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If a woman you are in a relationship mentions something she is not particularly okay with, chisel that in stone and listen to her. That might very well be the thing she leaves you for in the future.

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That's a cynical outlook, better replace it with a bit of optimism if you to appeal to her heart. teddybear
Oh no this blog is only for men. wink
Keepers, that is what she told me. She was divorcing her husband because she was supporting him and her family for 5 years, while he had a part time job. He finally got a full time job for the last 2 years....but she says, his previous work history still was bothering her....and was enough for her to divorce him.
...well, the advice was for men....and the blog for both men and women. I am a simple man. laugh
Hmmm, nothing good can come from deception.popcorn
Sorry. That seems to be my m.o.

rolling on the floor laughing

Does that popcorn come with motor oil?
The popcorn is something you can enjoy with the drama of life. tongue
Keepers, I think I might be bringing more drama to things than what is real. Perhaps, I just like a little imagined drama? dunno

But, the blog statement here is for real least from what I was told.
Wow,she just laid it right out there.
Her "intention" for you to do this
in her future ASAP.

You're so f*ck.
No baby steps...
If you ever want to turn rational women into libbers you found the magic spell for it Johnny.

Simple say "For Men" or "men only" roll eyes
So you have been in a relationship with a married woman for 5+ years
Yup Wave, it's like being involved with a jailbird. rolling on the floor laughing
Johnny, it isn't clear that she ever made that clear to the man she was married to conversing

If she was unhappy supporting him, for whatever reason, she should have made it abundantly clear, and they should have worked out a system that worked for both of them.
she says, his previous work history still was bothering her....and was enough for her to divorce him.

Was he a male strip artist? rolling on the floor laughing Seriously, you are pulling our chain surely? super laugh
Sounds to me like that woman friend actually liked having her man financially dependent on her, so she could complain about it. She didn't at all like him finding and keeping a full-time job.

I do believe every problem can be overcome with good communication but has to be said, sometimes the people involved don't know what they want so that rather shoots communication in the foot ...

JS, what she discusses with you and what the real truth is….can be two different things….Seems to me like there is a communication breakdown between her and hubby….seems to me you have been in the friend zone for too long and she is stringing you along? Yes telling you things, expecting you to believe every word and keeping your hopes up, that you and her might start something?

Three sides to a story? Hers, his and the truth

JS, If you are in the friend zone and have been in it for 5 years, then she will never see you as anything more, than a friend and you would be best to look elsewhere for a woman to date
This is very true!drinking
That image looks pretty dangerous Ash. laugh
Hmm...who knew with this blog I could have been on to something Non. laugh
Wave, no.

I have only known her now for about 3 months....and nothing in the relationship form, other than friends. But, her non-verbals spoke volumes, and now speaking louder.


I can only go by what she said. But, I agree with what you say.

wave chain pulling.

What about the fact that if a woman in a relationship expresses disapproval? You do know now these days that women have tons of options, and divorce is becoming (if not the) norm. Maybe she felt she didn't have to put up with the crap of supporting him for those years?

Women know when she has a better option on the back burner. I am not saying it is me...but, a women of her beauty can most likely have any man. We now live outside the days of traditional families and relationships....I think anyway.
Legs, I suspect you are right. I suspect that she really does not know what she wants. But, I suspect she does know that she does not want to be in that relationship. There is no amount of communication that can fix a relationship when a woman knows it is done for her.


I have only known her for about 3 months.

You know what I think....and feel. I sincerely believe that she thinks she can do better for a man than the one she was married to. Maybe one of her close friends or even her mother put that thought in her mind. dunno However it got there, it is now becoming a reality. If she discovers she cannot do better, she knows the man she left will take her back with open arms. So, in reality, she is really out nothing....but now she has the option of looking for greener grass.

My advice to her was....this is a good time to do some self reflection, determine where things went wrong, and figure out where she wants to go from here.


Do you find yourself with very low tolerance when it comes to men doing disapproving stuff in a relationship with you? In other words, you may think....I am not happy with what he is doing...and I know I can find somebody else...and don't need to put up with his crap?

Hi Johnny. Ive done this with my ex. I went on with the relationship for too long thinking that he might improve. And he tried his best, however in the end, people just dont change. dunno
Thx Blue for sharing your situation.

As any beautiful woman, I am sure you will find that you have many options.
Good advice Johnny!
I wish you luck. heart beating
No Johnny, people change. Our likes and dislikes change. This is a woman speaking. tongue roll eyes
Yes I believe it's most cases its a breach of her boundaries and the man failing to also signals that he doesn't care how she feels about given those circumstances I don't blame screams "i only care about what I want and not what you want"


if a woman isn't particular okay with something about me, then she can move on. She has to like me for me, and I have to like her for her.

I mean, you know how halfway through the day, pants on guys like us might start to droop, sag and show a bit of plumber's crack? Well, she has to be okay with that. Either that, or guys like us have to get our rear ends back to hold up our pants... otherwise we're looking at wearing suspenders to stop the drooping pants.

just thought I'd mention that, for no particular reason. grin cheers
Johnny, what does a good looking woman need with a bulldozer you
may ask?
(You are that guy in front of it .rolling on the floor laughing
And you are saying it can be any
guy she wants it to be.)

So in three months time you had
to push her off you-before the divorce.

She is going to destroy everything
that stands in her way.I think some women expect their new cohort
to be an a**hole to the husband
besides it makes their cheating
look purposeful.A united front,
instead if two selfish h*rney
mindless jerks.Then she can
drag him around publically
to show which guy(s) will kiss
her butt the most.
There's a saying:
First marriage is for love,
Second marriage is for the money.
Women can be cold and
calculating moving up the
social ladder.

Her telling you about their finances is not the same as her telling you how she can justify
why she is cheating on him.
( With you,or with anybody else she
could be telling this to ) when they
are better off financially than before.
That fact alone tells you what her
priorities are.The fast track $$$$.

She might even be inferring what her
divorce settlement share should be.
Robert thank goodness you are still
tucking your shirt in.Instead those loose T shirts that cover 3/4 of a beer belly .
head banger
If someone mentions something to their partner that is a deal breaker for them and it is ignored, the partner can walk out eventually.

I have seen this with male and females - if you are doing something or behaving in a way you know your partner has a serious problem with, don't be surprised if they walk.
Thank you Sweet. I am glad you liked it.

Keepers....that is kinda interesting you mention luck. I think now days a person needs a little more luck than the old level of luck back in the days.

Thank you.

Usha....about likes and dislikes changing. What do you think? Does a woman's likes and dislikes change with the wind? laugh

M4, thanks for your confirmation. I agree with your logic. And...when the sh*t is about to hit the fan and it is brought up for the final time as to why she is is too late.

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