The appreciation of things

Ive had power fo 24 hours. Did some tidying in the house. I looked at my efficient coffee maker and then looked at the coffee pot on the stove. I was thinking “there’s nothing as good as camp coffee” so i made a pot. A little luxury with a little fond memories

I tent camped 21 days while looking for the house i live in. A lot of painful memories since. This cup of coffee is a reward for surviving to this point. I may box the electric pot up.

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You never know how much you miss until it's gone. sigh But chin up, you are entering into a better period hopefully. I use a kettle to boil my coffee water coffee

Hey Keeper! I use an old style percolator. It takes longer but worth it :)
Percolated coffee is too strong. thumbs down

When I go out for meals they bring extra boiling water to water the coffee down. coffee very happy
Keeper, i neeed it strong. head banger
Palm you are a trouper and a survivor for sure.
Better days will come for you.............. hug Jenny
Sometimes my guilty pleasure is a scented candle when I dont want to
be a specific thing.(Or bad habitlaugh)

Didn't cook: Pecan Pie Candle
Didn't clean:Lemongrass Candle
Didn't do laundry:Linen scent Candle

It ALL gets done but in the meantime
it's still homey and relaxing.blushing
Be- was a typo but it works.
When I don't want to be the
Cook,laundress,or maid.
Just had big storm couple weeks ago. Knocked out power for a week. I loved it. Already had all the camping gear. Plus I've got an outside gas heated bath. An there's nothing like a hot bath under the stars.
Hello Palmfrond,wave Absence does make the heart grow fond. I agree with you Camp coffee is the best,yay Have you ever noticed, when you do without a few things, essentials, and get those essentials back, how much more you appreciate them, along with a lot of little things, you never give much thought to before.
I know I was working out in the bush a lot, when I got back home, a simple sandwich to me was priceless,yay
Palmfrond How are you?

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