Does anyone on this planet be there trueselves all the time?

What I mean by that is when your alone, are you the same person you are when others are around? we all have secrets from our past or our present, and we would bare face lie to protect that secret or secrets, so do them secrets stop us from being what we truly are! or do we lie our whole existence? so far in my life I have lied, what about you? dunno

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Those closest to me know everything I couldn't imagine trying to be different that would be too tiring I don't have any secrets that I'm ashamed of if I'm not accepted for me then they can move on it's no skin off my nose as I'm not into airs & graces.
Its not about airs and graces, and if you have secrets your not ashamed of, then there not secrets! why have secrets your not ashamed of? isn't that how it becomes a secret in the first place!
I'm trying hard to stay true to myself, and that sometimes means that i have to lie. If i told my sister about my toys, that would end up in disaster, I'm afraid. laugh

People are notorious by nature.
I don't think I could be anything but me and there is nothing that stops me from being me...mind you it took a lot of inner work and forgiveness on my part and that includes forgiving myself to get
We all have secrets. We are only willing to share when we have built up trust. Which is slow to do so. Some prefer not to dwell on the past but to work towards a future.

Like an onion, as you remove each layer it can make you cry or you can be the person who cuts straight through it and just goes straight to be transparent.

We're all individuals and don't all deal with things the same way.
Irish ladies are diabolically intelligent and philosophical. What a difference from the South Eastern women who are eagerly looking for farang ATM as easy and no need to pay back funding source.
My comment about airs and graces was in reference to those who pretend they had a perfect life.

You won't find me sharing anything I did it once and it was shared with another who I don't even know if I don't share your confidence don't dare share mine shame on you.

You Know them all do you ? roll eyes

sweeping statements or generalisations err more on the side of Ignorance and the philodoxical ,
more than they do with the intelligent and philosophical.
...I would say we are "what we truly are even when we are lying" .......what do you think? confused

Awwww Nonsmoker...don´t you see the scientific correlation between those two values (birth location & "diabolical" intelligence)....clear as crystal LOL!
To be sure, to be sure.
Tis the land o saints and scholars we be from be Gorra be gosh.
an tis the men that are the saints and the women are the scholars.

Sweet sufferin mother of the holy divine comedy.
Will someone please save me from this stereotypical arse scuttering rhetoric

@ knowledgeantruth wave

i am the same i dont keep secrets not because i dont tell you all my stories doesnt mean its a secret i just chose to keep my mouth shut.. not everything good to eat is good to talk about.
What we are depends on the context which doesn't necessarily mean we behave appropriately only that experience is the other and more important half of who you are.. If a secret was bad enough to make you anxious and uptight then you wouldn't experience the context properly and then you wouldn't be you.
I would tell you but I can't, it's a secret.
I am the same person in private as in public, there's no other way to live. handshake
I pretend to be my dead Grandfather every two weeks so I can collect his pension
Hi knowledgeantruth .If I said that I was always true to myself I'd be lying to myself.
Sometimes I'm the same and sometimes I'm not.
Just trying an analogy - dress for the occasion.

I am myself with my family and my partner. When I feel bad and need some me time, I would withdraw and sort myself out. When I'm at work, professional behaviour and networking is required and part of my job. No I'm not good at this btw. and that I have an aversion to BS doesn't help there either.

I don't have any significant skeleton's in the cupboard - but I do think that some things are simply my own business and not everyone needs to know my business. handshake
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