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Wow, I came back for a peek...

And to my great surprise...

The site returned to.its old style I loved from years ago! I was so excited I had to write blog number 364!/dancing

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I will come back later to check comments...good night, y'all!
Dedovix, you're still here! Coffee sounds good!
Welcome back to the blogs! wave

Good to see you back! Lots of new people on here.
Hello Calli, wave Nice to see you back,yay
Hi Stargazer, and so glad Jim and 1to1 you guys are! I have been so busy..can hardly get on!!wave
So happy to see y'all on here, when I get my computer set back up will be blogging more...yes, another computer I had died! Lol. All windows, of course.
Yep, CG. Sort of hopeless, but hardly serious, no? Aa-V.
Wats hopeless??
I remember you from years ago calli.....I was hugz_n_kissez....good to see you......bouquet
hey, hugs n kisses, long time no see. I am still kick in. lol. still no one special for me...
gentlemen, thank you...nice to see you too.hug
Miss Calli

"Nothing Has Changed Here"

"Maybe Some Different New People...And The Date"

"But...As You Can See"

"Its The Same Ole Same Ole"....................detective
Welcome back aswell, i have just returned too, cs is a big magnet ha ha
We would love another blog from you! hug
It is nice to see you comment every now and again.
@rose and speak of the devil, he's back.
@rose whoops, I saw May 1st, but it was 2018
Yea, it can be confusing when Rose drag them good old oldies out of the hat.
No I don't mean Calli herself, but these blogs laugh

Calliopesgirl I''d love to see some new blog from again also.
U such a lovely girl. hug
Howdy !

Now then, the prescient presence of
angel wing Command is the Rx...
Prescription for the Plandemic...

Was going to rant...} But must go down town...wave
Excellent work. Glad to see you back. a few of us have survived Covid and Trump. We struggle to survive Biden as he eyes our bank accounts. Three different countries have Rovers crawling on Mars today, but the US media will only mention the American one. That Japan went to the Asteroids and actually brought a piece home never made CNN or Fox. LoL They pretty much missed the fully autonomous droid mission to the Moon and back China just completed also. A guy named Musk parked a new Tesla Roadster (it is out of fuel and the battery is long dead too, but the tires may still be inflated) in orbit around Mars. In another year it will legally be cosidered abandoned and legal to salvage for yourself if you wish to go do that.
Aside from that you haven't missed much.
FargoFanonline today!
FargoFan•7 hrs ago•sydney, New South Wales Australia
@rose whoops, I saw May 1st, but it was 2018
Grandsiozzieonline now!
Grandsiozzie•6 hrs ago•Oslo, Norway
Yea, it can be confusing when Rose drag them good old oldies out of the hat.

Hey fellas if you see her profile, blog comments she was here just a few days ago.

It is to let her know we noticed her, AND... miss her blogs too! purple heart
I mailed her also.
hug love it!!
welcome backwave
I think we can say Calliope is trending laugh
rolling on the floor laughing
GOOD TO see you again i too pop back now and again. Old friends are not here now sigh

So yes double joy to see you cheering cheering
wow Callio?? ... FedEx?? ... reunion hug


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