the next Charlie Gard

I did a blog a while back on the Government intervention into our healthcare systems....nothing good could ever come of it. So, here we are again with Alfie Evans. Looking for treatment in Italy now has the Supreme Court debating on pulling the plug and denying him his right to live..

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And antipope Francis says:
Seaworthy, now I am wondering what are our rights and who owns us.confused
Ms usha, this is the direct result of a nation who has lost their moral compass. You can see it here about the way they accept abortion as a remedy to a cause. Now, the lack of respect for an infant, and then the aged, and then anyone else who is not deemed worthy of life ie: the disabled the deformed and the deplorable. It's not even about monies as in the Charlie Gard case, they received over 2 million in donations. It's all about control and power.
Nobody should be making a decision about this boy's life except the parents. I hope the Pope intervenes and I hope this boy recovers it would be a miracle.
It's official, parents appeal for their sons life, declined.

Inexcusable Intolerable and just plain Insensitive to God's given life.....
dan15: "hello guys come and john me"(meet us in the quizzes)

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