The hot guy on the mattress

Tonight i had a very my kind of handsome customer. I almost told him he looked like a Bradley Cooper/Jake Gyllenhaal combo. I shamelessly looked at his a** when he climbed on each mattress he tried out. He was wearing a thin jersey knit shorts and I could see his underwear lines. He misplaced his phone so we called his number to find it. We searched the showroom, listening. Unfortunately, we found it and I blurted out, before thinking, “aw, now I don’t have a cheesy reason to ask for your number”. God.

My confession is that I wanted to test mattresses with him

Comments (13)

But you took the hint,Goldilocks?wink
He looked to be “just right “ love
If you could take the commission, or take him.. which would be harder to turn
Aahhh he who hestitates...confused
I'm fussy laugh
Sounds like a fun time with a hot man.devil
That sounds like a good job...mattress tester.....grin
Yes M4 I want that job too laugh
Hey....get in line.......wave wink laugh
We could start a business you ash & myself laugh hug
I think we should...its a job I would love going to every day......yay
Yeah I dunno ladies, technically they'd be second hand mattresses and most people would prefer to buy new.
Have you found a hot guy on a mattress? confused

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