Although it’s in the 30’s in my house, it’s the mid 40’s outside with the sun shining. I still have gas so I’ve brewed coffee on the stove and washed 3 pairs of pants and a dress in my bathtub. Hopefully 1 item will be dry by 2pm. I’ll do another load shortly. I feel a little optimistic having something clean to wear to work.

I’ll make some eggs soon and rest until duty calls.

I feel like a pioneer

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Wait a minute, how can it be 30's inside and 40's outside? Why not just open the windows and let all that free heat in?confused
It sounds like you need a back up source of heat like a wood stove. Do you have a clothes line?
Morning Palmfrond wave Your blog reminds me of the old saying > When times get tough, the tough get going, thumbs up
Go Palm!!!!!!
A Pionner! love that! ........I´m thinking about a Conqueror myself these days lol!
It will pass and you´ll be stronger after that.
Hang on there and fight Catwoman wink
Ooby, if the sun faces the room. It still gets as low as 32 at night. The sun is out but no breeze to blow in warm air. I simply wear a coat indoors.
1to1, this os true
Crunia, i wish i had your energy
Crunia´s all I have Palm. I wish I could share it with you, now I´m gonna finish my laundry the sink lol!
Palm, I can recall younger days like you mention here. Determination is king or queen.

Johnny, if it were January, I’d be well preserved until the thaw
Hi Palm,. I will be happy for you when you get electric back on, I know it's got to be rough on you.

Almost like camping out. hug
Yes, Wen, like camping. Wish I could have a camp fire but I can’t show up at work all smelly
Ugh! Sounds like you're going through some tough times. Loving your attitude though! You'll make it - sending you warm thoughts (too bad they couldn't warm just more than your heart).
You will survive. laugh We survived 3 winters without heating. First one in a tent for 6 weeks before we decided to rather book in at the backpackers.
I was confused, I'm thinking wow! It's nice and toasty, finally realised we're talking Fahrenheit! Oups frustrated

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