Dear : Self Esteem..

He Needs you..
He needs you for your opinions he needs you to be on his side as his partner he needs you to remind him of the small things that he cant remember him self
He needs you ,
And that's why he loves you

But you loved him... You love him with all your heart
You don't need him to take care care of your matters you dont need him for your small details
You don't need him to know what decision to make or where to go ...
You don't need him

But you love him
You love him so much that you need him to need you
Him needing you has become the love you thirst of, your world and your universe
All because your self esteem cant handle the truth

You love him so much
But when you breath his truth in, you start to feel the cold ,so cold , that you constantly beg his pretends
And you keep pretending, you keep pretending that this will warms you inside
And you watch your heart slowly dies

And every time you remember you just have to fake it , that everything is alright..
For you know your denial is far more better than your fear of loosing him...
Every time you remember
You keep telling your self that is far more than you could ever deserve

sad flower
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Maybe in my next life I'm not that lucky.
Hi mercedes im not lucky in this life time
Hi Kasih was a beautiful piece you put together no doubt about that I say to myself wouldn't it be a perfect world if guys treated a woman as they would want their own mother to be treated either by their own father or a partner they have in their lives.

Maybe I'm silly for thinking like that.
Long time Kasih wave
not too sure what you're saying here... he needs you but not loves you?

Personally speaking and if that's the case, I think he needs his head examined nerd

Can't rightly say anything when I'm unsure of what you're meaning but.....
sometimes when in a relationship and we feel the dept of one's own love is not returned we have to ask ourselves which is most important... felt being loved by whom you love or being able to love the one you do.

Hope in some way my comment helps hug

Is that a poem about co-dependence?
Molly, I suspect it is a poem about her love interest not loving her....and she doing everything in her power to make the relationship work.
But she doesn't love him now.

He never loved her, only needed her.

It sounds like Meatloaf's song. Two out of three ain't bad.
But at least he knew it was best to leave in the song.
It sounds like co-dependence to me and I related to it once upon a time.

Also it made me think of the Loneliest I ever was in my entire life was in my last marriage. He was a good man just not a good husband.
Great writing on the subject of "the need to be needed" and rest underlying subjects and/or subjects stemming from and related to it. thumbs up

Hope you make the right decision for you. bouquet
Dear Self-Esteem,
The man that has the profound effect on your self-esteem is not the same as the next man who will show you that he is a capable person and sees the same in you.He wants to be evenly yoked so that together you are lightened each others' load.
If you work smarter,you will not work harder.Togetherness needs this attitude so there is time for play friends,family and to pamper yourself,pursue your
individual expressions.
Dear Self-Esteem,
Let this man show you by how well he treats others.If he brings you into his home and visa versa you will know the
Life you share is blessed with an inner circle of friends and family to surround you with peace and love..even as your love grows deeper we need to have others to love as well.
He wants to be evenly yoked so that together you are lightened each others' load.

Oh Ash I love that saying.
There can be a load bigger than the both of you.
(If the home meant for two has
the circle of people,friends and family.
Their love ensures you both get through it.)

Love that gives outward,returns
Hi Kasih,

Long see! I must agree with Ashlander's comment! Not much to add!thumbs up
Love isn't always straightforward.

Different things are important to people - as long as there is love and both people are on the same page, it can work.

Anytime love isn't mutual, someone gets hurt.

I hope you won't get hurt Kasih. bouquet
Lucky girlteddybear
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