rest of the world that God loves us important acknowledgement and distinction.

Then an extract from the Glorious mysteries: After the Resurrection.... "Then He went away to appear to Mary Magdelene, to the women, and then to His disciples" Clever God went to the women first and then to the men disciples laugh
The poor little boy's parents sad flower

This world could never be as beautiful or peaceful as the one he's in now angel
Thank you,for Phoebe's information in particular.Sorry I was elsewhere researching Junia's role as well.

I am praying specifically for no harm as the Beltane or Butane Full Moon is a sacrificial event in the U.S..(they will
summon evil in May through fire elementals).
that beautiful little guy will know what heaven is like before we will, if we are pure enough to be there.
Underwent several distressing times on being a first time parent too. Looking back, I believe receiving medication as soon as we see something amiss might do harm than good. After all, medical procedures have bad effects on a fragile baby's body. If the parents were rich and moneyed, not even the govt has the right to say pull the plug. But since they could just be asking for financial support we just couldn't help it if they've become as pragmatic and objective as they are. Sometimes, people harping on the moral issue never share a dime! May you have a better after life, Little Alfie!! RIP!!

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