When the going gets tough

When the going gets tough, the tough goes balls to the walls.

Today is my day off one more day til payday and ill have electric. I got a sewer shut off notice today. In addition, i got a notice of my drivers license suspension in 6 months for delinquent child support/property taxes. I have decided to blow off the gas bill since summer is coming and a furnace isn’t necessary. Im focusing on the bare minimum.

Since i am looking for a new job, my present job will be nonexistant when the furniture department has been liquidated. My store went bankrupt. I need wifi and a license for new employment.

I didn’t grow up to be a salesman or cashier. I grew ip to be an artist. The chips are down. My very reliable associate is assisting me with a method of bathing and i’m hoping he will accompany me to some art galleries to show a sample of my work.

I still dont feel suicidal so all things considered, the sun is shining.

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Hope you will find a new job soon and everything will be fine soon in your life .. be blessed palm sad flower heart wings
wave Palm always remember
.difficulties in life do not come to destroy you but to help you realize your hidden potential and power and your present situation is not your final destination the best is yet to come..success doesnt come from giving up but from many struggles endure

i like your attitude toward life . hard as it is you keep fighting.. keep it up you will get there.teddybear
It could be worse. At least you're not sick.
yes being sick make more difficulties in life .. bloodyawfull applause
Remember, P, and to all other CS units, whenever the thoughts drift to self harm, which can hapen to all of us, there's lots of help available. Many hotlines, emergency clinics, etc. Aa-V.
AA. I have a strange optimism. Perhaps because im finally out of a draining relationship. My raft can only hold me. A second person sunk it. Single until i get a bigger raft, maybe never lol
When the left hand becomes the right.And then vice versa.Life is just but a mirror.A reflection of reality and its distortion.A paradox.Reality is always a unit of opposites.Good times.Bad times.Just remember to reconcile the contradictions.Or just have a beer damn it!
Ill quote that in my blog someday!LOL
Df, i like reading what you write
Thank you for providing the inspiration!!Take nothing for granted and live!!
Palm, Your art is brilliant, follow that dream.
Thanks Map cheering
Your talent lies in the Arts Palm, not in furniture shops.

That's your calling.
Berry, its tough to make $ at it but i’ll try. Thanks for your words hug
I am a " marketer", at heart and an artist second No idea why,just am.
Here's a thought that crayon factory needs you for artistic reasons.wink
Adult ones,they are buying coloring books like crazy.Not only that the
Crayon names could use an upgrade,
and your sensually creativite side
could keep you permanently employed
and challenged.(the adult Disney of Pennsylvania).grin

cheers Defrezne!
I know it will be tough, but you're wasted anywhere else.

You'll find a way....hug
Above comment to Palm.
Good Morning Palmfrond wave I will say you have my admiration. You re going thru some tough times, and not dwelling in the moment, but learning from them, and going forward with a positive attitude,yay
(melted crayons,"hot wax" can be
very versatile in its artistic usage)

rolling on the floor laughing At above commenter: Berry laugh
For the next below commenter.kiss
wave it was all just a ploy Map!!!
Good to see you again.rolling on the floor laughing
Although my suggestions were serious,( and messing with Map wasn't)
I must also add you have the admiration of us all! head banger
I think you are right Palm, just hit the road and see where it takes you. hug
You might get a good OOB. blushing
Keeper, what is OOB?

Thank you Ash. lips
OOB means out of bounds, it was our code talk when asking each of our friends if they'd had a roll in the hay the night before. laugh
I see, Keeper. As a matter of fact, i did! It was very nice ;)
Actually we called it an oob, not O O B as per abbreviations. peace
and oobed in the past tense, now it belongs to you. wine
Keeper, my very reliable associate can’t go a week without it, so, my satisfaction is guaranteed if i’m patient

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