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If a woman you are in a relationship mentions something she is not particularly okay with, chisel that in stone and listen to her. That might very well be the thing she leaves you for in the future.

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Flat-as* on a man is grounds for divorce (if not worse) in a heartbeat. I am so happy you mentioned such important information. rolling on the floor laughing Another thing that will find a man single real quick is cockroaches cooked into a loaf of bread. drink pouring

Ash, you describe women in such a nasty way. conversing ....calculating? bull dozing? gold digger?


Thanks Ash from a woman's perspective. thumbs up thumbs up

Thank you for adding the male aspect into things. However, I have never heard a single male friend of mine mention a thing about that stuff...but, I can imagine, it does happen.

It tips towards the nasty side
when you are relatively young,
with two kids and need a
good plan B.
If you are less sketchy,(like YOU
mentioned about her background)
then she's be mature and
patient, more thoughtful.
( like YOU said)
So far no one said he wasn't
a good person,dad.
He could have tried hard,
employment is tough for
a young dude.( He's her age?)

There are stay at home Dads,
for lots of reasons to do with the
Kids' ages, which parent
can get better pay.And if there
isn't other family to help babysit.

All " young couple" stuff.dunno

We heard one side, the cons
about her.
People can regret separating
when things are finally
working out.(financially).
Divorce usually doesn't mean
getting a good start.Two homes
for visitation.Two separate
sets of everything.whew.

It is going to be rough unless...
the new guy(older guy) has money.
No ex,kids or debts.The kids
part makes it worth thinking

Nasty to some people is not
nasty to others.I have heard
a lot of young women talk
about it like it's a piece of cake.
( Immaturity and ego is what I'm
describing).Just saying.teddybear
That chisel that in stone part...
Thou shalt not ...rolling on the floor laughing work PT.
Great analysis so far Ash. I wonder if this would help you too. She also mentioned that she got pregnant young and her family was pushing her to get she did.
laugh Ash. Part time is a sin these days. laugh
Why would that help me? rolling on the floor laughing
I'm still trying to understand
your seven year itch comment,
on the other blog and divorce.

I will drop you a hint.wink
The age women are " in their
prime" is later than men.
When does intimacy improve
for men,later with maturity.

thumbs up win-win in my book.
Build on that stage and you are
home free.
And if you both work part-time
( Same shifts,more or less)
there's more time for each other.

While the kids are either in
school,or grown and gone.

rolling on the floor laughing part time IS sinfully good.grin
so you are saying I should focus on women in their late 30's?
part time working timing...another win win?

I read somewhere Ash...that a modern marriage usually lasts on average 7 years....that is if I am remembering correctly.
Is that the first or second one? laugh
laugh Ash
Men don't mind redos.
There was a man I worked
with who became a Dad again
after his kids were grownup.doh

And a lady I work with got a
marriage proposal that made
her laugh,
He had married 3x before and
was no longer able to afford
the fourth round of family man.
( He was rich up till then)rolling on the floor laughing
Here's for those men
that never give up!!cheers
I wonder if the man can live off the woman these days? sigh laugh
You got a bulldozer,or just a
great plan.dancing
I am too stupid for great plans.
and no dozer. confused laugh
Would you need 4 conseqective
wives,or just polygamy.rolling on the floor laughing
Choose their ages about
3 years apart.laugh

I shouldn't joke about that.
Thou shalt not write that
in stone,ever.Or sign a certicate.wink
Nighty night!!! wave
Good night Ashy.
Good morning Johnny, have a great day. peace
I bet that caught you by surprise, with a little luck I do hope so. rolling on the floor laughing
Good morning/day to you as well Keepers. Hopefully your day will be wonderful as well. :)

I am just starting my day right now...and the hot coffee is tasting awesome. coffee

Now, what do I do today. I have about 10 different things I should of them the dishes. laugh I know it is not good to hate, but I hate dishes. mumbling But, they need to get done...and priority #3 on my list.

...maybe #1 or #2 is buy a dish washer. daydream laugh
I have no problem with the dishes, just don't ask me to cook. laugh Men make better chefs anyway. yay
I love cooking and laundry and cleaning the fact, I had a smile on my face while I was scrubbing the toilet last night. laugh
Johnny_Sparton showed up. Now it is time for priority #1 grin

Take care Keeps. :)
company showed up. rolling on the floor laughing

You are so old fashioned Johnny.
Did you bake anything,or are you
skyping??thumbs up
Ash....the last time I skyped, it didn't work so well and it said my IP address was on some other device, outside from my computer. dunno

No baking....just coffee or soda. Speaking of baking, I enjoy doing that. I should make some chocolate chip cookies....or brownies. conversing
I hope the men have taken your advice to heart and they get a second chance.

something she is not particularly okay with, chisel that in stone and listen to her.

It was in Roberts Bird 'n Bees book
Chapter 36:No sex after Dustpan pizza.drinking
With that infomercial moment wink

I' ve got to get some shut eye.lips
I am sure that might be a typo Ash. Robert probably serves dp pizza every other night. laugh
Thanks Ash....good night to you sweetie.
Johnny, try find and give idea and she can make compromises. This work! ??
Ben....compromise is great and should over time lead to a win-win for both members in the relationship. However, would a person want to compromise as much if they hold all the trump cards?


Of course, I can imagine some fair-minded people would...but, not everyone is fair-minded.

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