mental masturbastion

When is it when a man is to know for sure if a woman has interest in him...rather than just thinking she might?

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I have not seen that yet Ash. lol
That kitty has no problem showing her love Ash. cool

Johnny isn't it also true that men love the mystery more than the catch? wave
Hmm Keepers....I have never thought of it that way. I think I would rather her legs wrapped around my waist instead of just imagining it though. laugh
Oh I see, so you prefer the missionary position? Do you like the lights on or off? blushing
A person/ men, should ask the person ( If they were interested in them.)

A Close Mouth! Will Not Get Fed. ...conversing
wave Heyyyy! Ashlander
Keepers, I am just mentally m**turbat right now. laugh Off, with candles sounds good though. thumbs up
Pepps.....what about baby steps?
So you are a bit shy then Johnny? comfort rolling on the floor laughing

roll eyes Grown people do not use baby steps!

Why? Because grown people is not babies
I am.

Take her out for a meal, if she pays her half then she has no interest in you. If she lets you pay the bill then she has a deep and passionate desire to go back to your place and indulge your every fantasy.
Hmmm Pepps. Your simple logic seems genius. thumbs up

Is that what you prefer....oiling the squeaky wheel?
Johnny is a baby. laugh liar waiter
I still haven't figured that one out moping
Mental m**turbat is not relative to her signals.Is it? Sign language,m ' be.

Good Bris.....I will remember that one. thumbs up
Thanks Keepers....nothing like sharing that with the world. rolling on the floor laughing blushing
Track, welcome to the club. It is time for us to begin to act before the shit gets too stinky. thumbs up
wave Pepps! That guy Aamir from Texas is in the same boat as Johnny.
rolling on the floor laughing except he is in Chicago now.
Help them both out.doh
Ash,that is why I ask.

I don't know nothing about nothing.

However, I think I might. rolling on the floor laughing
Yeh,you should not shit in the sandbox,
or catbox .rolling on the floor laughing ..I forget,oh oh,
her mailbox.handshake
Maybe you PREFER, to be taken by her.
Ash, I think I might be a baby. I need to grow a pair....I think. laugh
It would be easier though if she was taking me. There was a time I had to literally push her out of my face because she was married....only tonight she tells me she is in the middle of a divorce.dunno
It sounds like a simple scenario....but, it?
Married? You're lucky you a** didn't get a bullet for its pleasure. laugh
You want her to dream about you.thumbs up even symbolically.

Bad luck,bad luck.rolling on the floor laughing
Keepers...she was married and in the process of divorce now. No reality to the mental m**turbat. laugh
No Ash.....just wondering if my thoughts of can we be an item be realized as something real.

But....dreaming is fun too. laugh
I still think you prefer the mystery and when you get her all for yourself.... or so you think... you might get bored. dunno
You are uncertain that you
are part of her death wish.

Yep,you'll fulfill her
dying wish alright.

I think you are asking when,
instead asking us to tell you
to keep pushing her away.

Dude,she wants to make him
jealous,if she isn't even hiding it.

She might be settling a score,
not good.Worse,they' ll both
keep their infidelity up.
Yes....I might think, but I would like to know. About bored...hmmm....I am curious. Why would you say that? Not saying you are wrong though.
Often people fight so hard to get something or someone and once that is achieved they get bored and begin looking for something else to catch their roving eye. wow

Wise of you to say. Even when she was married, I suspected something was up....the up was exactly what is going on right now....the divorce.

Her upbringing was not exactly stable....and in my opinion, that is critical.
There was a time I had to literally push her out of my face because she was married....professor
A marriage of convenience,until
it is inconvenient.
That's just some trash there.comfort

Sorry you are next in line.
Pay close attention,to who
else has been tipped off
to her availability.
You might not be the only one.

I have only been with one woman all of my life, for 13 years. I don't think I get bored all that easily. What you say sounds very logical, but I am not so sure it describes me. Maybe I am the one who brings boredom? laugh
Bernician: "Time."(meet us in the poems)

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